6 thoughts on “Karnataka Bank Clerk Recruitment 2012: Karnataka Bank 1000 Clerical Vacancy for IBPS

  1. Hello,,, I’m from Karnataka Scored 121 in GEN PWD…….. Can I apply for this?? They ve nt mentioned anything fr PWD……… Pls solve my doubt… Thank you….

  2. guys its mentioned in the advt. dat the bank wud be calling candidates in a ratio of 1:4 so its 4000 candidates they wud b calling for the interview. Here now let me make it clear that they havent mentioned the statewise cut-offs. Reason is simple. They are expecting lots of ibps passed candidates to apply for the vacant posts. And their present scheduled cut-off is very low like that of which the united bank of india had done. The bank is trying to play a smart game. I request all the banking aspirants to check their statewise passed candidates, tally the marks wid

  3. the passed statewise candidates, calculate with no. of vacant posts and then apply. Let the bank not have even rs. 20 of yours. Keep it, add some amount on it and then utilise it for the other competitive exams as a fee. No frustration, no jhamela, i guess. Time 2 b smart guys.

  4. 3 years bond for clerical post lols

  5. I gave exam from Bihar and I want to give interview from Maharastra. Is it possible?

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