IBPS CWE Score Card: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Note: We’ve intentionally put the question about ‘Lost CWE Score Card’ on the fitst place because many people will lost their CWE Score Card for sure and to help and guide them. I wish you are not one of them.

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CWE Score Card

CWE Score Card

CWE Score Card FAQs Answers

1. I’ve lost my CWE Score Card original copy. What to do Now?

First of all, It is very important to know where you lost your CWE Score Card? If the answer is from Home, then go to your local police station and ask them to write an FIR/ General Diary (GD) of the Incident. If you lost it from somewhere else (for Example: Place X) then goto to the nearest police station which has the jurisdiction of the Area X and registered an FIR/GD.

Then Contact IBPS through email/ Postal Mail/ Over Phone and provide all documents they’ve asked and request them to re-issue your IBPS CWE Score Card.

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2. What is CWE Score Card?

CWE Score card is issued by IBPS to the candidates who have successfully passed the CWE PO or CWE Clerical Examination.

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3. How long my CWE Score card will valid?

IBPS CWE Score Card will valid for 1 year Only.

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4. How IBPS calculates marks in my Score Cards?

The corrected scores obtained by each of the candidates will further be converted into standardized scores following Linear Conversion Method.
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5. When i will get my CWE Score Card?

Generally, IBPS dispatches CWE Score Card using registered/ Speed Post to your postal address specified on the Online Application Form. You can expect maximum 7 to 14 days from the day from the date of dispatch depending on your location.

Mr Balachandran said that the dispatch of scorecards by ‘speed post’ to all successful candidates will begin tomorrow (March 1,2012) and will be done over the next four days. Candidates will also be sent a tracking number by e-mail or SMS to enable them to track their scorecard.

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6. I’ve cleared the IBPS CWE Exam but I’ve not received my score card yet. What to do now?

Well in that case go to the post office that delivers Mails to your area and inquired them about it. If possible give them a note that a Mark Sheet is coming for you and give them your proper address and tell them the route/ way to reach your home.
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7. Me and My friend live in the same area but he got his CWE Score card but I’ve not. What to do now?

As IBPS dispatches CWE Score Card on Registered/ Speed Post, the post man need a signature to deliver the Score Card. May be there was no one in the house when postman reached. Visit your local Post Office and ask them about it. If they said they haven’t receive your Score card yet then follow the Instruction explained on Question No 6.
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8. How to improve my marks in CWE Score Card?

Well you will get chance to Improve your marks on CWE Score card. Candidates can appear in subsequent examination(s) to enhance their scores if they so desire.
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9. Can i appear for Interview in all Banks with this CWE Score Card?

Technically No. CWE Score card is accepted by only 19 Nationalized Bank that gave authorization to IBPS to conduct Bank Exams.
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10. Which banks will accept my CWE Score?

Only 19 Nationalized Bank that gave authorization to IBPS to conduct Bank Exams.

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11. I failed in CWE Exam. But i want to Know my marks. How?

IBPS will publish results for all unsuccessful candidates on their website. IBPS has already published the results for Unsuccessful CWE PO exam 2011 candidates on their website.

As per sources, IBPS will publish IBPS CWE Clerical results for Unsuccessful candidates on or after third week of March.
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12. When will IBPS dispatch the CWE Score Card?

Generally IBPS dispatches CWE Scorecard for Successful candidates within 7 days of publishing the result. You will receive a notification on your email id and your mobile no registered with IBPS when they dispatches your CWE Scorecard.

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13. Minimum score to get call from all the banks?

Generally for PO Interview, a candidate must have 60% marks in his/her graduation course. But it may vary from Bank to Bank.

For Bank Clerk Interview, Bank will issue their own criteria on their respective notifications.
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14.When will bank start issuing their Vacancy Notifications?

As soon as almost all CWE Scorecard reaches their respective destinations, Bank will start issuing their Vacancy.

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15.I have scored this marks, I belong to this Category. What are my Chances?

You are requested to read this post about IBPS CWE Clerk Cutoff Marks for Interview Call and Leave comment on that page only. Thanks.

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469 thoughts on “IBPS CWE Score Card: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. I failed how can i know my marks

  2. Sir i passed in ibps xam but i didnt get my score card and any email from ibps what i do pls ans.me on my mail?

  3. anshu Goliyan says:

    sir i was faild in ibps po exam how can i know the marks

  4. neelima singh says:

    when cwe result will b declared .my exam dae was 4-dec-2011.

  5. sir,i have got 139 marks in IBPS exam,can i get the interview call or not,further have to write PO exam ,please give me suggestion and also please send me the further notifications and when it will be announced

  6. sir i passed in IBPS CWE Po written exam.but the address that i have been filled at the time of online apply is of bangalore. and also i had teken my exam at bangalore but unfortunately i left the bangalore 2 months ago. and none of my friend is staying there currently and the hostel where i was living , the staffs does not take care of this.so what should i do?
    i also contacted IBPS for the same.but they told that no other card will be issued.please tell me what should i do????

    • sanat (odisha) says:

      you need to inform the nearest post master, about your new postal address. Hurry

    • Even i am facing the same problem… Did u got any solution???

      • @Kundan and Kunal

        Both of need to inform your POST OFFICE where you live earlier. Inform then about the Change of Address and Request them to divert all your letter to your new address. For that you need to write an official letter to the Post Master of that concerned Post Office. They will grant your request and will divert all your shipment to your new address.

        For any further query please comment below 🙂

        Best of Luck,
        Keep Visiting BankingAwareness.com

        • Thanks for your concern. I contacted the POST OFFICE. They said that the score card will be dispatched back to the sender(IBPS) and they can do nothing. 🙁

    • ashutosh kumar says:

      dear kundan .i am also suffering with same problem as you are suffering.did you get any further information about it.pls tell me my email is asu_satya2008@yahoo.com.contact no.09708867576


    sir, i have passed ibps po exam.but i have only 54.94%aggregate marks in graduation. i will be called by any bank?

    • You’ve asked one of the important questions that i’ve missed. Well my opinion is Don’t prejudge anything, let them release notifications. But I personally think a PO must have 60% marks in Graduation. But several other banks are there like UCO, Allahabad Bank which hire PO without any condition on Graduation Marks or 55% in graduation.

  8. what no min we should score to get an interview call from any bank?

  9. i have send RTI application to IBPS, but my RTI application was not accepted, i got to know it through speed post status…….

