IBPS Clerk 2012 General Awareness Questions with Answer (Solved Paper)

IBPS Clerk 2012 General Awareness Questions with Answer. IBPS Clerk 2012 Question Paper with Answer. IBPS Clerk (15-12-2012) General Awareness Question Paper.

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IBPS Clerk 15 December 2012 Question- General Awareness Fully Solved.

Q.1. Which of the following countries is the winner of Under 19 ICC World Cup?

Option: (1) India (2) Australia (3) New Zealand (4) West Indies (5) Zimbabwe
Answer:  (1) India

Q.2. Sandy is a

Option: (1) Missile (2) Brand (3) Hurricane (4) Ship (5) Planet
Answer: (3) Hurricane

Q.3. Who wrote the book “Development as Freedom”?

Option: (1) Anita Desai (2) Arundhati Roy (3) Amartya Sen (4)   Salman Rushdie (5)   Ruskin Bond
Answer: (3) Amartya Sen

Q.4. If you are in need of cash in ODD hours, what among these is fastest mode of withdrawal of Money?

Option: (1) Net banking (2) Mobile banking (3) Para banking (4) ATM (5)   None of these
Answer: (4) ATM

Q.5. Who is currently, the Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports?

Option: (1) Jitendra Singh (2) Ambika Soni (3) Manish Tiwari (4) Mukul Roy (5) Sachin Pilot
Answer: (1) Jitendra Singh

Q.6. Women’s T20 Cricket World cup Winner was

Option: (1) England (2) Pakistan (3) Nigeria (4) South Africa (5) Australia
Answer: (5) Australia

Q7. Which is the highest policy making authority in IT and Communication sector?

Option: (1) Ministry of Labor and Employment Schemes (2) Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (3) Ministry of Corporate Affairs (4) Ministry of Rural Development (5) Ministry of Defence
Answer: (2) Ministry of Communications & Information Technology

Q.8. Which among the following is not a Union Territory?

Option: (1) Chandigarh (2) Delhi (3) Pondicherry (4) Goa (5) Daman and Diu
Answer: (4) Goa

Q.9. If You Deposit Rs.5000 over the counter, what does the person sitting in the counter do?

(1) Credit your account with Rs. 5000 without debiting your account
(2) Debit cash account and credit your account with Rs. 5000
(3) Pay you the same amount next time you visit bank
(4) Can’t say
(5) None of these
Answer: (2) Debit cash account and credit your account with Rs. 5000

Q.10. Which of the following is NOT a member of SAARC?

Option: (1) Nepal (2) China (3) Pakistan (4) India (5) Afghanistan
Answer: (2) China

Q.11. You are aware that your SB A/C balance was Rs.10000 after depositing Rs.2000 as your last transaction but it incorrectly shows Rs. 15000 as your balance. What is the maximum amount you can withdraw legally?

Option: (1) Rs. 10000 (2) Rs. 15000  (3) Rs. 2000  (4) Can’t withdraw as the amount shown is incorrect  (5) None of these
Answer: (1) Rs. 10000

Q.12. The term LOVE is related to which sport?

Option: (1) Cricket (2) Badminton (3) Squash (4) Swimming (5) Football
Answer: (2) Badminton

Q.13. The National Fruit of India is

Option: (1) Strawberry (2) Cherry (3) Mango (4) Pineapple (5) Apple
Answer: (3) Mango

Q.14. Padma Vibhushan for Art – Vocal Music was awarded to

Option: (1) Late (Dr.) Bhupen Hazarika (2) ShabanaAzmi (3) Gulzar (4) Javed Akhtar (5) None of them
Answer: (1) Late (Dr.) Bhupen Hazarika

Q.15. The winner of Miss World 2012

Option: (1)   Sophie Moulds (Wales) (2)   Jessica Kahawaty (Australia) (3)   Mariana Notarangelo (Brazil) (4)   Yu Wenxia (China) (5)   Atong Demach (South Sudan)
Answer: (4)   Yu Wenxia (China)

Q.16. Who has authored the book “God of Small Things”?

Option: (1) Joginder Singh (2) APJ Abdul Kalam (3) Mamata Banerjee (4) Anupam Kher (5) Arundhati Roy
Answer: (5) Arundhati Roy

Q.17. Jaspal Bhatti was a____

Option: (1) Film actor and Comedian (2) Surgeon (3) Singer (4) Cricketer (5) None of these
Answer: (1) Film actor and Comedian

Q. 18. Who is the winner of the Women’s Asia Cup 2012

Option: (1) Pakistan (2) India (3) Thailand (4) Hong Kong (5) Sri Lanka
Answer: (2) India

Q.19. Which of the following is an Indian dance form?

