IBPS Clerk 2012-13 Final Result: IBPS Clerk II Final Result 2013

IBPS Clerk 2012-13 Final Result. IBPS Clerk 2013, IBPS CWE Clerk II Final Result 2013. IBPS Clerk Result 2013.

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS)IBPS Logo will declare the final result of IBPS Clerk II recruitment exam soon. Mumbai headquartered institute has already said that the declaration of combined result of CWE and Interview will be published by the second week of April 2013.

Earlier on a notification dated 01.03.2013, the IBPS said that vacancies of each participating banks will be available by the last week of April and allotment will start at the end of May, 2013. But in recent advertisement dated 08.04.2013, the Institute said that the Registration of order of preference for banks by the successful candidates will be done between 15.04.2013 to 22.04.2013.

IBPS Clerk II Final Result

  • Declaration of combined result of CWE and Interview: Second week of April 2013.
  • Notification of vacancies of each of the Participating Banks: Last week of April 2013.
  • Registration of order of preference for banks by the successful candidates: First week of May 2013. 15.04.2013 to 22.04.2013.
  • Allotment: Last week of May 2013.

IBPS Clerk II (IBPS Clerk 2012-13) Final Result:

You can check your IBPS Clerk II Final Result , when it’s made available by IBPS.

CWE Clerical II Result

For more information visit website of IBPS.


  1. harendra says:

    result kon si date ko aayega ? I got 119 in SC cat. (UP). koi chance hai ya nahi

  2. i got 110 obc tamilnadu…

  3. ricky says:

    hope it will come by friday

  4. Joginder says:

    Whats new in this statement..everyone know these things.

  5. Govind Trivedi says:

    kya yaar kya majak hai…kaha aaya hai result…

  6. ricky says:

    IBPS has changed the dates for filling preferences.Previously from 1st may now it will be from 15th april to 22nd april,2012 no other changes.Source Danik jagron

  7. manisha says:

    plz tell me latest vacancies ofRRB ibps

  8. kunal says:

    kya yaar tension ki sui aur bat badhao….waise bhi din kuch ache ni ja rahe hai…Indian Economy ke..lol

  9. kunal says:

    people qualified from west bengal will have to go through high level competition .. I too will have to struggle a lot

  10. anant says:

    soon soon soon….god knows when will end this.

  11. Sns says:

    what is the date of ibps clerk2 interview result will be released

  12. will combined result be tomorrow??

  13. jas says:

    probably on 13th of this month


    result will by 12th or 13th ….sure

  15. Glossy says:

    Anybody can tell the exact date of IBPS clerk 2 interview result? I got 109/200 (OBC) in written exam. And i did interview well. I am from Kanyakumari district.

    Anybody knows the no. of vacancy in Tamilnadu and best bank preference list?

    Employee benifit varies for bank to bank? or same for all banks? In what basis we shoud prefer the banks?
    Can you provide the bank preference list?
    Plz do help

  16. haroon says:

    gujrat me kitni vacancy he

    kisi ko pata he kya

  17. sumanta says:

    I got 134 (gen) from bengal..is thr any chance??….can anyone say whats the highest score in bengal??

  18. akila says:

    is there a separate cot off mark for interview or wat ever mark we get in interview will it be combined with the interview mark?

  19. kalpesh says:

    In this notification there isn’t any date mentioned for state wise vacancy detail…
    When will state wise vacancy will be provided??

  20. swati says:

    i have 121 marks from delhi in gen cat. i think i have no any chance..

  21. Bekar Saby says:

    clerk result out, me from wb gen 67.8

  22. boss its not the final result, i got 126 obc i rajasthan had any chance or not?

  23. nivesh kumar says:

    final result is out please check with banking awareness link thanks

  24. nivesh kumar says:

    hurry up share ur marks

  25. anupam says:

    result aa gaya.

  26. i got clear the interv….yuppy…

  27. Bijoy Deb says:

    my score is 59.60 …..i m from assam in general cat……….what is my chances…………..

  28. dilip says:

    combined score 64.20 bihar

  29. Sns says:

    Sir, I was got 59 marks can I have any chances I was belongs OBC in Andhra State, Plz reply

  30. Syed MOHD SHAHNAWAZ says:

    passed the interview

  31. shyam says:

    anybody from odisha pls share your score.

  32. Syed MOHD SHAHNAWAZ says:

    64.20 score in U.P. any chance for allotment

  33. negi012 says:

    Result is out

  34. Syed MOHD SHAHNAWAZ says:

    64.20 final score gen category any chance for allotment

  35. GABBAR SINGH says:

    hey any 1 here….

  36. GABBAR SINGH says:

    how many cleared interview?