    7/12/2011 11:11:35 NABHA Item Booked
    17/12/2011 14:59:02 NABHA Item bagged for PATIALA
    17/12/2011 15:02:00 NABHA Bagged in Transit Bag for PATIALA
    17/12/2011 15:03:43 NABHA Transit Bag Despatched to PATIALA
    17/12/2011 17:38:46 SPTMO PATIALA Transit Bag Despatched to PATIALA
    17/12/2011 17:51:39 PATIALA Bag Received
    17/12/2011 17:53:51 PATIALA Bag Opened
    17/12/2011 17:53:51 PATIALA Item Received
    17/12/2011 19:00:39 PATIALA Item bagged for MUMBAI
    17/12/2011 19:18:46 SPTMO PATIALA Bag Received
    17/12/2011 19:38:06 PATIALA Bag Despatched to SPTMO PATIALA
    17/12/2011 19:41:26 SPTMO PATIALA Bag Despatched to PATIALA RMS
    19/12/2011 03:16:15 PALAM TMO Bag Received
    19/12/2011 04:13:32 PALAM TMO Bag Despatched to MUMBAI
    19/12/2011 17:04:46 MUMBAI Bag Received
    19/12/2011 19:02:02 MUMBAI Bag Opened
    19/12/2011 19:02:03 MUMBAI Item Received
    20/12/2011 00:33:24 MUMBAI Item bagged for KANDIVALI EAST
    20/12/2011 05:22:11 MUMBAI Bag Despatched to KANDIVALI EAST
    20/12/2011 08:44:22 KANDIVALI EAST Bag Received
    20/12/2011 08:45:15 KANDIVALI EAST Bag Opened
    20/12/2011 08:45:15 KANDIVALI EAST Item Received
    20/12/2011 17:50:00 KANDIVALI EAST Delivery Attempted: Refused
    20/12/2011 18:50:57 KANDIVALI EAST Item bagged for MUMBAI
    20/12/2011 18:57:03 KANDIVALI EAST Bag Despatched to MUMBAI
    21/12/2011 13:14:39 MUMBAI Bag Received
    21/12/2011 16:09:12 MUMBAI Bag Opened
    21/12/2011 16:09:13 MUMBAI Item Received

  10. that notification in hindu is for only passed candidates, no where its written for unsucesful candidates

  11. i got 142 in gen cat can i except call from any bank

  12. Hi.

    I have got the standard score of 166 and weighted average score of 137. I belong to general category.
    Is there any chance of getting an interview Call?
    Please reply.


  13. I Got 176, will i geet calls?

  14. What is the lowest score for General category?
    I got 130 gen category.. ny chances?

  15. Thanks admin for your reply.

    I wish to know that can i apply again for IBPS upcoming exam, and if yes, from among both the exams, which one will be valid.?


    • Yes,you can appear for upcoming exam to improve your score. But if you score less in that exam than you have scored this time, the highest marks will be valid.

      • Thanks for the information. It means that I should give a try again, coz in any case, candidate will have a benefit.


  16. Got 142 [general catagory] ….. Any chances for interview ?

  17. I have got 129 marks and i belong to ST category…what are my chances for interview.

  18. Sir I got 149 marks general category with min marks in comp 24 rest are above 25 tell me chancbse for interview call also I secured 60% in graduation rply plz

    • CWE Score of 149 for a general candidate is a matter of concern. Hope for the best. I think if you prepare well for a GD and PI session you will get a job. But after 5 or 6 advertisement.

      Best of Luck,
      Keep Visiting BankingAwareness.com

  19. Sir I hv scored 158 weighted score.I belongs to general category.I hv 59 % in graduation but 73% in post graduation.What are my chances for the interview call

  20. @admin, sir what do u mean after 5 or 6 advertisement? i also got 149 gen. will i get call from banks?

    • 5 or 6 advertisement means, All banks will try to get the best candidate and at the time Asking marks will be higher than what you have got so in later advertisement they will lower the minimum asking marks.

  21. hello admin i got 147 in obc wil i get interview call

  22. dear sir
    i got standard mark 155 and weighted average mark is 131 in obc category can i eligible for banking Interview

  23. Kayyum Shaikh says:

    Do you have idea about highest score obtained in IBPS-PO??????

  24. Dear Sir
    Kindly Solve my Query that I got 131 weighted mark and 155 standard mark in OBC category can bank call me for GD/PI
    i was unable to understand 5 or 6 advertisement of bank.
    please clear this

    Vijay kumar Yadav

  25. sir i hav got 167 i belong to general category. whar are the chances???

  26. vijay kumar yadav says:

    Dear Sir
    I m waiting For Your answer
    kindly solve my query

    VIjay Kumar Yadav

  27. @admin
    my total marks is 177..and score is 151..i belong to general category..pls tell me d chance to get interview call..or do i have to w8 5 or 6 advertisements..i have 70%in graduation..

  28. I had sent a RTI to IBPS with regard to IBPS PO EXAM 2011 but complete bunch has been returned to me stating reason refused. It is quite surprising that an important institution like IBPS which is conducting recruitment exam for the 19 Nationalized Banks has been kept out of the ambit of RTI. At least they should have uploaded the individual sectional cut off and total cut off in their website beyond which they have declared the candidates as passed and issued score cards. Union Bank in their officers recruitment project have uploaded the marks of all the candidates who have appeared in the exam. One could see his or her marks by just entering their roll number and date of birth.Many other Nationalized banks such as State bank Of India,Bank Of Baroda in recent times have followed the suite.This will only demoralize the candidates and keep them in dark about their weakness who have appeared in IBPS PO EXAM 2011

  29. hello sir my standard score is 174 and total weighted standard score is 150. I m frm SC category nd working as clrk in sbbj bank joined in nov. 11 plz tell me my chances of selection in bank like PNB, BOB, BOI etc. Tell me as soon as possible

  30. Sir kindly solve my query

  31. vijay kumar yadav says:

    got weighted mark 131…is there any chances for interview call

  32. Dear Sir,

    It was not easy to find your post but its really knowledgeful and amazing….. Sir i hve scored 178 and i m a Visual handicaped person so can u please tell me …. what r my chances for selection …. and plz can u mail the answer on my id because may be i wuld not able to find these site again… hope u will understand my provblem 🙂

  33. reenadehariya says:

    Sir hav got 120 marks & i m frm sc category & hav 49% in graduation what r my chance

  34. I have lost my score card i hava made Fir and submitted every document to IBPS Through mail.but i have not got any reply yet.
    plz suggest what to do now?

  35. Sir, i have lost my score card.when contacted to ibps they say no duplicate copy will be issued.what should i do

  36. sir, I have completed of ibps cwe examination, so how will know pass/fail in this Exm. PLZ tell me.

  37. Sir my cwe score is 180 my 10th marks is 48% and 12th marks 49%graduation marks is 80% am i eligible 2 apply 2 any 19 banks do reply soon its urgent

  38. can any body tell me that the candidate who score below 60 %in ibps do get an interview call , as earlier when single bank was conducting exam all the candidate suppose to face the interview so i want to know that if ibps have passed the student with 50 % and banks are not giving the chance to face the interview whats the use of passing the student below 60%. ibps is cheating with the candidates career and with their emotions . if ibps pass the student then they should give the opportunity to atleast face the interview… if not then stop taking exams and cheat the candidated….

