PNB Clerk Interview Experience – PNB Interview Experience

PNB Clerk Interview Experience,  Punjab National Bank (PNB) Interview Experience.

  • Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
  • Post: Clerk
  • Date of Interview: 12/12/2012
  • Place: Ludhiana
  • Member in Panel: 3 Male (M1, M2, M3)

Interview Experience of Abhinav Batta.

There were two Interviewer board each consisting of 80 candidates. The Interview panel consisting of 3 people.
One good thing before interview started was the interviewer addressed us (all candidates) and said no extra marks of English, Just express yourself in any language and if you don’t know anything say sorry.

When i entered room after wishing i was asked to have badam, then first question they asked me what is special about today?

– i said its 12-12-12 and my birthday too.

After that i was offered a Kaju Barfi from interviewer and i also asked interviewer sir to please have it. After that they started asking questions.

Tell me something about yourself and parents.

Why banking after Engineering?

How can IT help us?

After that they asked questions on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Functions of RBI and name of five foreign players who wanted to enter India thru FDI except Walmart.

Then asked about from where you belong?

– i said Nabha

Then they asked about the famous personality who did schooling from PPS,Nabha?

– General Bikram Singh the current Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army

At last, they asked me to rate my interview myself

– I said 7/10 and interviewer said we give you 8/10

That’s it. Thanked them all. Left the room.

Thanks You Abhinav for sharing your Interview Experience. We wish you every success in your life.

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  3. is it gud to rate the interviewer 

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  5. I also Gave the same interview it was good. 

  6. plz let me knw wat u said for y bnkng after BE

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