  37. Gopees says:

    Dear All,


  38. Balbir Singh says:

    sir in punjab how many candidate appear fr further process plz let me know

  39. Saurabh Goswami says:

    I scored 64.60 from maharashtra state..is there any chances here?????

  40. sanjaya says:

    how many candidates are cleared the interview…any idea plz share

  41. sandeep says:

    i got 65.60 AndhraPradesh….OBc what r my chances……

  42. Rakesh says:


  43. sreekant singh yadav says:

    i got 55 marks out of 100 obc from punjab state

  44. soumya says:

    sir am a sc candidate from kerala having 57% total after interview in clerk…. can i have any hope?

  45. vicky says:

    61 from westbengal general.any chances??my be tough to get one..right????

  46. vikash says:

    can any1 tell me that those who doesn’t qualify marks for them are available or not????

  47. my combined score is 65.40 out of 100. is there any chance of selection

  48. Mike says:

    my score is 59.40 from AP..is there any chanceee

  49. chinnareddy says:

    sir my name is chinna reddy-general form andhrapradesh i got 118 in return and in my interview was done in vishakapatnam panel -4 and i got only 56.60% in my interview panel they asked me 6 questions and i answered only 5 questions properly and correctly but i got 56.60% only sir i think some mistakes in results please reconstruct and give the proper result i am not sufficient this marks why because this is my last attempt and sir some panels ask only self details only they got 65.% what is this sir in my interview ask banking questions i answered 5 correctly out of 6 questions please consider my problem i loss my life achievement

    please sir give the re result and reconsider please avoid this problem

    • sachin says:

      yahi mere saath hua h bhai

    • Sushant says:

      hey, calm down.. you seem to be very nervous and agitated. did u behave like this in the interview? you have to keep your calm..my sister did not do well too.I am sure you know that these websites dont have any influence over the result. Do something about your nerves.. I am a practicing neurosurgeon, trust me when i say that u sound neurotic.

      • ricky says:

        hey,u r ryt. dis guy hs been posting like crazy all over internet. hey chinnareddy, dont behave like the loser u r, and dont sound so damn suicidal.nobody wl recruit sum1 like u if u dont do sumthing abt ur attitude.listn to this doctor guy.go see a madness doctor.

  50. chinnareddy says:

    i hope ibps panels are genuine they are do anything in properly and correctly but in my result compare to some others they did a mistake please sir reconsider and recheck that result we have only 2 days please sir this is my request sir i done interview properly i didn’t do any mistakes but i got least score in this score guarantee i will not get any bank job please re check and give the result. sir if i am not able to answer the questions in interview panel i accept this marks but i answered properly and correctly because of that i am not sufficient sir in general this marks are not sufficient 56.60% only please sir this is my honorable request please reconsider this clerical-2 interview results

  51. Abhinav Singh says:

    i have got 62.80 in obc category from Bihar and what is my chance for final selection?

  52. Hi sir,

    I m Abirami from Tamilnadu, I have scored 58/100 in OBC category.. Any chance for me….
    Eagerly awaiting for ur reply…

  53. hardik says:

    i got 56.40 from gujarat. OBC.
    Any chance for me?

  54. chinnareddy says:

    so many people have some problem some panels are ask only banking and some panels are ask only self details who is answered the self details they got more than marks compare to who is answered banking please rectify this and one more time consider the results are recheck please sir so many people based on this result only i am also based on this please reconsider the result

  55. chinnareddy says:

    if any one see this comment please send this comment to ibps site or ibps panels .ibps panel sir please try to understand my problem i did interview properly and correctly as well as good i answered 5 questions only banking questions out of 6 but i get least marks how it is possible sir and someones tell only self details they got above 65% this is to-much sir i prepared well for interview but i loss my percentage i think some mistakes are down in results please reconsider and reconstruct the interviews or result please sir

  56. chinnareddy says:

    if ibps panel is not respond to this result we loss so much of opportunities please sir recheck the result data base there some mistakes why sir some panels ask only self details but in my panel ask only banking . but i answered all questions banking awareness i loss my score sir i did not get minimum score please take this seriously

  57. nazia says:

    i scored 108 in written and my score is 53.2 gen oc from maharashtra is there any chance of selection plzzzzzzzzzz rply, i m really very tensed plzzzzzzzzzz rply


    Vipin pathak


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    if any one see this comment please send this comment to ibps site or ibps panels .ibps panel sir please try to understand my problem i did interview properly and correctly as well as good i answered 7 questions only banking questions & self details out of 8 but i get FAIL MARKS how it is possible sir and someones tell only self details they got above 65% & PASS this is to-much sir i prepared well for interview but i loss the bank job, i think some mistakes are down in results please reconsider and reconstruct the interviews or result please sir
    see more
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    Dear IBPS PANEL, pls hardly requested to you that my written score is 106 in gen and my interview is very good so how can FAIL the interview so pls recheck and confirm back me this is last chance for my carrier waiting to your reply from IBPS SIR/MADAM PLSSSSSSSSSSSSS


    i am from rajasthan……final score 57.2….. general….any chance ……….Pls Pls rePly…………..