  39. hi
    i am a 30 year old with Masters in Agriculture. i want to attend the IBPS CWE exam. what r the initial steps for that?

  40. vijay kumar ayadav says:

    respected Sir
    it is very pathetic for those candidate who are below 60% marks in graduation evry bank call for high ranks in ibps .then what is the use of below rankers.all interview will be faced by high ranker what is the use of below ranker.bank should give chance for below rankers. i m sure below ranker is competent.and give competition to high rankers kindly give a chance for every succesful candidate
    bank should consider.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vijay kumar Yadav
    IBPS Score:131 OBC cat

  41. dear sir,ibps score card 152 maks hai
    obc candidate hoo
    kya chance rahega

  42. jasvinder singh says:

    can i change my personal information in ibps score card…

  43. i have fill the ibps form but due to some reason i could not appear my written exam,i do have registration no of ibps can i give this exam on april.

  44. Devanand Prasad says:

    I have fill up application for CWE for specialist officer by payment mode- ONLINE. In my case how I will show e-receipt at the time of exam

  45. Praveenpaliwal273 says:

    I some how wrote the wrong address,and now i am unable to change it as the link has been closed,is there any other way to get the address changed.

  46. Spsivasankari89 says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Weighted score is 141 and I am an IT graduate with 71% of marks. Please let me know whether I have chance to get into any of the 19 banks.

  47. Im going 2 write IBPS specialist officer exam on 11-03-2012. I didnt take printout of the system generated online application, submitted to IBPS. Please advice how 2 take a printout of the same.

  48. Navdeep shetty says:

    How much mark are required to pass in CWE Clerical Exam and can i apply directly in all the 19 Banks ?

  49. minimum score to get call from all the banks for clerk                                                         RANJAN KUMAR

  50. Ravikant Shukla says:

    Sir my result of IBPS CWE CLERICAL 2011 is not appear,  it show Invalid Login so, plzz tell me about this 

  51. Ravikant Shukla says:

    Sir my result of IBPS CWE CLERICAL 2011 is not appear,  it show Invalid Login so, plzz tell me about this  PLZZZZZZ.


  52. I have cleared my examination now sir plz tell me when i will get the score card and is bank will call me for interview or i will have to apply for this and if i have to apply for this then what will be the procedure??
    plz reply me….

  53. Prabacomputers says:

    Sir I have passed clerk examination but i missed ibps online application prinout. is it need to apply for bank interview. can  i get any possibility to reprint? pls mail to   prabacomputers@yahoo.com

  54. I like to know my mark in IBPS clerk exam 2011. If there is any possiblity to get mark by phone or e-mail. If done yes give phone numbewr

  55. jyotsna maurya says:

    sir, i have passed clerk exam. Now sir, please tell me when i will get my score card and is bank call for me interview. what is the procedure to appear in interview?
    please reply me….

    •  IBPS will soon send your score card to your registered postal address through speed post. When IBPS dispatches your CWE Scorecard you will receive an email from them in your registered mobile no and email id.

      Answer of your second question, Bank will issue notifications and if you fulfill their criteria you can apply and after reviewing your application form bank may or may not call you for Interview.

  56. Sandeep badatya says:

    sir,what is the next step after getting the score card

  57. I completed Diploma in Chemical Engg. and I was passed in IBPS clerk 2011. Did I have chance of getting interview call?

  58. i have pass the ibps clerk exam…. i have given the ibps clerk exam in tamilnadu….but my home state is bihar.
    if bank taken the vacancies ,so whether i have to apply …..in tamilnadu or bihar

  59. I have made a mistake while filling my online appplication of IBPs clerk exam. I passed diploma in the year 2010 but I gave as 2011. Now I got passed in the exam. Will this affect in getting the job? Do there any way to make change? Please advice. 

  60. hi i’ve scored 142 in ibps po exam is there any chance of my selection or i should prepare myself for private sector banks  as i’ve done m.b.a {finance} and i’m from gen catagory.plz suggest

  61. i have got 126 marks and belongs to (sc) cat. and in graduation i have scored 58% , so please sir tell me about my chance for po interview 

  62. Kiransivamca says:

    what was the minimum marks that a bank is required to call for a interview

  63. what is the minimum marks that a bank will require to call me for interview

  64. Dineshramaswamy18 says:

    the cwe clerical exam4-12-2011 exam result came and i have passed in it but i haven’t  got my score card..?
    plz send my score card to

  65. Sharma Kanishka238 says:


  66. Sir, as you mentioned that the  Banks would call for sure if the person gets 160 marks ( general catgry),  does that mean that person  who qualified in ibps clerical exam with much lesser marks wont b eligible for an interview? though marks do play an important role, a person can be called if he qualified in ibps right ?  

  67. score card kab tak milega or kisi ko mila kya scorecard abi tak

  68. cwe clerk ka scorecard mila kisi ko abi tak pls tell me

  69. Nitika Kavita87 says:

    what is linear conversion method?

  70. what is the minimum marks that the bank required for call letter for sc.

  71. i passed in clerk and i have completed my MCA so is there any type of preference can i get than the 12th pass or Graduate candidate?

  72. Is there any weightage method regarding Educational Qualification or How they measure the candidates in the Interview?

  73. what are the points they keep in the mind at the time of final selection?

  74. Shaguftaalinaz says:

    wat the one will do whose id is hacked ……………………….which is given in ibps clerk

  75.  I have scored 138 marks in cwe clerical exam ..there is any chance to get job in any nationalised bank ..please answer my question as soon as possible??

  76. My status was PASS in ibps clerk result i completed my post graduation in statistics is that a good oppurtunity to go with this job or not?

  77. Naveen281646 says:

    i hv scored 146…is there any opportunity to get interview from any bank. reply me on “naveen281646@gmail.com”

  78. Sachin12113 says:

    i have applied for maharashtra region so am i eligible for maharashtra region only…

  79.  Hy admin,
    i had applied in sbi clerk in 3000+ vacancies at that time
    by mistake i have entered my graduation date is 25 July 2011 but my
    graduation date is printed on the mark sheet is 12 August 2011.
    want to change. Is it possible to change and if not is there any
    problems at the point of interview time if selected in this exam. my
    marks in +2 is 75% and in graduation is 63.12% with sc category.
    Please reply for my problem……………………

  80. praveen kumar says:

    hiiiiiiiii sir am praveen 
    i have scored 158 marks in ibps clerical exam …… ia there is any opportunity to get anterview from any bank am OBC . plz reply me on nani_pravi@yahoo.co.in

  81. praveenkumar says:

    hiiiiiiiii sir am praveen i have scored 158 marks in ibps clerical exam …… ia there is any opportunity to get anterview from any bank am OBC . plz reply me on nani_pravi@yahoo.co.in

  82. Ryogeswari2009 says:

    hai sir , i am eswari i have scored 145 marks in ibps clerk exam … ia there is any opportunity to get interview from any bank am OBC. plz reply me on ryogeswari2009@gmail.com 

  83. helo sir, i am charul bansal i have scored 145 marks in ibps clerk exam.. Is there is any opportunity to get interview from any bank…. I request to u plz rply me on bansalcharul25@gmail.com

    •  Well Charul, It’s a bit tough to get call in these number but as you haven’t mentioned your category i can’t say anything on that. But if you are reserved candidate then chances are much more than if you are gen candidate.

