Banking Awareness Questions- Practice Set 2


  1. First Governor of RBI was – a) Hilton Young b) Paul Samuelson c) C.D.Deskmukh d) O.A Smith
  2. At the time of nationalization who was the Governor of RBI- a) O.A Smith b) J.B Taylor c) C.D. Deshmukh d) K.C.Neogy
  3. The RBI was nationalized in the year – a)1949 b)1956 c)1959 d)1947
  4. The general superintendence and director of the bank is entrusted to central board of directors of – a)10 members b) 20 members c) 25 members d)30 members
  5. Paper currencies of our country are issued by RBI under – a) Section- 22 of the RBI act -1934 b) Section- 24 of the RBI act -1934 c) Section- 28 of the RBI act -1934 d) None of these
  6. One rupee currency notes bear the signature of –  a) PM b) President of India c) Governor of RBI d) Finance Secretary of India
  7. Ten rupees notes bear the signature of – a) President b) Finance Minister c) Secretary of Ministry of finance d) Governor of RBI
  8. Which of the following is the banker of the banks – a) IDBI b) SBI C) RBI d)UTI
  9. In which of the following banks one can’t open a personal account – a) Co-Operative Banks b) Commercial banks c) Regional Rural Banks d) RBI
  10. Which of the following banks is the banker to the government – a) SBI b) SEBI c) RBI d) IRDA
  11. Which of the followings are the function of RBI – a) Regulation of currency and flowing of credit system b) Maintaining exchange values of rupee c) Formulating monetary policy of India d) All of these
  12. Credit rationing in India is done by – a) SBI b) LIC c) UTI  d) RBI
  13. The first bank of India was – a) Bank of Hindusthan b) Imperial Bank c) Bank of Bengal d) Oudh Commercial Bank
  14. The first Indian fully liability and managed bank was – a) PNB b) Traders Bank c) SBI d)0 Presidency Bank of India
  15. The rates at which the RBI extends credit to the commercial bank is called – a) Bank Rate b) Reverse Repo Rate c)Interest Rate d) None of these
  16. In which of the following is not the any element of monetary policy of  RBI – a) Bank rate b) Open Market Operation c) Public Expenditure d) All of these
  17. 100 rupees note bears the signature of – a) Governor of RBI b) PM c) Finance Secretary of India d) Chairman of Finance Commission
  18. Which of the following is the last lender of the last resort of commercial bank- a) SBI b) Union Govt. c) RBI d) UTI
  19. The RBI is agent of central government and of all state government except – a) Bihar b) Goa c) Jammu and Kashmir d) Mizoram
  20. Controller of credit of commercial banks in our country is – a) RBI b)SEBI c) ICI d)UTI
  21. The Banking Concept in India was first developed by – a) British b) French c) Indian d) None of these
  22. The rate at which RBI gives short term credit to the commercial banks against government securities with buy back provision is called – a) Bank Rate b) Repo Rate c) Reverse repo rate d) Interest rate
  23. The rate at which RBI takes loans from commercial banks is called – a)  Repo Rate b) Reverse Repo Rate c) Bank Rate d) Interest Rate
  24. At present the Reverse Repo Rate of RBI is (As of 25th Nov, 2011) – a) 8.25 b) 7.25 c) 7.50 d)8.50


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