Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 85

Banking Awareness Questions. Banking Awareness Practice Set 85 for Bank Exams. Banking Awareness Questions 2013-14 for IBPS PO-III , and Other bank and competitive exams. 


Which of the following is not a salient feature of Debit Card?

Banks issue a letter to beneficiary on behalf of its constituents like guarantee for making payment on their behalf on fulfillment of its terms and conditions. What is this arrangement known in Banking context?

When a Bank provides a loan for purchase of White Goods, it is categorised as

With reference to a cheque which of the following is the Drawee Bank?

Which of the following is correct statement?

Fixed deposits recurring deposits are -

The usual deposit accounts of banks are

Financial Inclusion means provision of -

Which of the following is known as cross selling by Banks?

A) Sale of credit card to a debit card holder

B) Sale of a Insurance Policy to a depositor

C) Issuance of Cash against Cheque presented by a third party

Which of the following is not a measure to control inflation adopted by the Government or Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

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  1. plz check the answer for the last question… thanking u sir 🙂

  2. last question answer is wrong
    thanking u……..

  3. last answer is wrong…plz check

  4. Abhijit Sahoo says:

    what is the answer of last question?

  5. no…no….for last question monetary policy is right

  6. wt abt d oder practise test…can any 1 tell me plz,where i suppose to get before practice test 40….

  7. mayank agrawal says:

    monetary policy is also a measure to curve the liquidity and check the inflation , so last ans is wrong

  8. Nisha shukla says:

    practice ke liye bhut hi better h

  9. last answer is wrong
    right answer is option 5

  10. The answer of last question is Financial Inclusion. 110% right

  11. please remove this advertisement tags because these were disturbing element during practice elements like ad choice

  12. i have a doubt in last question pls help me out

  13. what is the correct anwser of 6th question i think it is repayble after an agreed period

    • recurring deposits are repayable either at customer request or after the maturity period.the answer is correct.A bank cannot decline a customer request if they demand their money before maturity.

  14. i think the last question ans is Fiscal Policy which is declared by Ministry of Finance.

  15. the answer to last question is financial inclusion as through it the gov aims to provide banking services to all people and not used as an inflation control mechanism.

  16. Manoj kumar jena says:

    i think the last ?’s ans. is( 5)bcz, by monetary policy & fiscal policy we control inflation quantitatively , & pds & price control r the most essential things , bcz by these the rate of the goods are controlled &

  17. sir/madam

    pls publish banking awareness practice tests from practice test-1 published only from set please publish it or send to my mail please please

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