Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 88

Banking Awareness. Banking Awareness Questions Practice Set 88. Banking Awareness Questions 2013-14 for IBPS PO-III, IBPS Clerk 2013. General Awareness with special reference to banking industry questions for Bank Exams.


In the context of banking system, what does productivity means?

Consider the following statement with respect o Ways ad Means of Advance (WMA):

A) These are temporary advances extended by the RBI to the Government

B) Section 15 (5) of the RBI Act allows RBI to make WMA to Central Government only.

C) Government normally opts for WMA to bridge the interval between expenditure and receipts and in the case of Shortfall/ mismatch in revenue and other receipts for meeting its liabilities.

Which of the following is/are not correct about Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)?

Consider the following with respect to Government Securities?

A) These are tradable instruments issued by the Central or State Government.

B) The Central Government issues both treasury bills and bonds or dated securities, which are called State Development Loans (SDLs)

C) These Instruments acknowledge the Government's debt.

Such individual who don't have bank account can also deposit cash at the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)-enabled branches with instructions to transfer funds using NEFT. Such remittances will be restricted to a Maximum of ___________ per transaction.

Which of the following term is not associated with Economy?

What is expanded form of ECS as used in banking sector?

Consider the following taglines and identify the bank with which of the taglines are associated with:

Pure Banking Nothing Else

Bankers of Every Indian

With you All the Way

Consider the following with respect to the Foreign Exchange Reserves of India?

A) Foreign Exchange Reserves

B) Special Drawing Rights

C) Foreign Institutional Investments

Which of the above comes under the foreign exchange reserves of the country?

The monetary units of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is called

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