Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 8

Banking Awareness Questions for Bank PO and Bank Clerical Exams. General Awareness questions with Special Awareness to the Banking Industry.

  1. Which of the following has launched the ‘TransUnion Score’ that will indicate credit-worthiness of consumers applying for loan from Banks? – a) Experian Credit Information Co b) Credit Information Bureau Ltd. c) Indian Credit Rating Agency d) Equifax Information services
  2. Which bank has announced an end to its ‘teaser’ home loans? – a) HDFC b) SBI c) ICICI d) UBI e) None of these
  3. Who is the Director of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing)? – a) A.P Singh b) Nichal Sandhu c) Sanjeev Tripathi d) N.R Das
  4. The Government has decided to set up an  inter-ministerial group chaired by Planning Commission member Arun Maira to examine the issue of imposing restriction on FDI in pharmaceutical industry. FDI is permitted currently ? – a) 26% b) 51% c) 100%  d)65%
  5. Which of the following is the criterion for allocation of food grains under the Public Distribution System (PDS) to below poverty line (BPL) families? – Same quantity of food grains is given to every BPL family
  6. How much was the net foreign Institutional Investor investment in Indian Stock market in 2010-2011 according to SEBI? – a) Rs. 0.76 Lakh Crore b) Rs. 0.95 Lakh Crore c) Rs.1.46 lakh crore d) Rs. 1.17 lakh crore
  7. The government has launched ‘Service Discharge Benefit Scheme’ for over 2.7 lakh employee of which organization recently? – a) Department of Telecom b) Indian Army c) Department of Posts d) Indian Railways
  8. Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) in which state are known as ‘Mitanins’? – a) Jharkhand b) Rajasthan c) Chattishgarh d) Odisha e) None of these
  9. ‘Health and Wellness Tourism – Advantage India’, a study that offers a 10 points prescription to boost health and wellness tourism in India, is a joint initiative of Yes Bank and ___________. – a) MCI b) FICCI c) IMA d) CII
  10. Montek singh ahluwalia recently awarded with which award? – a) Padmabushin b) Padmashree c) Janpeet Award d) Magasasay Award
  11. Kimberley Process certificates are compulsory for trade in which of the following? – a) Diamond b) Gold  c) Radioactive materials d) All of the above e) None of these
  12. The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRa) 2010 came into effect from May 1, 2011. Which of the following statements is/ are correct? I. Organizations of political nature can receive foreign funds only after prior clearances from the government. II. Organizations that receive foreign funds will have to renew their registration once every three years. III. Banks will have to immediately report to the government about all foreign funds exceeding Rs. 10 Lakh.
    a) I only b) II Only c) III Only d) I and II only e) None of these
  13. Who is the present Cabinet Secretary? – a) A.K Seth b) Vinod Rai c) A.K. Sen d) Jahar Sarkar e) None of these
  14. The Reserve Bank of India has increased the amount of money that can be loaded on mobile that can be loaded on Mobile Phones (Mobile Wallet) to __________ from the existing limit of Rs. 5000 recently. – a) Rs. 50,000 b) Rs. 15,000 c) Rs. 25,000 d) Rs. 10,000 e) None of these
  15. Who is the present leader of opposition in Lok Sabha? – a) Arun Jaitley b) Sushma Swaraj c) Lal Krishna Advani d) Mamata Banerjee
  16. Which of the following statements about new RBI policy on bank loans to Non-banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) is/are correct? – I. Bank loans to NBFCs will not come under priority sector lending II. NBFCs cannot charge a rate of interest higher than the RBI prescribed rate in lending funds borrowed from banks. III. The Interest margin earned by NBFCs in lending funds borrowed from banks cannot exceed the ceiling of the RBI.
    a) I only b) II only c) III only d) I and II Only e) None of these
  17. Which of the following has proposed the setting up of a National Knowledge Functional Hun (NKFH) to facilitate interaction between the industry and institutions of higher education to produce better quality manpower recently? – a) National Knowledge Commission b) ASSOCHAM c) CII d) FICCI e) None of these
  18. Who is the chairman of National Knowledge Commission ? – a) Shyam Banegal b) Sam Pitroda c) Manmohan Singh d) Montek Singh Ahluwalia e) Ratan Tata
  19. Nuclear plants in India have an ‘Exclusion Zone’ of ________ surrounding the power stations, in which no habitation is permitted. – a) 1.4 Km b) 1.6 Km c) 16 Km d) 8.4 Km e) None of these
  20. Improving regulation of which of the following was the subject of the Finance Ministry appointed KP Krishnan Committee? –a) Credit Ration Agencies b) Mutual Funds c) Microfinance Institutions d) Life Insurance companies e)None of these
  21. ‘Asha’ is a low-priced milk food drink introduced for rural consumers by which of the following? – a) Cadbury b) Amul c) GlaxoSmithKline d) Nestle e) None of these
  22. Which of the following has launched ‘Tiny Cards’ with biometric Identifications to expand the coverage of banking services in rural parts of the country? – a) ICICI Bank b) UBI c) NABARD d) SBI e) Bank of India
  23. Which of the following is the new income tax return from salaried employee introduced by the finance ministry recently – a) Suvidha b) Sahaj c) Sugam d) Saral
  24. ONGC Videsh Lts (OVL) signed an agreement to acquire ______ stake in the Satpayev oil block in Central Asia recently. ? – a) 30% b) 50% c) 51% d) 25% e) None of these
  25. The Present discount rate of RBI ? – a) 6 % b) 7.5 % c) 8.5% d) 24% e) None of these

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