SBI Associates Bank PO Interview Experience

Recently State Bank of India has conducted Interview for the Recruitment of Probationary Officer in their Associate Banks. One of our readers has shared his SBI Associates PO Interview experience with us. This was his first ever interview for any government organization.

The Interview was held at SBI Academy in Gurgaon and it was simple interview according to him. There were total 15 candidates present for the interview. First, around 9.30 am there was a document verification session where two person check all our documents and around 10am our Group Discussion (GD) started.

The Topic of GD was “Should India allow FDI in Retail Sector”. Four bank officials were there to inspect our performance during the GD. There was an instruction that no one would speak more than 2 minutes and no one would interrupt while someone speak so everyone had their view since the topic was the latest one.

After the GD, it was turn for Personal Interview (PI). My (Candidate’s) serial number for PI was 12 . So, i (Candidate) had to wait for at least 1 hour for my (Candidate’s) turn. There were total eleven candidate entered the PI room before me. Finally, the candidate got his turn to enter the PI room. As he entered the room he wished all the panelist a very good after noon. Then they offered me (candidate) seat and i (candidate) thanked them all.

The four person who inspect us during GD were in the Interview panel. There were total four member in the panel. There were all above 50 years of age.

Now i will refer them with M1,M2,M3,M4. Here is the description of Personal Interview.

M1- From where you did your schooling?

M1- From which college you passed out and in which year?

M1- You had commerce in your graduation so tell me what subjects you have studied?
M1 – Have u studied Company Law?

M1- Is Joint Stock Company a separate legal entity?

M1- What is separate legal entity?
M1- There is one famous case in the company act that established the separate legal entity concept,what case is that?

I could not hear him properly but knew that he is asking about case so i asked him is it new one sir?(because Satyam case was also in my mind) then he said no its old one,i thought for a while and suddenly that case name came in my mind and i said “Saloman v/s Saloman case”..then he agreed and nodded and asked M2 do u want to ask something?

M2- What is cooperative banks?
M2- What is NBFC?

i thought first i should clear the basic difference between bank and NBFC,i started my first point and said NBFC set up under Companies act 1956,he was little shocked to know that either i was totally wrong or he did not know about it then i said sir my coaching sir told this then he asked where did u take the coaching? what was the charges? is there any time duration? whether it was day or evening coaching? Did they have any faculty member from banking field? Then it was turn of M3

M3- Colours in the Indian flag and name them from top.

M3-What these colour represent?

M1- Do u know about Banking?

M4- What is NABARD? What is Rural bank? then they said ok, you can go now.

The environment of the interview panel was friendly and supportive.


3 thoughts on “SBI Associates Bank PO Interview Experience

  1. Viveksantosh123 says:

    that was quite an easy interview you might get selected

  2. Shekhar Ankit Singh says:

    u made a mistake by telling them about coaching……i think ,before that ur interview was the best one…

  3. the way u handle the questions asked by the interviewer is gud and i think u have chance to  utilise ur resources in a more proper way any way nice…………

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