Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 34

Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS Clerk 2012-2013 Exam. General Awareness with special reference to the banking awareness questions paper. Practice Set 34 for IBPS Clerk 2012-2013 Online Exam, SBI PO 2012-13 and any other competitive exams.

The full form of IRDA is  

TRIPS and TRIMS are the terms associated with which of the following organization/ Institution?

The main determinant of real wage is  

Which of the following statements on India's trade in first quarter (Q1) of 2012-13 is/are correct ad-cording to a press note issued by Ministry of Commerce & Industry on August 1, 2012?

I. Exports in Q1 of 2012-13 were less than Q I of 2011-12

II. Imports in Q I of 2012-13 were less than Q I of 2011-12

III. India's Trade Deficit was $20 billion in Q1 of 2012-13

Which are the first two Indian banks allowed to open branches in Pakistan in August 2012?

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram was on August 24, 2012 appointed India's Governor on the Board of Governors of the ______ Development Bank and _______ Development Fund, with effect from 1st August, 2012.

Based on the recommendations of the standing committee of the ministry of food and consumer affairs the Union cabinet recently cleared amendments to the FCRA. It stands for  

India is the _____  largest investor in Malaysia.  

The Union government on August 21, 2012 said it was considering a constitutional amendment for reservations for Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes in:    

What is the present CRR?  

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