  61. abhishek says:

    i hv got 63.40 percent in written and interview frm general catogory..wat r my chances…….

  62. Syed MOHD SHAHNAWAZ says:

    64.20 gen category u.p.

  63. i hv got 63.40 percent out of 100 overall.from up with general catagory………what are my chances.plz reply…….

  64. i hv got 63.40 percent out of 100 overall.from up with general catagory………what are my chances.plz reply…….

  65. cands says:

    will the merit go down of all catagories if we compare with PO marks for final allotment due to more no. of vacancies in clerical than po ?????

  66. smita says:

    I got 66.20 out of 100 (state Delhi)…
    Anyone from delhi?? whats the score?

  67. ansh says:

    got 132 in written and combined score is 61.40 general category,
    n i belong to M.P.
    please tell about the status of selections here…

  68. latika says:

    my combined score 65.8/100…gen Haryana…..any chances???

  69. bhagyashree says:

    my final result is 56.40. i m from Maharashtra n belongs to gen cat.
    can anybody tell me what are the chances of getting selected..

  70. dibyendu says:

    my combined score is 60 in gen category…is there any chance to get the job

  71. Hey Frnds…I got 62.80(OBC Rajasthan)…is there any chances for me..????

    • surendra says:

      hope 4 best dude bt thr is only 252 vacancies for obc raj. so cant say…..my score is 60 obc raja as well and i think very less chances…but hope 4 best…

  72. Rakesh Kumar says:

    game over ! prepare & wait for next

  73. madhukar singh says:

    statewise and category wise seats disclosed, check IBPS website

  74. jo says:

    which one is better sbt clerk or nationalised bank clerk

  75. amit says:

    sir i got 56.80 from OBC is there any any chance to get selected please tell me…………..

  76. i got 63.40 % in ibps cwe clerk final result.i m from u.p. and belong to general cat….is there any chance of job for me????????

  77. priti says:

    plz admin provide merit list


    i am from rajasthan……final score 57.2….. general….any chance ……….Pls Pls rePly…………..

  79. Syed MOHD SHAHNAWAZ says:

    2348 seats only for general candidate in u.p.

    • madhukar singh says:

      read it carefully, its not GENERAL, its UR ( UnReserved ), it includes SC ST OBC and GENERAL, so anyone having good marks will go to this UR list, then remaining general will not be selected but SC ST and OBC will be selected as per their reserved seats, rule pta h ni comment kr diya !!!!!!!!

      • Shailendra Sharma says:

        Mr. Mohd, You are correct but it is only possible if the SC/ST/OBC student filled the application form with General Category

    • madhukar singh says:

      all the best

  80. Syed MOHD SHAHNAWAZ says:


  81. gobinda says:

    i got 59.40 in combined result of cwe 2 from west bengal sc category

  82. i hv got 63.40 % marks finally in interview and written…..so wats my chances for being selected in any bank.i m from u.p. and belongs to general cat,

  83. abhishek garg says:

    i hav 68.2 general frm delhi…..wht r my chances??

  84. shilpi says:

    please tell me about the probable cut off for general in rajasthan for ibps clerk

  85. Ravi Katiyar says:

    I have 66.80% from UP in OBC.What’s my chance in IBPS Clerk?

  86. Shailendra Sharma says:

    Note :- for approx 40,000 vacancies 1 Lac Persons selected for Interview. Less 15000 students got selected in PO, Less 5000 – 7000 failed in interview, less 10000 students doesn’t wants to do clerk job or their graduation result is not with them at the time of interview.
    Less 5000 for any other conditions.

    So overall 40000 vacancies are for 65000 students.

  87. ashu says:

    Kya Har bank ka apna khud ka criteria hai..selection me..koun Bank ne jitni seat nikali hai.. unko bhar nahi rhi hai…hum IOB Bank ki statewise vacancy match kar sakte hai….??

    Kya bank IBPS se allotted students se bhi short kar rhi hai…plz reply

  88. Adam Basha says:

    Hi frnds, I m from karnataka i got oriental bank of commerce. Can anyone know when they will send us appointment letter or mail and when will be the joining date?
    ph- 9035891844

  89. Adam Basha says:

    Hi frnds, anybody from Oriental bank of commerce? pls reply or contact me 9035891844

  90. radha says:

    anybody allotted bank of india in ap contact me kradha021@gmail.com

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