IBPS Clerk: 5.31 lakh candidates pass bank clerical exam

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) has declared the result of first common written exam (CWE) for clerical posts in 19 public sector banks on February 29, 2012. As many as 5.31 lakh candidates have passed the first ever CWE for clerical posts. Over 30 lakh candidates appeared for the exam and roughly one out of every six candidates who appeared for the exam has been successful.

Nearly 1.93 lakh women candidates were among the successful candidates. The exam was conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), Mumbai in November/December 2011.

Mr M. Balachandran, Director, IBPS, said there were 1.72 lakh successful candidates in the general category, 2.37 lakh in the OBC category and about 1.21 lakh in the SC/ST category.

In Tamil Nadu, successful women candidates outnumbered the men. There were 12,161 women out of the 20,258 candidates who qualified from there.

Mr Balachandran said the list of successful candidates would be available next week on the IBPS Web site.

A week from now, candidates will be able to log on and check their individual scores.

162 thoughts on “IBPS Clerk: 5.31 lakh candidates pass bank clerical exam

  1. good move

    • Jyoticdlmec says:

       no this is not the good move ……………… banks will play with candidates hard earned money……….


  2. Pradeep Akella says:

    sir i had passed the ibps cwe for clerks 2011 ….can i know my score on 05/03/2012 on ibps official website?

  3. Anil kumar surada says:

    Dear sir,
                   my name is anil and I got 138  score, OBC in IBPS clerk  exam will  I  have chance to get job

  4. Anil kumar surada says:

    Dear sir,
                   my name is anil and I got 138  score, OBC in IBPS clerk  exam will  I  have chance to get job

  5. Suriyaadigitalprinting says:

    sir i got 140 marks on obs …

  6. IBPS is a flop show…people with higher marks wil be called fr interviews repeatedly, and wl be selected in more than one bank..hence loss to both bank and candidate

    • Vaibhav Chaudhary says:

      priya u are absolutely right.. Please raise this issue n make help making change in the ibps selection policy. Me n All my friend r with u. email:- vaibhav_cse@hotmail.com

    • exactly. i totally agree with u. these banks , they have got good alibi to make money and so has ibps. i have even cleared they po/mt but haven’t received any call for interviews as off yet, they renew their eligibility criteria at every stage. first the banks quote a min. cut off marks below which guys can’t apply. and when they come out with the merit list for interviewees, they say that they min. benchmark is something much higher that what they required to merely apply for the po/mt.  sad but true this time they are going to do the same……….. it’s a bluff just to squeeze out money from the applicants pockets, just realize there is a manifold profit scheme running underneath the pious effort.  

  7. Itishreeknd494 says:

    i have got 115 marks in sc category(orissa). is this sufficient score to face the interview? plz send me in my e mail ID. My e mail id is itishreeknd494@gmail.com

  8. Jaltadiya2010 says:

    sir may i know the next procedure????

  9. Gurpreetmann15 says:

    i have got 136 marks in cwe clerikal exam in genral catg. sufficent ofr interview call. plz help me to gurpreetmann15@gmail.com

  10. Sweet06rocks says:

    sir i got 138 marks, general from chandigarh in ibps. Will i have a chance to get the job

  11. i have score 147 marks in cwe clerical exam in general categary. it is sufficient for interview call. plz tell on my e mail id monikash595@gmail.com  

  12. A.Dastagiri says:

    sir, i have score 130 marks in cwe clerical in obc catagary .will i have a chance to get the job

  13. Madhu_tax2008 says:

    sir ,i scored 160 marks in cwe clerk in general category. Am i  in safe jone or not? ?

  14. Madhu_tax2008 says:

    sir ,i scored 160 marks in cwe clerk in general category. Am i  in safe jone or not? ?

  15. sir i got 164 marks in ibps clerkal exam
     i sc category can i get job please reply me sir

  16. 1111sathish Ca says:

    sir i got 138 marks in obc category( Men, tamilnadu) 
    Can i get interview calls?

