Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 4

  1. Monetary policy Referes to the policy of – a) Money Lenders b) Government c) Commercial Banks d) RBI
  2. Controller of credit of commercial banks in India is -a) SBI b) SEBI c) RBI d) ICICI e) UTI
  3. First Bank in India with full liability and managed by Indian was – a) Bank of Hindusthan b) Allahabad Bank c) Punjab National Bank d) Traders Bank
  4. Bank of Calcutta was established in – a) 1801 b) 1806 c) 1809 d) 1843
  5. The rate at which RBI takes loans from commercial banks is known as – a) Repo rate b)  Reverse Repo Rate c) bank rate d) Interest rate
  6. Initially, at the time of establishment of Reserve Bank of India, the headquarter of RBI was situated in – a) Mumbai b) Delhi c) Kolkata d) Madras
  7. Bank of Bengal, Bank of Bombay, Bank of Madras were also known as – a) Presidency Banks b) Traders Bank c) Imperial Banks d) None of these
  8. The imperial bank of India was converted to State Bank of India on 1st July 1955 on the basis of recommendation made by – a) All India Rural Credit Survey Committee b) Mudalliar Committee c) Abid Husen Committee d) None of these
  9. First report of Narasimham Committee was submitted in – a) 1991 b) 1998 c) 1995 d) none of these
  10. The second report of Narasimham Committee regarding India’s Banking Sector reforms submitted in – a) 1991 b) 1998 c) 1997 d) 2008
  11. Which committee had recommendation to reduce the value of SLR and CRR – a) Narasimham Committee  b) Chakraborty Committee c) Ranjarajan Committee d) None of these
  12. When face value of currency is higher than internal values- this currency known as – a) Fiat Currency b) Soft Currency c) token currency d) hard currency e) None of these
  13. When a currency is enforced by law it is known as –a) Fiat Currency b) Soft Currency c) token currency d) hard currency e) None of these
  14. In the ‘Dear Money Policy’ of RBI – a) Money supply is raised by reducing the value of Bank Rate b) Money supply is reduced by increasing the value of Bank Rate c) Money supply is increased by increasing the value of Bank rate d) money supply is reducred by increasing the value of bank rate
  15. In which country some federal banks act as the central bank being united – a) USA b) UK c) China d) Germany
  16. Bank of International Settlement was established in – a) 1930 b) 1935 c) 1940 d) 1945
  17. Deposit Insurance corporation, a fully subsidiary of RBI, was established by RBI in – a) 1962 b) 1965 c) 1970 d) 1978
  18. Presently the monetary policy of RBI is based on the recommendation of – a) Chakraborty Committee b) Narasimham Committee  c) Abid Hused Committee d) Kelkar Committee
  19. A currency whose exchange rate tends to fall because of persistent balance of payment deficit is known as – a) Hard currency b) Soft Currency c) Gold Currency d) Sinking Currency
  20. Modernised Currency notes presses in India are located in a) Mysore in Karnataka b) Salboni in West Bengal c) Hyderbad in Andhrapradesh d) Both a and b

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