Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 7

Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS Clerical Examination, IBPS PO Recruitment examinations with special reference to the Banking Industry. This is the 7th Banking Awareness (General Awareness) Practice set. For more practice set please check our Practice Sets section.

  1. Anushakti Vidhyut Nigam Ltd was incorporated as a joing venture between Nuclear power Corporation of India lts and which of the following recently? – a) NMDC b) NHPC c) BHEL d) NTPC e) None of these
  2. Which of the following become the first oil and gas company to find shale gas deposits in India recently? – a) Reliance Industries Lts. b) Cairn India c) Essar Oil d) ONGC e) None of these
  3. Which country’s gold output of 340.88 tonnes was the highest in the world in 2010? – a) India b) Canada c) China d) USA e) South Africa
  4. Infant Mortality Rate data for high focus states (states where IMR is above natinal average) is collected once every five years. The Union health Ministry has now decided to collect such data __________ – a) Half- yearly b) Annually c) once every two years d) once every three years e) None of these
  5. The term ’round- tripping’ often appears in financial news these days. What does it mean? – a) Importing products that are not easily available in the domestic markets. b) Indian companies re-exporting imported products without any value addition. c) Bringing back illicit money hidden abroad by Indians under a different name d) Imposing high customs duty to discourage dumping goods in Indian Market e) None of these
  6. China emerged as the second largest economy of the world overtaking ___________ ? – a) France b) Britain c) Germany d) Japan e) None of these
  7. Which of the following was founded in 1956 by the Government of India with funding from the Ford Foundation? – a) National Institute of Public Finance and policy b) National Institute of Bank management c) National Council of Applied Economic Research d) National Institute of Financial Management e) None of these
  8. CARINGS has been launched by Ministry of Women and Child Development to – a) Improve gender parity b) reduce infant mortality c) facilitate adoption d) Improve child immunization e) None of these
  9. The Union Cabinet has approved amendments in the Coinage Bill 2009 that seeks to amalgamate four existing acts relating to coinage recently. Which of the following acts is the oldest? – a) The Indian Coinage Act b) The Small Coins (Offenses) act. c) The Medal Token Act d) The Bronze Coin (Legal Tender) act e) None of these
  10. Which of the following is not a hedge fund? – a) Gartner b) Highbridge c) D.E Shaw d) Magellan e) None of these
  11. Which of the following organization has introduced a new tool named Data Ware Housing and Business Intelligence System (DWBIS) for speedy analysis of data and identification of violations? – a) IRDA b) SEBI c) RBI d) TRAI e) None of these
  12. The government has introduced three new consumer price indices – CPI (Rural), CPI (Urban), CPI (Combined)- with 2010 as the base year recently. Which of the following is not among the five major commodity groups covered in the indices? – a) Food, beverages and tobacco b) Fuel and light c) Education and schooling d) housing e) None of these
  13. What was the share of the priority sector lending in lending by commercial banks as on March 31, 2010 as per the ‘Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India 2009-2010’ report unveiled by the RBI recently? – a) 31% b)24 % c) 16% d) 36 % e) None of these
  14. Which foreign banks in India has the highest no of employee working in India? – a) HSBC b) Royal Bank of Scotland c) Standard Charterd Bank d) Citi Bank e) None of these
  15. The Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) will be implemented in the coming years (2011-2012) with a budget of Rs. 7860 crore and nine sub-schemes. Which of the following sub-schme refers to livestock development, dairy farming and fisheries? – a) Rainfed Area Development Programme b) National Mission for protein suppliements c) Promotion of Oil Palm d) Accelerated Fooder Development Programme e) None of these
  16. Which of the following does not come under the defination of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India? – a) Scheduled State Co-Operative banks. b) Scheduled Urban Co-Operative banks. c) Regional Rural banks d) None of the above
  17. Which of the following has the highest no of commercial bank branches in India s on March 31, 2010 as per the ‘Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India 2009-2010’ report unveiled by the RBI recently? – a) UP b) MP c) Maharastra d) AP e) TN
  18. Which of the following has the highest number of branches in country as per the ‘Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India 2009-2010’ report unveiled by the RBI recently? – a) Rural b) Semi- Urban c) Urban d) Metropolitan e) None of these
  19. Which bank has announced an end to its ‘teaser’ home loan scheme recently? -a) Bank o India b) UBI c) HDFC d) SBI e) None of these
  20. The government has decide to set up an inter-ministerial group chaired by Planning Commission member Arun Maira to examine the issue of Imposing restrictions on FDI in pharmaceutical industry. How much FDI is permitted currently? – a) 100% b) 51% c) 49% d) 33% e) None of these

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    answer for 20th question

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