Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 59

Banking Awareness  Questions. Banking Awareness Practice Set 59 for IBPS Clerk 2012-2013 Exam, SBI PO 2012-13 and any other competitive exams.

Who is 'payee' in the Bank Cheques?

Money that flows regularly between financial markets as investors attempt to ensure they get the highest short-term interest rates possible, is known as -

Drawer can be payee in the Bank Cheques?

Highly liquid assets which are not cash but can easily be converted into cash is called as

Bill of Exchange means -

The non legal tender money which is generally acceptable by the people in it's final payments is known as -

Who gives the Order to pay OR maker of the Bill of exchange is called -

The Money that derives its value from government regulation or law -

In the Bill of Exchange, on whom the obligation to pay rests is called -

The process of preparing budget for a period of a year or even for several years allocating capital outlays for the various investment projects is known as -

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