  17. Arige Naveen says:

    i  scored 121 in ibps clerks .i belongs to  OBC can i get chance.   what about the  candidates below  130 they will get chance

  18. cutoff in himachal pradesh

  19. Gajanandiwate says:

    Sir i have got 126 marks on obc category , will i have any chance to get job&my email address gajanandiwate@gmail.com……….? please reply me….

  20. how many candidates got no. between 163 and highest score

  21. how many vacancies for this ibps score card for clerk in 2012

  22. Posanagendrakumar says:

    whats the good score in IBPS clerks from OBC category?


  24. dharmesh thoria says:



    ddthoria@gmail:twitter .com



  25. Ranisheeba Rani43 says:

    sir i have passed ibps exam what i have to do next?

  26. is there availability for getting job ‘oc’  of 160 marks in ibps clerks ?

  27. Govindarajulumynam says:

    i got 162(general) andhrpradesh is there chance for an interview

  28. Govindarajulumynam says:

    i got 154 (general) is there chance  for interview

  29. Nidhibapna1 says:

    i got 145 marks and i m from general category so what are my chances for interview can i get 3 interview calls?

  30. Samayamantri Deepthi says:

    what’s the highest score in general category? i got 151 marks and i am from Andhra pradesh. is there any possibility to face an interview?

  31. Vidya-venkatjeya says:

    sirmy name is seetha lakshmi from tamil nadu, my ibps clerical score 166 may i get a chance

  32. sir i have scored 155 and belongs to sc category do i have any chance for interview call

  33. Nayanashree 17 says:

    I got 120 marks and belong to st category. Is there any possibility to attend interview?

  34. sir i got 155(general) rajasthan is there chance for an interview. pls help

  35. sir i hv scored 144 marks n belongs to gneral category.now wat are the chances to get a job?n from how many banks i can hv a interview calll?

  36. sir, i have scored 156 marks at general category in tamilnadu. is there any chances for me.

  37. I got 116 marks and belong to OBC category. Is there any possibility to attend interview and Plz help me naresh.chaudhary10@yahoo.com

  38. Vinay Chavda says:

    i get 140 mark in ibps clerck exam so any chance to me job? catagary sc

  39. Vinay Chavda4892 says:

    i get 140 marck in ibps clerck exam so any chance to me for job me? my catagary sc

  40. when will merit list of ibps will come i got 136 mks and i am a differently abled candidate plzz let me know when the merit list will be out

  41. Sir, I have scored 16 marks in IBPS clerk exam and I m from delhi and general category. please let me know what r my chances to get a job and can i know my rank in the exam?

  42. sir, i have scored 161 marks in ibps clerk exam and i m from delhi and general category. please let me know what are my chances to get a job and can i know my rank.

    • I am sorry to say par humare chances thode se difficult hai par hope for the best ki hum dono hi crack kar lenge Po main bhi 30-40 ahead scores walo ko call aa gayi thi. Keep ur fingers crossed aur iss baar score ummed se kafi neeche gaya hai isska matlab hai ki bahut candidates 150 up nahi kar paye hai. Hope for the best.

      • I am sorry but ignore my Previous comment beacuse yesterday I went to my Training institute and they said that its more than a decent score. Hope for the best and keep ur fingers crossed soon we would be called for an interview. Start preparing. Tc.

  43. Jagratisharma98 says:

    Sir i have got 151 marks in ibps clerk in general category.i am from ajmer,rajasthan.Is there a chance for getting an interview call?

  44. sir i have 138 marks i get a chance for interview obc category

  45. Anujsrivastava25 says:

    i have score 151 marks can i get a chance for interview in general categry

  46. Ravikant Singh says:

    When will be called for Interview?? I scored 143 marks . would i be called for interview?????

  47. Jiten Vaidya says:

    how many candidates qualified Ibps clerk exam 2011 from H.P.