  84. Megha10kashyap says:

    Deari Sir. i have scored 177 in ibps and i belong to general category. should i will get any interview call.

  85. hello sir i have scored 162 in cwe clerkial exam .can i get inerveiw opportuinity reply me at rpsashish@yahoo.co.in

  86. hello sir I have scored 147 in cwe clerical exam and I belong to OBC category. Should I will get any Interview call. Reply me at mithunjanuary@gmail.com

  87. Vora Kajal3 says:

    Hello Sir

    I have scored 137 and belongs to General Category from Gujarat. Do I
    have any chance to get a call for Interview as the cut off for general
    is very high….

    Thanks & Regardskajal


  88. 148 number in obc have chance for interview
    plz plz plz plz plz plz 

  89. sir i have got 160 marks in IBPS ,from general category.Do I have any chance for getting call for interview???

  90. Hello Sir,

    I have scored 154 marks in IBPS clerical exam and belongs to General Category.  Do I have chance to get call from any interview ?

    Thanks & B rgds

    K. Gopinathan

  91. sir in IBPS clerk 171 gen and 157 obc sure to get a job.
    sir what can be highest score of a candidate

  92. sir in IBPS clerk 171 gen and 157 obc sure to get a job.
    sir what can be highest score of a candidate

  93. hello,
    I have secured 171 gen in CWE clerk?
    are there any chances of getting a job?

  94. Vnair Abhinand says:

    sir i got 166 marks in ibps clerk exam and i belongs to general category and is from kerala .Is there any chance for getting interview call?

  95. Saha Sir

    Is there any age relaxation for gen  if one can join bank clerk job.
    and is it possible to get 212 marks

  96. i have secured 163 in IBPS CWE PO in general category…
    what are my chances?

  97. Rakesh Hota says:

    168 in general has chances to get the job.

  98. Iyernivedita says:


  99. hi i m aarti verma form haryana…i got 145 mark…is there any chance…

  100. Sir got have got 156 marks in obc IBPS clerk.job
    chance to get a ???

  101. Sarita Bhatii says:


    i have secured 157 in obc cat.
    is there chance for selection in bank at native place in rajasthan

  102. Zaddunagasekhar says:

    sir, igot 161 marks .is there any chances toget interview?i am general.

  103. Tanushree kunwar says:

    i am tanushree kunwar from u.p. i got 162 marks in ibps clerk….is there any chance?will banks call me?  i am general category…pls help me out plzzz

  104. hello sir i am rakesh zed ..i have scored 147 .i am from st cat…is there any chance to get interview from any bank…sir plz reply me….

  105. Zaddunagasekhar says:

    saha sir,i got 161 marks. i belongs to general. is any chances to the interview?

  106. Sir,I am dhruba…. and I got 151 marks(Total Weighted Standard Score) in IBPS clerk exam and I am belong to OBC category. What are the my chances to get an interview call from any of 19 banks??

  107. Tanushree kunwar says:

    sir myself tanushree kunwar..i am from general category .. i have got
    162 marks in ibps clerk
    exam(reasoning-36.english-38.maths-30..g.a-27..computer-31)..i am from
    uttar pradesh ..will banks call me?plzz sir plzz tell me is there any
    chance for me?

  108. Aamra Dinesh says:

    Hello sir,Im Aamra  and I have scored 149 and Im from SC cate….Is there a chance?…Plz reply ASAP

  109. Gchaudhary616 says:

    sir i hav got 141 n m from sc category,,is dere a chance ??????plzz rply ASAP

  110. Brijendra007singh says:

    i am brijendra singh i have score 160 in obc cat. rajasthan what r my chances and what is the interview patern.what are chances of getting home town bank

  111. Chandra Shekhar Rai says:

    Sir.. I got 148 marks in IBPS cwe clerk through OBC.Is there any chance to get interview from any bank..plz sir i waiting for ur rply.

  112. my mark is 132 and general category what is my chance of getting interview call

  113. Vishal_patil93 says:

    sir i have got 128 marks in ibps clerical exam and belongs to sc category will i get interview call

  114. Vishal_patil93 says:

    sir plz tell me the chances of getting interview call after getting 128 marks and belongs to sc category so that i can concentrate on other exams

  115. Hi, I’m Mohd Faisal and my Score is 153/250 in General category. Is there any chance for me to get call from any of the 19 Public Sector Banks…

    Plz Reply/Comment

  116. Vishal_patil93 says:

    sir out of 19 banks what is the chance for me to get the interview call ( how many banks can entertain me for the interview as per your knowledge….

  117. I scored overall 62% in general category. What are my chances??

  118. Sajinasudhakaran1987 says:

    i hav 171obc…what are my scope 2 get call??

  119. Pranavaggarwal05 says:

    sir i fave got 150 marks in ibps clerical exam and i belongs to general category from uttarakhand, how much interview call i will get?

  120. I got 144………under general category ,is der any chance.

  121. i have scored 139 in general category, wat r my chances???

  122. i got 143 for cwe and i belong to general category..ehat is my chance of getting an interview call?

  123. i got 141 in general category. i there any chances for interview.

  124. i got 157 marks in ibps clerk exam…what are my chances of getting an interview call….???

  125. i got 174 in general category. what are my chances for interview and job

  126. i got 157 in obc cat. can i get a chance?

  127. i have scored 166 in gen. category .  what r my chances…???

  128. hii, igot 149 marks out of 250 in ibps clerk written exam…….i belong to st category from hyderabad…so could you please tell me the chances of myn to get a interview call letter from various banks?????

  129. Vineet joshi says:

    sir i have got 145 marks in general cat. are there any chance of getting interview call from any of 19 banks

  130. Pradeep Akella says:

    hi sir i got 155 marks and i belong to general category can i get chance for interview

  131. Meharunnisha shaik says:

    I have scored 127 marks,and I belongs to OBC category.Can you please let me know my Chances in interview calling.

