United Bank of India Clerical Interview Experience 7

United Bank of India (UBI) Clerk Interview Experience. United Bank of India (UBI) Clerical Interview Experience 7.

  • Bank Name: United Bank of India (UBI)
  • Post: Clerk
  • Date of Interview: August 08, 2012
  • Member in Panel: 3 Male (M1, M2, M3)

I (a female candidate) entered the room and they (Interviewer M1)asked my name.

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M1) – Whats the meaning of your name?

Me – Sir it means someone who is loved by god.

Interviewer (M1) – Oh its a nice name.

Me- Thank you sir.

Interviewer (M2) – So u have masters in English literature?

Me-yes sir

Interviewer (M2) – Asked meaning of a proverb (never heard it)

Me – Said sorry i don’t know.

Interviewer (M1) – What other subjects u have studied

Me – History, Sanskrit

Interviewer (M1) – Name the Mughal Emperors chronologically

Me – Named some of them

Interviewer (M1) – Year of Sepoy mutiny??

Me – Answered.

Interviewer (M2) – So “debodrita”. [Bengali Person]

Me – Sir its debadrita.

Interviewer (M2) – sorry sorry

Interviewer (M2) -Kotodin Banking Eam er preparation Nichho. (Asked in Bengali [For how many days you are preparing for bank exams?])

Me – Answered.

Then he suddenly asked

Interviewer (M2) – fb koro? (Asked in Bengali [Do you use Facebook?])

Me – Yes Sir.

Interviewer (M2) – When? During day or night?

Me – When i fell free.

Interviewer (M2) – Chele Bondhu besi na meye bondhu? (Asked in Bengali [do u have more male friends or female friends in your friend circle])

Me- Soman soman (Answered in Bengali [Equal Sir])

all of them laughed.

After that everyone in the panel started discussing about Facebook.

Interviewer (M3) – (he only asked one question) So u r willing 2 go anywhere in India?

Me – Yes sir

Interviewer (M2) – If we posted you in Sunderban? How will you survive there alone?

Me- Sir I will adjust. I won’t have any problem as I’ve experience living alone.

Interviewer (M2) – Barite k k ache? (Asked in Bengali [Who are in your family?])

Me -My parents (father, mother) and brother.

Then they wished me best of luck & i left.

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