  48. hi sir i got 129 marks obc …is there any chance to got interview

  49. Sudheerbalina says:

    HI, this is sudheer from AP. i got 124 marks obc, will i get any call for interview.please reply to me

  50. Raghavendra says:

    My Name is Raghavendra I got 167 marks But i belongs to GENERAL category. AM i eligible to get the job.Please give you valuable Suggestions to me

  51. Bhattacharjeekunal2 says:

    How many general vacancies are available in W.B & how many general candidates passed this clerk exam?


  53. sir i got 126 marks in ST category (Gujarat)
    Can I get interview call?

  54. please tell me how many candidate pass in gujarat

  55. Manish Rajgarh says:

    please tell me how many candidates pass in hariyana state 

  56. how many candidate pass in rajasthan

  57. sir. i am OBC cadre, i got 141 what is my chance of getting?

  58. Hi I got 166 marks obc.
    So, po mein toh recruitment chaal raha hai humara kya hoga?

  59. Nisha Garhewal17 says:

    sir please publish the state wise
    marit list 

  60. Keerthisritarala says:

    sir please publish the category wise merit list?……………….

  61. sir i am obc candidate i have got 119 marks in clerical exam. Please tell bank wise cutoff marks….. Vinita Sen Panna (M.P.)

  62. sir i got 145 (obc).Is there any chance to can get interview?

  63. sir i got 120 marks(obc ) Is there any chances to get interview?
    i will got in each subject 20 above

  64. sir,i got 163 marks and im from general ,andhra  pradesh what are my chances of final recruitment

  65. Chandraveersingh932 says:

    I am Chandraveer Singh from u.p obc category i have score 152 in clerk can i have got chance for interview . how many student pass from u.p in obc actegory.

  66. Mail2sairupa says:

    i scored 143 from andhrapradesh in st category will i get interview call…….. plz reply to mail2sairupa@yahoo.com

  67. I got 154 marks from tamilnadu and belongs to obc category. how many candidates are above 150 in this state.

  68. Hardikrathod says:

    what is the highest score..??

  69. sir i got 140 marks in general category is there any chances for an interview call??????


  71. Elango mani says:

    131mark wat status..

  72. 166 in gen category from bihar…….is there any chance 4 interview call

  73. plz reply

  74. Reddyiwillseeyourend says:

    hello sir/madam,  i got 158 marks in ibps clerical exam and i belong to OBC category.  Actually i have done my MBA, while i was applying in online i mentioned my qualification will there be any impact and tell me what are chances of getting interview call.

             Thank you.

  75. Mudapaka Hema says:

    sir i got 147 marks obc category from andhra pradesh, will i get the interview call

  76. ekta anand
    sir i got 168 marks —gen category

  77. hello sir,
    i got 128 marks in IBPS . i have belong to ST Category. any chance for me interview call
    please sir tell me
    My Email Id –  manoj.bhil786@gmail.com

  78. Sudeshnasantra says:

    Hello Sir,
    I got 133 marks in IBPS. I belong from general catagory. May I have a call for an interview…….Please reply me on my mailid-sudeshnasantra@gmail.com

  79. what is the highst marks in gujrat

  80. sir i scored 162 from gen cat from gujrat state what will be the chances for call an interview

  81. is it any fouthcomming vaccancy of united bank of india clerk level

  82. Good Morning Sir,
    I’ve scored 139 and I belongs to Obc catagory, from Bihar, applied to Delhi.
    Please tell me what will be the chance for interview call?
    My email id is  (das22311@gmail.com)

  83. Anurag Pranay Tigga says:

    Good evening sir,
    I have scored 160 and I belong to ST catagory, from Jharkhand… Kindly tell me my chances for interview calls..
    My email id – tigga.anurag@gmail.com

  84. How Many Post are there in North East Region for general 

  85. Sumithraasadi says:

    i scored 166 marks.kindly tell me do i have oppertunity

  86. Shrotriya Sunny says:

    mine 179 any chnce as i also scored 163 in po no intervw yet……..

  87. Akshatalotekar says:

    Dear sir my scorecard has got returned back due to change in my address, what do i do, i had already mailed regarding the same , kindly suggest

  88. sir I scored 162.Gen category.West Bengal. how is my prospect to get interview call?

