General Awareness Questions – Practice Set 6

General Awareness Questions for IBPS Clerical Examination, IBPS PO/MT recruitment examinations with special reference to the Banking Industry. This is the 6th Banking Awareness (General Awareness) Practice set. For more practice set please check our Practice Sets section.

  1. How many commercial Banks are functioning in India as per the ‘Statistical Tables Relating to the Banks in India 2009-2010’ unveiled by the RBI in march 2011? -a) 135 b) 167 c) 193 d) 256 e) None of these
  2. What is the share of private expenditure on health the total health report of the world health organization released recently? – a) 12% b) 37% c) 72% d) 46% e) None of these
  3. The headquarter of Punjab National Bank is at – a) New Delhi b) Mumbai c) Kolkata d) Punjab e) None of these
  4. Which of the following are not listed on stock exchanges in India? -a) Fertiliser Companies b) NBFC’s c) Insurance Companies d) Air lines
  5. The current Base Rate of RBI? – a) 5.5 % b) 6% c) 8.5% d) 7% e) None of these
  6. Which of the following had the highest share of bank credit (occupation-wise) as on March 31,2009 according to a RBI report released recently? – a) Agriculture b) Industry c) Trade d) Transport e) None of these
  7. BHAVANI is a public sector company in which sector? – a) Shipping b) Metals trading c) Space d) Nuclear energy e) None of these
  8. Who was the governor of  RBI who represented India in Bretton wood negotiations in 1944? – a) O.A Smith b) C.D Deshmukh c)Duvvuri Subbarao d) Manmohan Singh e) None of these
  9. Which of the following has become the first state in India to announce a monthly allowance to unemployed under-graduates recently? –  a) Goa b) Kerala c) Tamil Nadu d) West Bengal e) None of these
  10. Which of the following statements about the Indian Economy in 2050 as [er recent report by Price Waterhuse Coopers (PWC) is/are true? – I. India’s GDP in Market Exchange Rate (MER) terms will be the fourth highest in the world in 2050. II. India’s GDP in Purchasing Power Parity(PPP) terms is the second highest in the world in 2050. III. Only China will be ahed of India in both MER and PPP in 2050.
    a) I only b) I and II only c) II and III only d) II only e) None of these
  11. Pratip Chaudhuri is the Chairman and Managing Director of which Commercial Bank in India – a) UBI b) PNB c) SBI d) Bank of Baroda e) None of these
  12. What should be the solar energy in states total power tarrif policy recently? – a) 1% b) 2% c) 3% d) 4% e) None of these
  13. Which of the following about the FDI in retail sector is/are correct? – I. 100% FDI is permitted in cold chain through automatic route. II. 100% FDI is permitted in wholesale cash and Carry. III. Upto 33% FDI is permitted in single brand retail.
    a) I only b) I and II only c) III only d) I,II and III – All Correct e) None of these
  14. Currently the total number of SBI Associate Bank working? – a) Eight b) Seven c) Six d) Five e) Four
  15. ING Group is originally belongs to which country? – a) Great Britain b) Netherlands c) South Africa d) Japan e) None of these
  16. Standard Bank is originally belongs to which country? – a) Great Britain b) Netherlands c) South Africa d) Japan e) None of these
  17. ‘The Nation banks on us’ is a business tagline of which commercial bank in India? – a) Punjab National Bank b) UBI c) Bank of Baroda d) SBI e) None of these
  18. The Bombay Stock Exchange launched the BSE TASIS Shariah 50 – a stock index that is compliant with Shariah- recently. The index cannot invest in shares of companies in which of the following sector? – I. Banking II. Cement and Steel III. Alchohol and Tobacco products
    a) I only b) II only c) I and III only d) III Only e) None of these
  19. The first nationalized bank in India? – a) SBI b) RBI c) PNB d) UBI e) None of these
  20. Which of the following has decided to enter the nuclear power sector following an agreement with the Nuclear Power corporation recently? – a) Tata power b) NHPC c) ONGC d) Indian Oil e) None of these
  21. Which of the following bank has launched the ‘ Bank on Bike’ initiative to cover villages untouched by banking facilities so far, recently? – a) PNB b)Bank of India c) Bank of Baroda d) SBI e) None of these
  22. Which of the following is the oil exploration and production company operating in Siberia and owned by the ONGC? – a) Venture Production b) Regal petroleum c) Imperial energy d) Enterprise Oil e) None of these
  23. Government has decided provide equity support to public sector banks to raise its holdings to – a) 58% b) 55% c) 62% d) 68% e) None of these
  24. Which of the following is not covered under the compulsory labeling programme of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) ?- a)Air Conditioner b) Geysers c) Refrigerators d) Distribution Transformers e) None of these
  25. The headquarter of Allahabad Bank is at – a) Allahabad b) Lucknow c) Kolkata d) New Delhi e) None of these
  26. Which foreign banks publishes the monthly Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) that measures the health of manufacturing sector in India and based on a survey of top 500 companies? – a) HSBC b) Barclays Bank  c) Citi Bank d) Sanchart Bank e) None of these
  27. The Banking Laws (amendment) Bill 2011 was tabled in Parliament recently. Which of the following statements is/are correct as per current policy? – I. At present promoter and shareholders of private banks cannot exercise voting rights in proportion to their shareholding II. Voting rights  of a non-government shareholders in nationalized banks cannot exceed 5% irrespective of the size of his shareholding. III. Voting rights   of a shareholder in private sector banks cannot exceed 10% irrespective of the size of his shareholding
    a) I Only b) I and II only c) I and III Only d) III only e) None of these
  28. The headquarter of Bank of India is at – a) Kolkata b) Baroda c) New Delhi d) Mumbai e) None of these
  29. In 2010 which of the SBI Associates Bank was merged with the mother bank  – SBI? – a) State Bank of Saurastra b) State Bank of Indore c) State Bank of Bikanir d) State Bank of Jaipur e) None of these
  30. Tax on short term capital inflows is named after which Nobel Laureate in economics? – a) Gary Becker b) James M. Buchanan c) James Tobin d) Myron Scholes e) None of these

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