IBPS Clerk 2012 Question (15/12/2012) – General Awareness

IBPS Clerk 2012 Question (15/12/2012) General Awareness. IBPS Clerk 2012 CWE Online Exam Question of General Awareness Section based on memory.

Q1. Who is the Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sport?
Answer: Jitendra Singh(Previous Ajay Maken)

Q2. Which team won the Women’s T20 World Cup?
Answer: Australia

Q3. Who wrote the book “development as Freedom”?
Answer:  Amrtya sen

Q4. Which team won the Under-19 Cricket World Cup?
Answer: India

Q5. Which is the Highest Policy Making Authority in IT & Communications sector?
Answer: Department of telecom (DoT)

Q6. If you are in need of cash in odd hours, what among these is fastest mode of withdrawal of money? Option – A) ATM B) Mobile Banking C) Net banking
Answer: A) ATM

Q7. You are aware that you savings account balance was 10000 after depositing 2000 as your last transaction. But it incorrectly shows 15000 as your balance. What is the maximum amount you can withdraw legally?
Option: A) 10000 B) 2000 C) 15000 D) Can’t withdraw as the amt shown is incorrect
Answer: A) 10000

Q8. If you deposit Rs.5000 over the counter, what does the person sitting in the counter do?
Option: A) Credit your account with Rs. 5000 without debiting any account B) Debit cash account and credit your account with Rs.5000
Answer: B) Debit cash account and credit your account with Rs.5000

Q9. National fruit of India?
Answer: Mango

Q10. Which of the following is not a member on SAARC?
Answer: China

Q11. Who was the player of the match of Under-19 World Cup Final?
Answer: Unmukt Chand

Q12. Winner of Indian Grand Prix?
Answer: Sebastian Vettel

Q13. Miss World 2012
Answer: Wen Xia Yu  (Miss China)

Q14. Interest earned on Shares is called?
Answer:  Dividends

Q15. What is the allowed FDI in Insurance and pension sector?
Answer: 49%

Q16. Foreign trade policy year in India
Answer: 2009-2014

Q17. Winner of Women’s Asia cup?
Answer: India

Q18. Which is not the function of RBI?
Answer: RBI doesn’t open Savings Account.

Q19. Fastest cash withdrawal can be done by?
Answer: ATM

Q20. India’s economy ranked ____ in the world?
Answer: 4th

Q21. Power consumption, India ranked?
Answer: 5th (Electricity Consumption data – 2008)

Q22. Which is main source for foreign income in India?
Answer: FDI

Q23. Which of the following is a Direct tax?
Answer: Income tax

Q24. Which of the following is an Indirect tax?
Answer: VAT

Q25. Jaspal Bhatti, recently died, was known for his?
Answer: Acting (Actor)

Q26. The term LOVE related to which sport?
Answer: Badminton

Q27. Sandy was a ____?
Answer: Storm (Hurricane)

Q28. Operation Time for Bank Locker? –
Option: A) Specified by branches B) Anytime c) Business hour
Answer: A) Specified by branches

Q29. Which rate is applicable on foreign currency converted in local currency?
Answer: Exchange rate

Q30. Padma Vibhushan for Art- Vocal Music Awarded to?
Answer: Late (Dr.) Bhuoe  Hazarika

Q31. Which of the following is Indian dance form?
Answer: A) Kathakali (Kerala)

Q32. Which loan is cheaper?
Answer: A) Crop Loan

Q33. RBI does not control the interest rate on which type of account?
Answer: Loan Account

Q34. What is lock in period related to loans
Answer: Loan must be returned during that period [The time period during which the lender has guaranteed an interest rate to a borrower]

Q35. Which is not a mode of payment?
Option: A) Pay Order B) Cash C) Demand Draft D) Cheque
Answer: B) Cash

Q36. Which is surface to surface missile test fired by India?
Answer: Dhanush

Q37. What is a common man’s account?
Answer: Savings Account

Q38. Which accounts for maximum foreign earnings?
Answer: Exports

Q39. When balance sheet will be prepared?
Answer:At the end of the financial year

Q40. What is not true about draft?
Option: A) Cancellation B) Reissue C) Duplicate Draft
Answer: C) Duplicate Draft

Q41. What is shown along with current year balance sheet?
Option: A) Previous year balance B) Previous 2 year balance C) Future Balance Plan
Answer:A) Previous year balance

Q42. Audit in a company for financial year 2012-2013 will be done on
Answer: At the end of the Financial year

Q43. For how many days Rozgar Scheme provides job during a year
Answer: 150 days of employment (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) [Previously it was 100 days]

Q44. What type of Account called an Investment account in banks?
Answer: Term Deposit

Q45. What is financial inclusion?
Answer: Financial inclusion is delivery of banking service at an affordable cost to vast section of disadvantaged and low income group.

Q46. India’s rank in economic growth?
Answer: 4th

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  1. question no. 4 answer should be west indies

  2. eliazer marampudi says:

    Ans to 12 Q:- China is not one of the countries given in the exam- China, Srilanka, Maldives, Bhutan and India

  3. eliazer marampudi says:

    some other Questions are 
    1.FDI limit in Pension ? Ans: 49%
    2.India’s Position in economy consumption 

  4. another Q: jaspal batti is known as a?
                         direct tax?
                         indirect tax?

  5. Please post some computer questions?

  6. thanku g

  7. what is india rank in economic growth

  8. Srikantlenka1990 says:

    Post computer ,english,math,reasoning questions

  9. Srikantlenka1990 says:

    i think sandy is storm

  10. my right ques r 27…..

  11. my score will around  130 ……..15-12-12

  12. Q18. ans. open aving A/c and Sandy is storm

  13. Q18 rbi doesn’t open saving a/c
    my xam is canciled as it was on 15/12 eve

  14. Q18 rbi doesn’t open saving a/c
    my xam is cancealed… as it was on 15/12 eve




  16. agar 15th dec evening shift walon ka exam cencel hua hai sabka karo kyunki do log dubara denge unki to ek baar pehle hi practice ho gayi na aur jo dubara denge wo to bade aachhe tarike se de payenge …. fir ,,humara kya hoga…….

    jis kisi ka exam hua hai sabka cencel karo …./////////////////


  17. i think  35 th  answer is option (1)….
           Plz check

  18. only 8 to 10 question was orignal other was  not in paper…

  19. I think 43rd answer is 150 

  20. One question was on age decided for the children,by govt of India to have right to education.
    Ans- upto 14 years

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    nice ques.



  23. very nice………bt send all questions including maths,eng,reasoning………..

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    ans no. 43 is right meena it`s 100 days only

  25. 43rd is wrong .. its 150 days … check in wikipedia

  26. Santoshmitm11 says:

    yes friends 43 is wrongly posted….it is increased to 150 days…..earlier it was 100 days…

  27. Rock_hardeep says:

    100day  q43 

  28. surface to surface missile is PRITHVI not DHANUSH..

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