  89. Akshay Dwivedi says:

    sir i got 137 marks in cwe of clerk can i get any interview oppurtunity for any bank

  90. Roopa_notorious says:

    sir i got 129 marks in cwe of clerk exam can i get an interview call

  91. Sanjayjainkagla says:

    sir i got 148 marks in cwe exam  with general categery

  92. Hi, This is Priya from Andhra Pradesh(OBC) i got 139 marks in ibps clerk my doubt is as i have seen in many po notifications, banks are asking min qualify marks as 105, 116, 125 etc. After applying for banks will everybody get a call for interview for only topper get a call? please clarify my doubt

  93. pooja jawla says:

    Hi This is pooja jawla from Meerut general. I got 141 marks in IBPS  clerk . please clear my doubt that I am able or not for interview.

    •  Dear Pooja, Absolutely you are qualify. pls see regularly the said 19 banks websites for availability of vacancies. which still not announced by any bank. 

  94. Banerjee Anirudha2004 says:

    hi….this is rajiv,only my reasoning cut off is not fulfilled ,i had secured 20 and the cutoff was 24,and my total score is 123,shall i get any call from any PSU,please reply

  95. Mr.Anirudha, As per our obtaining criteria must be achive minimum score in individual subjects. but you gets less 4 point in a stream. i.e. you missed the next procedure. Kindly wait for next time.

  96. Banerjee Anirudha2004 says:

    will not be there a second merit list coming for ibps clerical 2011?

  97. Shobby_lakshmi says:

    I have got 133 gen cat in tamilnadu what is my chance of getting an interview call?

  98. when will the state wise merit list will  be declared

  99. hi, this is R. ansari . i have obtained 138 marks obc. am i able to get an interview call?

  100. Anitayadav211284 says:

    hi,my self Anita Yadav .I am  from Assam, i got  140 marks (obc).Whether i have chance to get call for interview.

    • hello anita,since u are from obc so have chances but to be frank score is lower.u should fight if call for interview..best of luck

  101. Victorpaul Cyber07 says:

    hi,my self  Victor Paul. I am from Assam, i got 135 marks (obc).Whether i have chance to get call for interview.

  102. Ravinder Kashyap says:

    what is the highest IBPS clerk score in chandigarh Centre

  103. abhay..sc..152 po and 160 clerk.i am gaiving po interview and want to 
    apply for clerk too..will it affect on clerk interview??suggest me plz

  104. Abhay Deo10 says:

    hello anita,hw are u?

  105. Niveditasinghnirala says:

    but sabko pass karke kya fayda hai int. cl to sirf unko ayega jinhone high score kiya hai wht about that those score less marks?

  106. Guys join           BANK ASPIRANTS           Group in    Facebook

    to consult with other senior bank aspirants

  107. Kunzesdolma1 says:

    sir i have seen d cut off list for ibps clerk interview call…im belong to st catogory so they hav mentined for st 150 marks n i got 130…is there any chance to get interview call sir? 

  108. SANDEEP SINGH says:

    I don’t get my score card till now. What can I do now?

  109. i got 118 marks  s.c in u p state any chance to inter view pls send ans my 

    e-mail mohitanand1446@gmail.com

  110. Nayanashree 17 says:

    I have scored 120 marks, ST from karnataka. what is possibility of getting interview call?

  111. Avijbahadare says:

    Dear sir
    I have scored 165 but I have only 12th passed with 64.5% .can I get this clerk job

    Thank you

  112. Vishal Rathod says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am passed in ibps PO score is 121, what is rank in mariet list ??? i suggest you that please provide information of ranking list of Cut of marks….. This is usefull to all

    Also other new requrietment please infirm

  113. i have passed ibps po exam. my score is 122 from sc. all the banks gives notification to minimum scores and then gives cut off lists. this is not fair. not all candidates gets chance for interview…

  114. most of the banks are short listing candidates by their cut offs. is there any chances????

