United Bank of India Clerical Interview Experience 8

United Bank of India (UBI) Clerk Interview Experience. United Bank of India (UBI) Clerical Interview Experience 8.

  • Bank Name: United Bank of India (UBI)
  • Post: Clerk
  • Date of Interview: August 08, 2012
  • Member in Panel: 2 Male (M1, M2), 1 Female (F1)

Entered, Wished everyone. They asked me to sit, i thanked them.

Interviewer (F1) –  So you are specialized in marketing?


Interviewer (F1) – What are 4Ps of marketing

Me- Product,Price,Promotion,Place

Interviewer (F1) – What are 7Ps of marketing?

Me: Sorry mam 7P is in service marketing , should i say them?

Interviewer (F1) – Yes, say rest 3.

Me: People,Process,Physical Evidence

Interviewer (F1) – Which one is the most important ?

Me: Product

Interviewer (F1) – Ok so rest 3 r not needed

Me: no mam you asked most important that’s why i named one.

Interviewer (F1) [South Indian] asking questions.

Interviewer (M1) – So product alone is enough, rest are not needed so if i fix whatever price that would be ok?

Me –  Sir i didn’t say product alone is enough, since i was asked most important i named that, otherwise 4Ps of marketing or marketing mix is like pillar, if u take away one all will fall.

Interviewer (M1) -But buildings can stand on 3piller.

Me – Sir in normal circumstances a 4 pillar building will be stronger than 3

Interviewer (M1) – no no 3 pillar can be ,u have make it in such a manner

Me : Quiet :/

Interviewer (F1) –  Why bank clerk after MBA, Now the South Indian guy at right go for PO/SO clerk is not for you.

Me : Sir its not that i didn’t try ,last yr i gave PO but didn’t qualify & since my grad marks r less i can’t apply in most banks in PO anyway and about SO sir no bank has come out with SO marketing in last 1yr almost,clerk will at-least give me entry to bank & then i can grow.

Interviewer (M1) – – Still, don’t u think you are overqualified for this job?

Me –  Sorry sir i don’t believe in anything calld over qualified, everything has a first step,clerks are the 1st step of bank,i wil get to learn the basics.

Interviewer (M1) – Why didn’t you go for Pvt jobs ?

Me -Sir i want stability & security in my life and i think a bank job will give me that.

Interviewer (M1) – Who told you bank job has security ?

Me : Sir i come from a family of bankers, my father was an ex-officer of this bank & so was my meternal uncles & my grand father, so i have seen banking sector very closely from childhood & i find it secure & stable & with good growth opportunities.

Interviewer (M1) –  Wen did your father retire?

Me – In 2001,11yrs ago

Interviewer (M1) –  Which branch he was last posted in ?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer (M1) – How would you be useful as MBA marketing to us?

Me – Sir marketing is about creating,understanding & satisfy the needs of customers,as an MBA marketing their for i will be able to understand the needs of the customner better & serve them accordingly.

Interviewer (M1) – But still wont u feel bad working as a clerk being MBA?

Me: Absolutely not sir,i want to be in bank any how,& clerk is the door for me right now,& im focused on it more than anything and if i’m really worth the qualification i hold i.e. MBA marketing,sooner or later i will become officer through internal promotion be it 5yrs or 10yrs, im ready to wait for that.

Interviewer (M1) –  Ok thank you, you can go.

Me- Thank u sir,thank u mam.

M2 was silent and he was observing me closely during the interview.

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