IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 9: Kiran Dahifale (Maharashtra)

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience of Kiran Dahifale. IBPS Common Interview Questions. IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 9.

  • Name: Kiran Dahifale
  • Place: Bank of Maharashtra Staff college, Pune
  • Time: 12.15 pm
  • No of Member in Panel: Four (Three Male and one Female)

Questions asked during IBPS PO Common Interview:

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience Image1. Tell me about yourself

2. What are your  strength and weakness?

3. Why banking after Pharma?

4.  What financial inclusion?

5. What is NEFT? What is RTGS?

6. What is the job profile of a PO?

7. What is the contribution of agricultural sector to the Indian GDP?

8. What is difference between RTGS AND NEFT?

We thank Kiran Dahifale for sharing his Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him all Success in life.

Kiran Dahifale sent his interview experience on our email id bankingawareness@yahoo.com. If you want to share your experience, send it now.

6 thoughts on “IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 9: Kiran Dahifale (Maharashtra)

  1. my interview was on 21st jan. in vadodara at DENA bank regional office.
    there were 4 member in tha panel.only one was active rest were just spectators.the have asked general question.like

    >Meaning of my name,
    >why bank after Btech,
    >why so many aspirant from Btech in bank po interview,
    >why u ready to work in bank as bank will not match your present pay(as I’m working in !dea cellular & having salary more than 35K)
    >If i will give ur posting in village then will you work,
    >At last they asked about my company.

    Fnds overall it was good experience.what i conclude from this is that,they just check:
    what is candidate outlook,
    hw he/she respond to the situation,
    last but not least communication skills(english/hindi)

    !!! wish u all ,good luck & all d best.god bless u all.

  2. MUTUALFUNDS93 says:


  3. my interview on 22nd jan 2013 in chennai at IOB

    1. introduce urself.
    2.tell  about my present job. ..what is MSME, 
    how could one classify industries as micro , medium, small?
    Then about my preparation for bank po. 
    differenece b/w NEFT and RTGS
    Cheque truncation system

    Geographical Indication

    Types of banking 

     LIBOR scam in UKwhat is MIBOR-( Mumbai Inter Offer Rate)
    recent Banking amendment act and the following controversies

  4. My Interview was on 24th at Central Bank of India, Patna. 4 members in Panel but only 2 asked questions.
    The questions were:
    1. Introduce yourself?
    2.What is the role of Company Secretary in a company?
    3.What do mean by Moa and Aoa?
    4.Tell us something about Comapnies Act?
    5.What is Certificate of Incorporation?
    6.What was your written Score?
    7.From where you have done your Schooloing & College?
    8.What is exemption limit at present in Income Tax?

  5. i too attended bank po interiew
    they asked me
    about  my self
    loans types
    deposits types
    rbi functions
    govt projects performed my baanks

  6. rupali mishra
    score 160
    ques asked..
    1. intro
    2. have u gone village ever?
    3. how much land ur father has?
    4. what do u like to eat at field?
    5. what is green house effect?
    6. what is polyhouse?
    7. what is found in aonla?
    8. what is cheque?
    9.who is drawee?
    10. what is crpssing?
    11. w hat is grown o9n ur land..wic crop???
    12. green house gases??
    what are ur score in clerk n p.o.??

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