  115. Any one from tamilnadu has scored more than 160 in IBPS clerk?

  116. sir
            i scored 130 belong to obc from tamilnadu .can i get a chance for interview

  117. Ayush Mittal0585 says:

    i scored 149 marks in general category and i am from delhi. Will i get call for interview ?


  118. Debanjan Basu says:


  119. Debanjan Basu says:

    why handicapped cut off have not been specified in Bank of Baroda clerical recruitment advertisement 

  120. jagdish chandra says:

    Hi sir what is the highest marks in uttarakhand state in Sc catogary

  121. Bhanurockers37 says:

    highest total is 198 (general),in u.p

  122. Dhruv7polestar says:

    what is the highest score in tripura?(gen) (sc)

  123. Ashishkharakwal says:

    i am uttrakhand state am general categree i have score 158 marks please tell about my chance in interview.
    my contact no. 09997943687

  124. Ved Prkashs says:

    i am ved prakash from utter pradesh  in sc boy my score in ibps clerk is 129 please tell me chance for interview

  125. Sir, I got 123 Marks Hope to get an opportunity for attending interview Sir. 

    Awaiting for your reply in this regard Sir. my Mail Address: jrkprasad@gmail.com


  126. Disksaikumar38 says:

    state: andhra pradesh
    score: 140
    caste: obc
    what is the highest mark in andhra pradesh?
    what are my chances?

  127. Ramu9584321941 says:

    state: m.p.
    sir i want to know what’s my chance to face interview
    E-mail id: ramu9584321941@gmail.com

  128. Dhama Rahul2 says:

    state.. Delhi
    Sir i want to know what is my chance to face interview

  129. Tariqkabir786 says:

     i got  153 marks in general category. Is there any chance for me

  130. HemaOjagtap says:

    state Maharastra
    score 137
    catag obc
    sir i want to know what is my chance to face interview

  131. subhash chand says:

    sir I get 140 marks in ibps  category ‘sc’

    what i eligible bank interview 

  132. vikas sharma says:


  133. rakesh kumar sain says:

    sir i hv got 158 in ibps clerk in obc in rajasthan is there any chance for interview

  134. Jiteshhagarwal says:

    i got 178 mark in general bt in frm filing i made a mstk  my dob is 25-10 88 bt i mistakely inroll 25 08 1988 is there any prblm i face

  135. Rajni Raghav says:

    i got 153 marks in ibps clerk in sc in delhi, is there any chance for interview call… 

  136. Deepakmahto14 says:

    hi i m deepak, i have obtained 170 marks category obc from bengal, how much possibility of interview call in bank of india,reply me on mail id- deepakmahto14@gmail.com

  137. Likhamrajpurohit says:

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FRddddddddddddddddddddddddd
    I have got 145 in gen pwd category from punjabon 12 th base
    guide me

  138. Archana Kumari says:

    Sir I have got 140in ibps clerk in obc in bihar is there any chance for interview

  139. Ujjalmilan says:

    sir i have got 153 in ibps  clerk in obc in kolkata is there any chance for interview….pls reply sir my mail id ujjalmilan@gmail.com

  140. Soniataprania says:


  141. what is the use of conducting ibps when the problem of recruitment is still under the carpet!!!!when banks have pre-decided the cut off scores for interview then why r they calling unnecessary crowd….just to gain some bucks!!!it woud be better if only those applicants be called who r definetely going to be recruited through the initially prescribed scores….rather then changing scores again n again…!!!

  142. Sweetarnab Das329 says:

    sir, I have scored 164 (General) in IBPS clerk exam 2012, is there any chance to get a job in banking   sector? Please reply me sir . My Email Id is sweetarnab.das329@gmail.com

  143. this exam is something what we call good for nothing….. we expected a lot from ibps org. but it is really our bugbear… i scored 145 but i can clearly see what z d position of high merits scorer….. they r simply nt getng any chance so wat cn we expect….. ibps must be demolished….

  144. how many candidates hav pased in ibps clerk -2 exam??ne 1 hav ne idea regarding dis

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