Banking Awareness Questions – Practice Set 93

Banking Awareness Questions. Banking Awareness Questions 2013-14 for IBPS PO-III, IBPS Clerk 2013. General Awareness with special reference to banking industry questions for Bank Exams.


An Increase in Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) by Reserve Bank of India leads to:

What is meant by development oriented banking?

What is the principal function of SIDBI?

Which of the following is provided by the Reserve Bank of India for meeting day-to-day receipt and expenditure mismatch to both central and state governments?

These days RBI uses Selective Credit control measures rather infrequently because of:

Which of the following is classified as a Public Sector Banks?

Reserve Bank of India known as lender of last resort because

The availability of cash and other cash-like marketable instruments that are useful in purchases and investments are commonly known as:

As per newspaper reports, India's trade gap has been showing a negative growth for the last few months. What does "Trade Gap" mean?

The banker-customer relationship in credit card payment is?

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  1. I got 9/10.These questions are also useful for banking preparation.

  2. i have only 5/10 so sad

  3. very important of banking inspirations

  4. I have a doubt….how can a bank be a debtor (in the last ques) when in credit cards the customer borrows money from the bank….

  5. i got 7 out of 10.

  6. last questions answer is wrong.dont rely on any answer

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    From where can i get the banking exam question papers of last year
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  9. what is SSI?

  10. i think last quest ans. is wrong…….

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  12. 10/10 🙂

  13. last answer is wrong its creditor-debtor bcoz we take short term loan from bank
    admin please correct it

  14. Igot 6 marks out of 10

  15. wow i like the quetions

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