United Bank of India Clerical Interview Experience 5

UBI Clerk Interview Experience. United Bank of India (UBI) Clerical Interview Experience 5.

  • Bank Name: United Bank of India (UBI)
  • Post: Clerk
  • Date of Interview: August 10, 2012
  • Member in Panel: 3 Male (M1, M2, M3)

I entered the room with the permission of board members. There were 3 members in the board, all were male.  They asked me to sit.. and the interview began.

Interviewer (M1) – What is your name?

Interviewer (M1) – Tell us about your father.

Interviewer (M1) – U have completed your graduation in 2009, what are you doing since ?

Interviewer (M1) – Tell the ‘Golden Rules’ of Accounting.

Interviewer (M1) – What is Break Even Point ?

Interviewer (M1) – In case of a joint stock company, at the time of liquidation who will be paid first, second & third respectively;— Pref. share holders, Eq. share holders, Debenture holders ?

Interviewer (M2) – What is CRR ?

Interviewer (M2) – What is Current Ratio ?

Me : By mistake I told that Current Ratio is Total Assets/Total Liabilities. But seconds after answering I realized my mistake, apologized and corrected my answer by telling  that , sir it will be Current Assets/Current Liabilities.  They all laughed at this point and assured me that it will have no wrong impact at the time of performance appraisal.

Interviewer (M3) – What is financial inclusion ?

Interviewer (M3) – What is Self Help Group ?

Interviewer (M2) – What is Ur hobby ?

Me : I said writing letters to newspaper editor.

Interviewer (M2) – “ In which newspaper do U write ?

Interviewer (M2) -Which newspaper do U read ?

Interviewer (M2) -Who is the editor of ‘Anandabazar Patrika’ ?

Interviewer (M2) – Anandabazar’s editor is editor of which another newspaper?”

Me : Sir, it is not known to me. ( this was the only question, I failed to answer. )

That member told me that the answer is ‘Telegraph’.

That’s all.. board members were friendly.

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