IBPS Clerk 2012 Question Paper (29/12/2012) – Computer Awareness

IBPS Clerk 2012 Question Paper. Computer Awareness Question Paper. IBPS Clerk 29 Dec (29-12-2012) Question Paper. IBPS Clerk 29 December Re-Exam Question Paper – Computer Awareness.

Q1. What is a software ?
Answer: It is a Program.

Q2. DVD stands for ?
Answer: digital video disc

Q3. CAD stands for ?
Answer: Computer Aided Design

Q4. In ALU , “L” stands for ?
Answer: Logic

Q5. What is the shortcut “to select the whole document ”
Answer: CTRL + A

Q6. What is the decimal value of (101101)2
Answer: 45

Q7. What is windows explorer ?
a) web browser b) operating system c) file manager application
Answer: C) file manager application

Q8. If we want to print any document horizontally than we want to want to print which view ?
a) portrait b)landscape c) vertically d) horizontally
Answer: b) Landscape

Q9. Which one is input device ?
a) plotter b) printer c) speaker d) digital camera
Answer: d) Digital Camera

10. Which of these virus does not effect ?
a) program files b) operating system c) hardware d) None Of Tese
Answer: d) None Of Tese

Q11. How we create a “new folder” ?
Answer:  right click –> new –> folder

Q12 . Where you install Operating System?
a) Hard disk b) ram c) rom d) floppy disc.
Answer: a)  Hard disk

Q13. What you need to access internet?
a) ISP b) DSL c) CPU
Answer: ISP

Q14. Which is not personal computer?
a) Sever b) PDA c) Desktop d) Laptop
Answer:  a) Sever

Q15. If u want to change and correct something which option will u chose?
a) Undo b) redo c) Cut

Q16.  which gives continuous power to computer at time of power cut?
Answer: UPS

Q17. Internet explorer is?
Answer: Web Browser

Q18. What is the space in Upper left and upper right of MS-Word Called? (Word me uppar left right jo space hoti he use kahte hai)?

Q19. Something was asked about the page numbering in word
Q20. One question on Autofit.
Q21. One question was on Spreadsheet
Q22. One question on Function of MS-Excel
Q23. One question on  – a good website that display terms and condition.

These Questions were sent by one of your reader – Amit Jaiswal and Somnath Bhattacharya.

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