United Bank of India Clerical Interview Experience 2

United Bank of India (UBI) Clerk Interview Experience. UBI Clerical Interview Experience.

  • Bank Name: United Bank of India (UBI)
  • Post: Clerk
  • Date of Interview: August 10, 2012
  • Member in Panel: 3 Male (M1, M2, M3)

There were 3 interviewer, but when I entered one person (M3) left the room.

So only 2 person 1 Bengali (main) and 1 non Bengali were there for my interview.

Interviewer (M1) – What’s your name?

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) – Watched my call letter he asked about my place.

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) – Talked about d area nearly 40 secs in bengali & in english.

Interviewer (M1) – Why clerk jobs after B. Tech?

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) – Why didn’t you  go for PO jobs?

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) -Is this your first interview?

Me – Yes sir, my first Interview for Bank Jobs.

Interviewer (M1) – Why not other bank?

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) – What is you IBPS CWE Score?

Me – Answered.

Now the second Interviewer (M2) started asking questions.

Interviewer (M2) – So you are btech graduate. Which one is your strongest subject you had?

Me – I answered one and he asked ‘and?’ this went on and i named total 5 subjects.

Interviewer (M2) – Which software used by UBI?

Me – Sorry Sir, Don’t know.

Interviewer (M2) – It’s pinnacle developed by Infosys.

Interviewer (M2) – Who is founder and CEO of Infosys?

Again first interviewer stared asking question again.

Interviewer (M1) – Who are the other members in your house?

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) – Whats your fathers occupation?

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) – Where does your brother live?

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) – Have u gone d place?

Me – No.

Interviewer (M1) – Why not?

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) – Whats your age?

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) –  Ok. Thank you.

Me – Thank you sirs.

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