  132. 177/250, ST fromMizoram

  133. Madhucopycon says:

    i got 128 marks..is there any chance for me to get job.belongs to obc category…


  135. I got 183 marks & I belong to general category.what are my chances of getting a job? 

  136. Sanjay Desai says:


  137. Tarun Omar09 says:

    sir i have scored 156 marks .I am genral category sir if i have any chance.

  138. i habe got 142 markss  n in gernal category.what are  the chances

  139. sir i got 155 marks and belongs to obc catogery.sir plz tell me whether i will get interview call or not?

  140. i got 153 and belongs to general category. is there any chance to call

  141. Pranavbunty says:

     I have lost my System generated application form. I am
    very much tensioned and worried for it as the system generated
    application form is required if i am short listed for the interview.
    Please do help me so that i can get back my application form . Thanks in

  142. I got 162 (general ) marks in IBPS clerk.Is there any chance for interview

  143. Pankajkumarjatav says:

    I got 129 marks and belongs to SC category. ia there any chance for interview????

  144. sir i got 147 in IBPS clerk  :SC category  is there any chance for interview

  145. Shaguftaalinaz says:

    i have got 158 marks in obc cat from uttar pradesh …………wat is ma chances to call for interview…………sir pls reply me i m jst waiting 4 ur response

  146. sir i got 123 marks in IBPS Clerk exam, There is any possibilty’s to get interview call from any one of the bank.

  147. Divyasista86 says:

    i got 183 marks. belong to the OC category. what are my chances. how do i proceed next? will i be contacted or should i apply somewhere?

  148. sir i got 155 marks in gen cat plz tell me chance for interview

  149. Pallabpal87 says:

    Sir I got 134 marks & belongs OBC. What are my chance?

  150. ASHA THOMAS says:

    I have scored 128 in ibps clerical exam and i belong to obc.what are my chance?

  151. nishu priya says:

     i got 146 marks in genral category is there any chance for the interview call

  152. rock mittal
    sir i have got 159 marks in clerk ibps exam . Is there any chance to get a job in any bank ?????

  153. I got 138 and i belong to SC category and im from Kerala.Do i have any hope sir? and does 12th std marks matter now? i have only 48%

  154. sir, i got 140 marks in IBPS Clerk recruitment. my category is ST.  do i have chance to get the call for interview

  155. Santoshrooster says:

    sir,Igave my address wrong.Igave phase 4 in my address but my address is in phase 3.How cani get my scorecard,I have mailed to ibps but no response.My roll no:1130548287 reg no:2003038476.
    I havent received a mail also regarding the postal details and trackingnumber also.wat can i do to get my score card.can we download itt and use.

  156. i got 164 in obc wts my chance

  157. Shobby_lakshmi says:

    i have got 133 in gen wts my chance

  158.  I got 138 marks and i belong to general category .what are my chances of getting call for interview.

  159. Vikas kumar says:

    I scored 148 in general 
    category haryana whats my chance of getting interview calls from any nationalized bank?

  160. madhavirajkumar says:

    I scored 117 in obc chennai  i have scored 90% in higher secondary any chance to get interview call

  161. sk imran ali says:

    i’ve scored 178 for ibps clerks belongs to Ap and general category how much % of chance do i’ve to get the job?
    pls kindly reply

  162. kamlesh kumar singh says:

    sir i got 172 marks belongs to obc what is my chance

  163. i scored 188 .i belongs to general category.what is my chance of final selection.

  164. sir i got 131 marks in ibps clerk and blonging to general cat. is there is any chance for interview coll?

    • may be ur score comes under the bank criteria…….but is difficult to get a call letter 4rm bank……just wait n watch

      best of luck

  165. i have got 120 score from sc in mp is there ANY chances for call

  166. sir i got 165 score from gen in UP is there chance for me?

  167. I have got 147  score frm obc in puducherry. Is there any chances for interview?

  168. Sir I have  got 128 in ibps clerk. catg-OBC there is any chance for interview

  169. Naresh Kantamsetti says:

    sir this is naresh from AP,i scored 155 marks in ibps clerks belongs to general catagery. kindly tell me about the chance of interview calls from banks.

  170. Swapnil Seoni18 says:

    sir this is shanu chourasia.i have scored 135 marks in ibps clerk exam 2011.i belongs to OBC catagery.there is any chance f or interview.

  171. 139  general….
    19 m se koi bank bulaega ya nh??/

  172. Niju Mathew says:

    sir i got 149 in ibps clerck exam.i belongs to general category.any chance?please tel me sir..

  173. Niju Mathew says:

    sir i got 149 in ibps clerck exam.i belongs to general category.any chance?please tel me sir..

  174. sir i am from kerala

  175. i m from h.p. nd scored 124 marks. i belongs to sc category. any chance of jobs????????????

  176. Kumarankur12 says:

    i have scored 114 marks in cwe exam clerical post so do i have chance to get selected i am from himachal belongs to S.T quota

  177. hello frnd u have any query about score…..then mail me i will help u

  178. Shaguftaalinaz says:

    can u tel minority will be there of 4.5% in bank selection

  179. hai i scored 166 marks in ibps cwe clerk exam .will i get a job….

    •  r u belongs to general or obc, where u from, what ever u have a chance to get a job at least one of the 19 banks

  180. Shirishachinni465 says:

    hello sir, i have scored 144 in general category, is there any chance to attend interview , plz  reply me sir.

  181. dushant garg says:

    hello sir, i have scored 141 in general catogary , is there any chance to attend interview ,,, plz reply me sir .at my mail id

    • Pradeep Akella says:

      dushant it s tough for a general category candidate to get interview calls for a score of 141 ……..i secured 155 ……..i think we may get interview calls in the notifications of second phase

  182. hai i got 160 marks in general category, is der any chance for interview call

  183. I have scored 152 from West Bengal. Whats the hope for calls in interview?

  184. Santoshrooster says:

    I got 149 from OBC category  from Andhra Pradesh.Which banks am i suitable for?

  185. Hai sir, I have scored 142 in general in IBPS clerks, I am from Andhra Pradesh what are the chances to get a job.

  186. Sir i have a doubt regarding  my application, while filling the online application in my graduation i entered 50.40 % , but just few days back  when i was going through my gradution marks card i found that my percentage is 50.01 % . m worried if i am called for interview and during the verification if they find out that my actual percentage is 50.01 . then will i b some serious problem . and while registring for the interview what percentage should i enter the one which i have entered while registring for the IBPS or the one one which is correct. As both of them wont b matching. please do give me a sound suggestion regarding this problem.

  187. Shahrukh250 says:

    hi sir i have scored 146 general ,im from bihar what are the chances to get a interview call

  188. sir, In ibps clerk exam I scored 135 marks in obc  in jharkhand ,whats chances for this job ………

  189. Sir, I got 147 in OBC, i am from Tamilnadu. 
     is there any chance to attend interview ,,, 

  190. 1aarti
    i hav scored 145 from rajsthan in gen catagory…is there any chance..

