United Bank of India Clerical Interview Experience 9

UBI Clerk Interview Experience. United Bank of India (UBI) Clerical Interview Experience 9.

  • Bank Name: United Bank of India (UBI)
  • Post: Clerk
  • Date of Interview: August 08, 2012
  • Member in Panel: 3 Male (M1, M2,M3)

Questions Asked During the Interview.

Interviewer (M1) – What is your date of birth (dob)?

Interviewer (M1) – Now Introduce yourself.

Interviewer (M2) – (in hindi)- Deepika Kumari Kaun hai? [Who is Deepika Kumari?]

Interviewer (M2) – Anna Hazare ne kal kya kaha? [What Anna Hazare said yesterday?]

Interviewer (M2) – unke saath kaun kaun hain ? [Who are with him?]

Interviewer (M3) -(in bengali)-r kon kon bank a interview diyecho? [what are the other banks you have given interview?]

Me – Union Bank and today in United Bank

Interviewer (M3) – Where you want to join? Union or United bank?

Me – United Bank of India

Interviewer (M3) – Why you want to join United Bank over Union Bank?

Me – Explained.

Interviewer (M1) -Whats your aim?

Interviewer (M1) – You want to stay as a clerk or want to become a PO?

Interviewer (M2) – (In Hindi) Mahatma Gandhi ne kaha par apne career ka 1st half bitaya tha?

Interviewer (M1) – Asked about my family,what im doing right now.

Interviewer (M1) – Thank you, you can go.

Note: Selected as Clerk in United Bank of India.

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