IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 8: B.Tech (IT) Common Interview Questions

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience of B.Tech (IT) Candidates from Uttar Pradesh (UP). B.Tech (IT) IBPS Common Interview Questions. IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 8.

My IBPS PO Common Interview Experience

  • Venue: Bank of Baroda
  • No of Member in Panel: 4 member (P1=HR Department,P2=Banking Department, P3=Psychologist,P4=IT Department)

I opened the Door, took permission to enter. One of the four members said “Come In”.

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience ImageI wished them Good Afternoon. They also Said “Good Afternoon”. One of them asked me to Sit. I was little nervous till the first question was asked.

Questions Asked during IBPS PO Common Interview:

P2: Give me your Brief Introduction.

Me: Answered.

P1:You have done B. Tech in IT, So why are you here to join Bank?

Me: I told about growth,wider range of career opportunities,respect in society,no compulsion of experience and job security.

P1: How much money you invested in B. Tech?

Me: Answered

P1-After investing such amount of money in B. Tech IT, you should go for companies like TCS, CTS.

Me: Answered.

P1: IT park is being established in Lucknow, so will you leave the Job if they provide higher Salary?

Me: Answered.

P3: Did you take loan for education? (Only Question).

Me: Answered.

P4: Tell me difference between GPRS,CDMA and WAP?

Me: Answered.

P4:-Which one of them is Oldest?


P4: Tell me Full form of GPRS and WAP?

Me: Answered.

P4: How Internet was Developed?

Me: Not answered well but told about ARPANET.

P2: What is CBS?

Me: Answered

P2: What is full Form Of “CORE”?

Me: Centralized Online Real Time Exchange.

P2: What type of Network is used in CBS?

Me: Inside the bank ‘Intranet’.

P4: Do you have facebook account?

Me: Yes.

P4: What you do on facebook, Chat?

Me: Answered.

P4: Then you must be knowing,who Invented This?

Me: Answered (Mark Zuckerberg)

P4: ‘Positive Smile’.

Then They Said me to Leave.

I thanked Them and was about to leave when,

P1:Whats your Score in Written?

Me: Answered.

P1P2P3P4: ‘Positive Look’, okay You Can Go.

Again I thanked them and left the room.

We thank him for sharing his Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him all Success in life.

10 thoughts on “IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 8: B.Tech (IT) Common Interview Questions

  1. very nice…..u will definetly get the job….  🙂

  2. nice interview…………

  3. what is ur score?

  4. what did you reply when they asked about IT park stablishment in lucknow??

  5. core means
    central outbound realtime environment

  6. Instead of typing just “answered” ,it would have been better if u typed ur actual answer !!!!

  7. John_abrahim588 says:

    itne sare question me se apne share karne ke liye answer to bahut kam diye hai …sare answers dijiye taki kuch smz aay kya bolna hai 

  8. Rajeshpharmacy06 says:

    HELLO FRIENDS,I SHARE MY INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE AT NOIDA CENTER PANEL 9 ON 21 JAN 2013..4 panel person all r men.. 1-about urself…..maine ans diya but bich me cross qu kiya unhone..why distance education. 2-one strength,,i said…convincing power…unhone kaha ki lone section me aap kaise kisi ko conv karoge yadi aap himachal pradesh me posting hua to or koi 2 crore ka letter of credit manag to….fir maine kaha ki sir mai bank join karen ek baad loan product ke bare em januga or senoir ka help lunga or us person ka credit history check karuga.fir kaha unhone tum kisi ko loan ke liye kya conv karoge. 3-one weekness….maine kaha ki i m straight forward…unhone kaha ki…ye to strenght haia apki weekness kaise hua..fir maine explain kiya use.. 4-about my family..father ke bare me..maine explain kiya 5-about tum graduation me kya kiye ho.maine explain kiya unhe.. 6-about latest change in rbi dep.governer…name batao..i said..mr.urjit patel..fir unhone kaha ki akah se pade ho.. 7-4 dyp.governer ka name batao..or unka deot v batao..maine name bataya par dept nahi btaya….fir unhone kaah paper tik s epada karo… 8-SLR ke bare em jante ho….maine bataya.. 9- tum coching class liye ho bank ke liye.. i said haa sir liya hai or explain kiya kyu liya.. 3 logo ne quest kiya or 4th person ne kaha its ok u may go..fir maine thnakyou kahte hue aa gaya… ye raha mera interview..plz dosto batao an mera interview kaisa raha..mera score hai 159..koi chance hai mere liye kya….mai pass to ho jauga ki nahi interview me…maine smile dete hue baat kiya ekdam formal way me… plz

  9. My interview exp jaipur
    (22/01/2013) 4 members
    q1 what is your education qualification, q2 regarding todays newsparer news of CA,CS,Railway price hike and who is the secretary of congress, q3 difference between infrastructure co and construction co q4 what is irr,break even point,balance sheet,various profitability ratios,q5 what is contengent liability and goodwill, q5 what are tengable and intengable assets, q6 It was a question regrding a situation i don’t remember, q7 regarding financial inclusion and biometric ATM. all 4 members asks different set of questions.

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