  191. Respected Sir,

    I passed IBPS Clerk Exam with 151 marks. But i belong to general category in Kerala. May i know the chances of getting a job in kerala and no. of vaccancies in kerala

  192.  hello my ibps clerk mark is 169 and i belongs to odisha so what are  the chances for  me…..

  193. hi sir i score 122 marks st category belong from himachal but apply from chandigarh is there vacancy of st in chandigarh if not from which state i will be considered for this category. sanju and can i hope for interview.

  194. sir, i have got 155 marks (general) in clerk exam. I have  given the exam from Gujarat. what are my chances of getting into any of the banks??
    and I also want to ask you that is only the students who have given the exam from Gujarat will be eligible for the banks in Gujarat?
    for example: can a person from Bihar have an option to be considered in the banks from Gujarat?

  195. Sumit hajela says:

    sir /madam i have scored 138 marks in ibps clerk  and i belongs to general category of up state ,is there any chance to get the interview call from any 19 banks, (sir i have done MCA  also) sir please reply me …………………………………. its very important to me

  196. sreelekshmi says:

    sir, i am sreelekshmi from kerala. I got 179 marks in general category. any chance for me to attend atleast 3 banks….please reply 

  197. Shashi_krsingh says:

    I got 137 marks in ibps cwe clerk exam results. I belongs to OBC category ,sir is there any chance to call for interview ?

    Shashi Kumar Singh Email.- shashi_krsingh@rediffmail.com

  198. i’ve 141 marks in ibps cwe clerk exam result, and i’m belong to OBC category. have any chance to call for interview?

  199. i passed IBPS clerk Exam with 132 marks.But i belong to OBC category in Andhrapradesh.May i know the chances of getting a job in Andhrapradesh. & I complete MCA also.
     plese tell me………………………..

  200. Mailarjun Ramesh says:

    i have entered my dob wrongly in the ibps po exam 2011 application.now i am short-listed by syndicate bank for interview.what should i do for clearing this mistake?

  201. Zaddunagasekhar says:

     I got 161 marks.  I am general categeri.I belongs to andhrapradesh. what are my chances to get a job?

  202. Aashish17011991 says:

    hi… firstly good evening
    my ibps clerk score is 132
    i have one doubt in my mind…
    hope u will help me
    i want to knw, how i’ll apply for 19 banks now or banks will send me call letter for job thmselves….
    have a good time dear nd thnx in advance

    •  har bank apne vacancy nikalege  .. apko us bank ka form fill karna hoge.. challan banwana hoga po me to 200 rs tha clerk ka pta ne ..useke bad bank apne alag alag merit nikalege intervies k liye agar apke utne marks h to ap interview k liye ja skte h

  203. Umeshkarare says:

    i have  have got 150 marksfor sc category what  r my chance for job

  204. 145  marks in  gen cat .m frm u.p. is there any chance for me ?

  205. Abhinavarealfriend says:

     sir i scored 136 marks in general category……..is there no chance for any interview on these marks?

  206. Gayatri_pathaneni says:

    i have lost my mobile. how will i get notifications

  207. sir, i have scored 157 in OBC category ………is there any chance for me to get job in bihar?

  208. my score is 161(gen). is there any chance for me. how many banks will call

  209. respected sir, my score is (148),general,how many banks will call.

  210. sir i have scored 158 in clerical cadre,how will i come to know when banks call for ,and how can i apply for it will this cut off be accepted for banks.

  211. Sir, Myself dhruba ….and I got 151 in OBC category and I am from assam …is there any chance for an interview call???

  212. i got 148 marks (gen) in clerk IBPS exam, so What are the chances to get called for Interview?   

  213. i got 141 from bangalore sc candidate any chance?

  214. sir…
    i got 139 in ibps clerical exam and i am belongs to obc category..is there any chance to get any call?

  215. Deviprasad1435 says:

    in my score card gender option will be wrong how can i change  please give me a suggestion it is problem on interview or not

  216. Er Sukhvindersingh5 says:

    I belong to SC n got 135 marks
    So is there any chance that i receive INtrvw call or not !

  217. Yogeshdhore21 says:

    hi i am yogesh i have got 152 marks what my chanses to getting jog

  218. surender kumar meena says:

    hii i m surender,i have got 131 marks nd i belong 2 st cat. wat my chances.

  219. Sateeshmishra says:

    Dear sir ,
    i got 153 marks in 2011 ibps cwe . a score card dispached also .
    please tell me my next step what i ‘ll do …..
    my email: sateeshmishra@hotmail.com

  220. i got 133 and sc what is the chance for me to select for clerk

  221. iam sc and secured 133 and belong to sc category what is the chance for me for an interview call

  222. i have got 147 marks in general category what is chance of selection in clerks   

  223. Sandeepsaini1702 says:

    In  IBPS clerk exam i secured 130 marks is their any chance for interview call…???

  224. i have got 138 marks in ibps cwe (obc) category .does i have chance to get a job in any bank???

  225. Sir i got 134 marks in ibps clerical exam & belongs to OBC category. I’m from TRIPURA (North-East State). Plz tell my chance for interview.

  226. Sundra Pavankumar says:

    hello sir, i   written t he exam on 27.11.2011. but how to know iam qualified or not. iam entering my rollno & d.o.b.
    the system said invalid login.
    wat is themeaning of that? plz tell me

  227. i hve got 137 mark what are my chances.i belong to general category

  228. Gvdevassykutty says:

    i anm an ex serviceman ,scored 149 in kerala ,kochi what is my chance for an interview call

  229. Dear Sir,

    Please Reply………

  230. Balu_joseph1987 says:

    Hi sir  I am Balaiah I secured 144 marks in ibps clerk cwe I am belongs to sc catagory is there any chance to get interview call i am from andhra pradesh plz reply  to balu_joseph1987@yahoo.com

  231. KAKU YADAV 84 says:

    Dear sir
     i m from gurgaon but my exam center  for ibps clerk was new delhi ………….. then can u plz tell me  , ki main  harayana k liye apply kr skta hun ya phir delhi k liye……………….

  232. Rohitsinghania says:

    sir i hav scored 148 in sc in u.p.west ……..wat abt my interview calls……………reply on my id(rohitsinghania1991@gmail:disqus .com)……. or here

  233. hi,  i havn’t taken out the print out of the online application i submitted for interview for po of bob and ubi ,will i face any problem regarding this and if so plz tell is there any other means to get

  234. Nisheshranhansinha says:

            i got 166 marks in ibps cwe exam.i had applied for west bengal as a general cateogry.What are my chances of getting shortlisted.

