General Awareness Questions – Practice Set 41

General Awareness Questions Practice Set 41. Banking Awareness Questions. General Awareness Questions with Current Affaris for IBPS Clerk 2012-2013 Exam, SBI PO 2012-13 and any other competitive exams.

According to a resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, 'International Day of Peace' is observed every year on which date?  

According to Anand Sharma, target for bilateral trade between India and Malaysia is $15 billion, which is likely to be achieved by

Recently Ajit Pawar resigned as a  

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award is associated with

Kudankulam nuclear power plant is in

Which one of the following is the central bank of United States of America?

The govt has mandated that from April 1, 2013, all foreign investors desirous of claiming benefits under the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs) will have to produce TRC of their base country in which they are located. TRC stands for

Name India's first National Security Adviser who died recently.

What is the Maximum Limit on the amount that could be transferred using NEFT?

RBI has said that all public sector banks would get an interest subsidy of annually against short-term production loan up to Rs.3 lakh to farmers.

5 thoughts on “General Awareness Questions – Practice Set 41

  1. in question there is no upper limit for neft (non cash )
    50000 is limit for cash based remittance 

    • ** My Dear Friend Great Knowledge You & I have !! **
      There is no limit – either minimum or maximum – on the amount of funds that could be transferred using NEFT. However, maximum amount per transaction is limited to Rs.50,000/- for cash-based remittances and remittances to Nepal.

  2. what is cash based and non cash based remittances… although i also read that 50000 is limit for cash based remittance

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