Option: (1)Jazz (2) Naiyandi (3) Salsa (4) Kathakkali (5) None of these
Answer: (4) Kathakkali

Q.20. India’s rank in economic growth is

Option: (1) 1st  (2) 4th (3) 5th (4) 7th  (5) 10th
Answer: (2) 4th

Q.21. Who among the following is the Information and Broadcasting Minister?

Option: (1) Shashi Tharoor (2) TariqAnwar (3) Manish Tiwari (4) Ambika Soni (5) None of them
Answer: (3) Manish Tiwari

Q.22. What is not a mode of payment?

Option: (1) DD (2) Pay order (3) Cheque (4) Cash (5) None of these
Answer: (5) None of these

Q.23. Which loan is cheaper?

Option: (1) Home Loan (2) Crop loan (3) Education Loan (4) Car loan (5) None of these
Answer: (2) Crop loan

Q.24. What is the percent of FDI allowed in Insurance and pension sector

Option: (1) 20% (2) 90% (3) 49% (4) 69% (5) 36%
Answer: (3) 49%

Q.25. What is Financial Inclusion?

(1) It is delivery of banking services at an affordable cost to all sections of society
(2) It is delivery of banking services at an affordable cost to women of India
(3) It is delivery of banking services at an affordable cost to ALL
(4) It is delivery of banking services at an affordable cost to urban poor only
(5) None of these
Answer: (1) It is delivery of banking services at an affordable cost to all sections of society

Q.26. Which of the following accounts for maximum foreign earnings?

Option: (1) Exports (2) Imports (3) Production (4) Gifts (5) Credit/Loans
Answer: (1) Exports

Q.27. Which of the following is not true about a draft?

Option: (1) Transferable (2) Cancellation (3) Reissue (4) Duplicate draft (5) None of these
Answer: (4) Duplicate draft

Q.28. Which rate is applicable on foreign currency converted in local currency?

Option: (1) Interest Rate (2) Exchange Rate (3) Inflation Rate (4) Deflation Rate (5) None of these
Answer: (2) Exchange Rate

Q.29. Which of the following is Direct tax?

Option: (1) Income tax (2) VAT (3) Road Tax (4) Toll Tax (5)Infrastructure Tax
Answer: (1) Income tax

Q.30. Money earned from stocks is called

Option: (1) Fringe Benefit (2) Capital Gain (3) Monetary Gains (4) Stocks Gains (5)All of the above
Answer: (2) Capital Gain

Q.31. Which of the following is an Indirect Tax ?

Option: (1) Water tax (2) VAT (3) Gift Tax (4) Income Tax (5) Home Tax
Answer: (2) VAT

Q.32. Who won Indian grand prix?

Option: (1) Sania Nehwal (2) Mary Kom (3) Sebastian Vettel (4) Lionell Messi (5) Ricky Ponting
Answer: (3) Sebastian Vettel

Q.33. Which of the following is a surface to surface missile test fired by India recently?

Option: (1) Shaheen (2) Ghauri I (3) Dhanush (4) CSS X-10 (5) None of these
Answer: (3) Dhanush

Q.34. What is Lock in period related to loans?

(1) Loan must be returned during that period
(2) Loan must used within that period
(3) Another Loan must be taken during that period but lesser than the previous amount
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these
Answer: (1) Loan must be returned during that period

Q.35. What is common man’s account?

Option: (1) Savings Account (2) Current Account (3) Temporary Account (4) Demat Account (5) None of these
Answer: (1) Savings Account

Q.36. Who is the President of Afghanistan?

Option: (1) AsifAli Zardari (2) Hamid Karzai (3) Barack Obama (4) Vladimir Putin (5) David Cameroon
Answer: (2) Hamid Karzai

Q.37. Who monitors and scrutinizes the Capital market?

Option: (1) IRDA (2) RBI (3) SEBI (4) SBI (5) ICICI
Answer: (3) SEBI

Q.38. Who among the following has been given the Padmabhusan award for Art Painting?

Option: (1) Shri K G Subramanyan (2) Pandit Buddhadev Das Gupta (3) ShriAnish Kapoor (4) Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty (5) Jatin Das
Answer: (5) Jatin Das

Q.39.Which is the German Luxury Caretaker which had purchased stakes of the Mercedes Formula One Motor Racing Team?

Option: (1) Mercedes (2) Daimler (3) Volkswagen (4) Porsche (5) Toyota
Answer: (2) Daimler

Q.40. What is shown along with current year balance sheet?

(1) Previous year balance
(2) Previous 2 yr balance future balance plan
(3) Illicit Earnings of the company
(4) Earnings of the board of director
(5) None of these
Answer: (1) Previous year balance

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