  235. i hv scored 137 marks in general category is there any cahances to get call               for interview from any bank?????reply me soon plz……..

  236. i have scored 118 marks in obc category at pondicherry.does my competition will be within pondicherry region or by all states

  237. Parwindersran says:

    i am going 2 completing 28 years and passed cwe clerical exams , plz tell me if i above 28 years , can i call for interview afters 28 age , i  belong 2 gen. category .

  238.  i am 23yrs working in icici bank and passed clerical exam with 145 mark belonging to general category from jharkhand what are my chances in getting call for interview

  239. weather degree and intermediate percentage marks plays a role in selection of candidates or not. if yes what should be the percentage.  

  240. Pankaj Verma0141 says:

    sir my date of birth is incorrect in ibps score card , how i make correct it ?

  241. vivek rajput says:

    i got 121 marks in obc category what is my chances

  242. Santhosh Manyam says:

    i have scored 130 marks. i belong to obc category from andhra pradesh. what are my chances

  243. sir , i got 156 marks from U.P. and i’m from gen. category. will i get the call from any bank ?

  244. click on image to maximize it .

  245. sir, I got 142 marks and I am from A.P belongs to Gen; what r my chances to get a job, and I wish to know how many from A.P are pass IBPS clerks exam.

  246. Dipakar Manna says:

    sir,I got 126 marks and I’m obc category, will i get the call from any bank? kindly tell me sir.. my email id  http://www.dipankar.manna99@gmail.com

  247. I have received my score card and now I need to know in what ways I can apply to banks using ny score card whether it is on-line or through postal and can you be specific what are the banks that can recruit with this score card? reply plz… Thanks in advance!!

  248. Shweta_vashishat99 says:

    please let me know,whether for interview the respective banks’ll contact us or we have to apply through their respective sites????

  249. sir,i ve cleared cwe clerk bt didnt received the scorecard…

  250. Aashish Jamgade says:

    sir i have applied for ibps PO cwe by online payment n took a printout of form and ereceipt.. is it ok for giving exam  or i shud go to bank for stamp on it?plz guide me

  251. Mohit Rajyan says:

    no. of candidates got cleared in ibps p.o. from each category

  252. kuldeep singh solanki says:

    sir i got 157 marks in ibps cwe exam in gen is any chance for getting job

  253. sir i cleared ibps bank clerk cwe exam but i got less score . so, i hv to improve my marks how to apply for subsequent exams. pls reply me my mail id( selvamani162006@gmail.com).

  254. Rathi Swati20sep says:

    what is the percentage of marks for getting a call letter in assam for clerical? plz inform me sir..

  255. Respected Sir,

    I passed IBPS Clerk Exam with  Marks. But i belong to General Category in Kerala. May i know whether there is any chance for me to get the job? & the no of vaccancies in Kerala. Please rply sir……..

  256. Iyernivedita says:

    sir i hv secured 142 marks in ibps clerk.i belong to gen category & i m frm pune….wat are my chances for job?pls rply

  257. Anju kumari says:

    Sir,I have got 146 marks in ibps clerk exam from general category from bihar what is my chances to be called from interview?

  258. i got 125 marks in ibps clerk exam from sc category , what is my chances for interview call

  259. Sethi Ranjan52 says:

    i have passed my cwe exam what should is next procedure ????? can any 1 help me????? out

  260. I rameshwar sharma have secured 176 marks in gen cat in j&K , is there any chance of me to be recruited………..

  261. hi……sir i have secured 149 marks(obc)in ibps clerical exam..but u have mentioned above will get an interview for above 155 marks for obc…is there any chance for me for getting in to any of 19 banks?? please suggest me…

  262. Nitesh Pandra says:

    my bips  clerk score is 152 from obc catogari from gujrat plz tell me my chance of being calling for interview..


  264. Aashish_jamgade says:

    sir i have got 143 marks in ibps cwe for clerk n belongs to sc category ..is ther any chance that i caleed for for interview ?

  265. Aashish_jamgade says:

    sir i have got 147 marks in ibps cwe for clerk n belongs to SC category .Is there any chance that i called for interview by any bank

  266. Singh_10282 says:


  267. Lokeshwari Samming says:

    I scored 125 and i am from OBC  from Andrha Pradesh that means i have no chance to get any interview call.

  268. We all usually get exited when we came to know that we are passed in IBPS but came to know that its of no use. One have to get high marks to get job. Total disappointing.

  269. i am physically handicapped, Graduate in Psychology & Economics from Mumbai University Distance education , belonged to SC , has acquired 135 in clerk exam . Is there any chance to have this opportunity. Appreciating your response please.
    Ganesh Mhaske ( gk_mhaske@yahoo.co.in )

  270. Gulshan Kumar says:

    I have got 151 belongs to gen category of bihar so  how many banks call me for interview 

  271. Pls Reply sir…….. Pls…….

  272. Dear sir,
    I have written IBPS exam and got eligibility.
    My score card received in my local post office.The post master couldnt find me and he send the SCORE CARD back to u.
    Kindly explain the procedure to get it back

  273. Tarunveer_1988 says:

    i have got 149 marks in ibps clk in OBC category..may i secure for selection at any bank.
    Kindly give me explanation……plz

  274. I have got 164 marks in ibps clerk exam in 2011 ..in OBC category may I secure selection in any bank and when banks will come recruitment for me …………………… 

  275. what is possibility of my interview. if  I have 164 mark in OBC category 

  276. could u send me my rank or can  u send   me merit list of ibps clerk exam 2011  

  277. Sandeep Kesar8 says:

    how many canndidate passed IBPS Clerical exam. in jammu and kashmir?

  278. Ankita Tiwari says:

    plzz tell me two things.
    1. what it interview cut off for any of IBPS participating bank in U.P, actually I m from U.P and I have scored only 148 marks from general category. so should I stay +ve or not? be frank.
    2. is there any age limit for interview too? if yes whats it?

  279. Priyanka Tripathi says:

    H i
       I score 219  marks in cwe ibps clerk I am from general category
    What is my chance of selection in clerk

  280. Priyanka Tripathi says:

    H i
       I score 219  marks in cwe ibps clerk I am from general category
    What is my chance of selection in clerk

  281. Pradeep kumar says:

    If bank recruit higher marks candidates, then why IBPS gives scorecard to 40% candidates, there is no use of scorecard those who get 40% to 50%. 

  282. sir, i got 133 marks in clerk (obc)what are my job chances?

  283. Pritiranjandas says:

    hi i just want to know how many candidates passed in west bengal.

  284. hi, i got 177 marks in cwe ibps clerk i am general category (UP) what are my chances of selection in bank

  285. my scorecard has been  sent back because nobody was at home . what should i do now to get the scorecard? please help

  286. sir, if my marks are less than the cut-off marks set by the banks from my state, then, will i be able to apply from a different state?

