IBPS PO Common Interview Questions: IBPS Common Interview

IBPS PO Common Interview Questions. IBPS Common Interview for Bank PO.

The first ever IBPS Common Interview for 61,339 CWE PO 2012 Qualified CandidatesIBPS-PO-2012-Result to start on January 14, 2013 across major cities in India. Here is some of the questions that are likely to be asked in IBPS PO Common Interview.

Non-Banking Questions (Personal Questions):

  1. Tell me something about yourself and your family. (They may ask more questions from your family background)
  2. Why you want to join banking sector?/ Why did you choose to work in a bank?/ Why you want job in a government bank when you can get better salary in private jobs?
  3. What are your strength and weakness?
  4. What qualities do you have that make you suitable for this job? / What qualities do you have that will make you a better candidate than others?
  5. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Some of the questions related to banking/finance sector:

  1. Differences between loan and advances
  2. What is Hedge Fund?
  3. What is Convertible Debenture?
  4. Is there any maximum limit on lending to Priority sectors under Priority Sector Lending Scheme?If so then what is the maximum limit
  5. Is there any Maximum limit of giving loan to agriculture sector under KCC scheme?IF so what is maximum limit?
  6. What are the efforts can be made to reduce Fiscal Deficit by the Govt.i.e How to bring down Fiscal Deficit?
  7. How to reduce NPA?what are the measures can be taken?
  8. Tier I, Tier II, Tier III Capital and their differences?
  9. What is red clause letter of credit?
  10. What is the difference between cash credit and overdraft?
  11. What is BASEL?
  12. What is the deadline for implementation of BASEL-III for banks in India?
  13. What inflation?
  14. How RBI controls inflation?
  15. What is deflation?
  16. Difference between Inflation and Deflation?
  17. According to you Inflation good or bad?

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3 thoughts on “IBPS PO Common Interview Questions: IBPS Common Interview

  1. good…

  2. hello sir, i have an OBC certificate and its validity is
    till july. but in the ibps website, they give another format for OBC
    certificate which is not like my OBC form.If there is any problem because of
    this? And my another doubt is, whether the character certificate is need for
    this interview or not?

    my interview is on 19th march. Please reply me sir as soon
    as possible.

    • avaneesh kumar verma says:

      plz get a new OBC certificate in Ibps format (for all india employment its same).
      character certificate is not needed as not mentioned

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