Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 86

Banking Awareness Questions. Banking Awareness Questions 2013-14 for IBPS PO-III , and Other bank and competitive exams. Banking Awareness Practice Set 86 for Bank Exams.


Who among the following is not an Economist?

Which of the following is not a Negotiable Instrument?

What is the main function of International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

Which of the following is the biggest borrower in India?

Which of the following would result in the fall in asset prices?

Which of the following Organization/ Institution will set up core banking infrastructure for rural banks?

Which of the following terms is used in banking field?

Which of the following is not a Public Sector Unit?

Bank branches which undertake foreign exchange business directly are known as ___________ in foreign exchange?

Loans of very small amounts given to low income groups is called -

35 thoughts on “Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 86

  1. yes bank is a public sector bank not a idbi bank.

  2. dear idbi is a public sector bank not a yes bank

  3. sachin mangal says:


  4. dibyajyoti palai says:

    how,i get previous practice set



  6. plz somebody tell me lhow low liquidity in economy would result fall in asset prices……

  7. 10/10…:-*

  8. 9 out of 10

  9. i think ware receipt is a negotiable instrument

  10. 8/10

  11. these practice test increase awareness about banking

  12. 7/10
    2 not answered
    1 incorrect

  13. very nice site which us our future as a window .

  14. way to get knowledge of banking.

  15. praveen singh rathaur says:

    very nice collection of questions

  16. dnt confuse … yes bank is private bank, idbi is public sector unit.. so the answer is correct…

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