Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 87

Banking Awareness Questions Practice Set 87. Banking Awareness. Banking Awareness Questions 2013-14 for IBPS PO-III, IBPS Clerk 2013 and Other bank and competitive exams. General Awareness with special reference to banking industry questions for Bank Exams.


Consider the following statement with respect to Commercial Paper (CP)?

A) It is an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of a promissory note.

B) It was introduced in India in 1990 with a view to enabling high-rated corporate borrowers to diversify their sources of short-term borrowings and to provided an additional instrument to investors.

C) All the corporate, Primary Dealers (PDs) and the All-India Financial Institutions (FIs) are eligible to issue CP unconditionally.

Which of the following statement is/are not correct?

Consider the following categories :

A) Agriculture

B) Micro and Small Enterprise

C) Export Credit

D) Housing Which of the above categories is/ are included in the priority sector?

Which of the following public sector bank announced recently that its Risk Management Department has received ISO 27001 certification from the British Standard Institute (BSI)?It is the first among Indian banks to receive such certification.

As per the New Guideline issued by the Reserve Bank of India, which of the following categories will be given relaxation in KYC norms while opening bank account and borrowing from the banks?

While closing the business of the day, if excess cash is found at a branch of a bank

A) It is distributed among the present employees

B) It is deposited in the sundries account

C) if claim is not received from any party within a reasonable period, say six months, it is credited to branch revenue.

Which of the following is/are essential features of a genuine currency note?

What is the purpose behind introducing of the practice of quoting Permanent Account Number (PAN) while opening an account with a bank?

Deposits in Public Provident Fund (PPF) accounts can be made how many times within a Year?

Banks keep notes/ coins in Currency Chest on Behalf of which of the following?

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