  287. There was a official announcement that Bank of Baroda will publish its advertisement for recruitment of clerks on 23/03/2012.But there is no any link in their official website for the same.But some “career” website already published Bank of Baroda’s clerk recruitment advt.Can you give me the official link of the advt.

  288. Jyothi Reddy Karri says:

    I have qualified in the recent ibps – clerk exam. I found vacancies of clerk in bank of baroda. But, I was asked to enter the password of the ibps clerk exam which I lost. Please help me.  My email id is jyothireddy.karri@gmail.com

  289. i have got 51 %  marks what would be do now

  290. i belonge to chhattisgarth state &  i got 149 marks in ibps clerk exam in gen category & the cut off marks in chhattisgarth state is 162 so can i apply for other state ?
    please advise me my mail ID is -mech.er.anand@gmail.com

  291. I got ibps score card,but i got 123 marks and iam sc catagiry..can i elegible for apply bankofbaroda and other banks…?tel me answer and send to my mail id-madhuanji143@gmail.com

  292. Ashwani kumar says:

    I have scored 140 marks in IBPS Clerical  Exam , I belong to SC Category , What are my chances to get a job in the bank……….
    please tell me regarding this my email id is 

  293. i have scored 128 marks in IBPS Examination, i have to belong ST Category. Please sir tell me any chance for me interview call for any bank
    sir reply me
    my Email Id – manoj.bhil786@gmail.com

  294. Rajeev Nautiyal says:

    I belong to Uttarakhand state I got 147 marks in IBPS clerk exam in obc category & the cut off marks in Uttarakhand state is 153 so can I apply for other states. Please tell me regarding this…..
     My email id-mithunjanuary@gmail.com

  295. Rajeev Nautiyal says:

    I have scored 147 marks in IBPS & belong to OBC category. So, What are my chances to get a job in the bank. Please tell me  Regarding this….
     My email-id- mithunjanuary@gmail.com

  296. Harmeet Kaur says:

    I got scored 165 marks in CWE clerk & 140 in CWE po, belong to OBC category.. what are my chances to get job in banks… please reply me….

  297. Amitchakraborty027 says:

    i have got 143 in ibps clerc written can i get interview call

  298. Vishnumeljo says:

    i scored 172 frm kerala under obc wat’s my chance

  299. I hv got 149 marks in ibps po 2011 in general category can i got chance in ibps po 2011 please send me reply on my email swatisinha15august@gmail.com

  300. Gaurashendra11 says:

    sir,my name is ishu gaur.i have not received my score card till date.although  i received dispatching msg.on 08-03-12. unfortunately my dispatching msg. is deleted and i have not any speed post no. which can track my score card.please suggest me what can i do.

  301. It is known from some candituate that out of 50 marks of each group / subject , only 15 to 20 questions have been attempted whereas ibps decleared that qualifing marks of each group is 24 nos.  so it may please be intimated whether qualifing marks of each group in ibps cwe exam. have been given based on accuracy or not. 
    Answer please be sent my e-mail i.e  rajesh.dey.1425@gmail.com

  302. sanjeet solanki says:

    is there any criteria to know about the banks requirement for cwe scores?

  303. Stocialkavita says:


  304. Rajeshsingh2184 says:

    my marks is  180 in ibps clerk from bihar what is the chance of final success

  305. khedkar anil says:

    Mera password yad o muze kaise milega?  Roll no-2260505538

  306. Anoop Pandey says:

    i got 174 what is chance for  me sir

  307. I have got 154 in IBPS Clerk . I am a SC candidate from Jharkhand . What are my chances for interview

  308. Srihari Mba42 says:

    sir kindly tell me the chance of getting any one clerical post among 19 banks
    MARKS — 140

  309. Priti86 Priyadarsini says:

    i’ve scored 156 .i’m from odisha and belongs to general category.what is my chances of getting an interview call.

  310.  i got 176 marks and i belong obc cat. i want to know that wt is chance for me to getting  job. I am From harayana

  311. i got 160 marks from harayana.I belong to OBC. what is my chances to getting job

  312. i got 156 from west bengal in General category …what are my chances.. 

  313. hello sir,i m from gujarat,i got 152 in ibps clerk…i have applyd in dena bank n bank of baroda…r there any chance to get an interview call????

  314. hi sir,i m from gujarat.i got 152 marks in ibps clerk in obc category..can i get a col for an interview???

  315. dear sir i m disqualified with 1  mark in descriptive in IBPS PO exam can i apply for rechecking.   

  316. Shyamdeora says:

    i am wrongly written date of birth when the summit my online from please tell me proces of  changing

  317. Secretsunknown1000 says:

    hi, i got 139 marks in IBPS clerk what are my chances

  318. Saini_indora says:

    We scored  20 marks in English & all other clear.Only we could not get 1 marks in english. Can we elable for interview

  319. Mailbikram84 says:

    I have scored 161 in IBPS clerical. I found that most banks are setting a high cut-off. What are my chances to appear for interview?

  320. I have scored 147 in IBPS clerical .I belong in sc category. so what are my chances ?

  321. Lakshmikameswari1211 says:

    sir i am lakshmi.. i recently releaved from b-tech. i didnt write ibps exam.. can i apply to bank exams without  ibps score card 

  322. Ishagupta2888 says:

    i got 164 marks in u.p.and i am obc

  323. Ishagupta2888 says:

    i got 164 marks in u.p.and i am obc plz tell me what are the chances of selection in clerk

  324. sir……my name inmy scorecard is Prince Kumar…….but in my school certicates my name is Prince……….is it can creates problem for me in future…….kinldy reply

  325. Manisha01993 says:

    sir,I have score 159(gen) in Bihar. sir plzz reply me what are the chances of selection in the interview.

  326. Anjana kumari says:

    sir i have got 167 marks in ibps in bihar .but no any bank has called me.how many marks is needed for interview

  327. Manishapatole12 says:

        I have passed ibps exam of nav 2011 but now i have lost my passward.
    my roll no is 1710101654 and registration no is 2004293517. so,  can i get my passward  please!. my contact no is 7738180965 & my email address is manishapatole12@yahoo.com. please send me my last passward.

  328. Details of CWE Marks (Specialist Officer)ReasoningEnglish LanguageQuantitative AptitudeGeneral AwarenessProfessional Knowledge   Total Weighted Standard Score (TWSS)Maximum Standard Score505050XX50200Obtained Standard Score354026XX24117*Minimum Qualifying Standard Score required for 

  329. can somebody let me know y i fail in specialist paper
    i got 35 in reasoning ( 24)
    40 in English (24)
    26 in quants (24)
    and 24 in professional paper (24)
    total they calculated twss as:  117 and reqd was 128.
    how exactly do they reach at this score. please help

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