Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 69

Banking Awareness Questions and Quiz for Bank exams. General Awareness Practice Set 69 with banking reference for IBPS Clerk 2012-2013 Exam, SBI PO 2012-13 and any other competitive exams.

Participatory Notes (PNs) are associated with which one of the following?

With a view to facilitate payment of balance in the deposit account to the person named by the depositor without any hassles in the event of death of the account holder, the following facility was introduced for bank accounts in our country?

Interest on savings bank account is now calculated by banks on:

The recommendation that Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) should convert ultimately into either commercial banks or non-bank finance companies was given for the first time by the

Which of the following institutions/entities have been merged into ICICI Bank to make it an universal bank

Which of the following statements is correct regarding soiled/mutilated currency notes?

Which of the following is the correct statement/s about the Automated Tailor Machine (ATM):

NABARD was set up as an apex development bank with a mandate for facilitating credit flow for promotion and development of

Universal Bank is one which

Which one of the leading nationalized banks in 2012 celebrated it's 147th year of dedicated service to the nation and has introduced ‘Interactive Voice Response’ (IVR)?

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  1. sonali mishra says:

    these practice sets are really very helpful for us….sir, will u please provide us some marketing practice sets on the site pls.

  2. Cecilia Debbarma says:

    The 7th question should say “Automated Teller Machine” as the full form of ATM and not “Automated Tailor Machine”.

  3. nabard ans is agriculture???

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