IBPS Clerk 2012 Question Paper (29/12/2012) – General Awareness

IBPS Clerk 2012 Question Paper. General Awareness Question Paper. IBPS Clerk 29 Dec (29-12-2012) Question Paper. IBPS Clerk 29 December Re-Exam Question Paper – General Awareness.

Morning Shift Questions:

Q1. Governor of Rajasthan ?
Answer: Margaret Alva

Q2. Who win men’s single in us open in 2012 ?
Answer: Andy Murray

Q3. who win men’s single in wimbeldon in 2012 ?
Answer: Roger Federer

Q4. November 2012, Which India player scored 200 individual run in a test match?
Answer: Cheteshwar Pujara

Q5. Who among the following is not a tennis player ?
a) sania mirza b) leander paes c) gagan narang
Answer: c) gagan narang

Q6. Which one is not a place name ?
a) Euro b) Peso c) None of these
Answer: c) None of these

Q7. Who won the Arjuna Award for the year 2012 in Judo?
a) Yuvraj Singh b) Yashpal Solanki
Answer: b) Yashpal Solanki

Q8. Which country won the first gold medal in the London 2012 Olympics?
a) USA b) China c) India d ) Russia
Answer: China

Q9. Which is paper less banking?
Answer: Internet banking/ Mobile banking/ Tele banking

Q10. Present Prime Minister of Canada?
Answer: Stephen Harper

Q11. Present governor of Chhattisgarh?
Answer: Shekhar Dutt

Q12. Which is not the financial instrument?
a) Fixed deposit b) Futur Bond c) Stock

Q13. I k Gujral who recently died was famous –
Answer: Politician (Ex-PM of India)

Q14. Call money comes under which market

Q15. Foreign minister of Pakistan?
Answer: Hina Rabbani Khar

Q16. Term related to lawn tennis?
Answer: Double fault

Q17. Phnom Penh is capital of?

Answer: Cambodia

These Questions were sent by one of your reader – Amit Jaiswal and Somnath Bhattacharya.

Evening Shift Questions:

Q1. Amjad Ali khan related which field?
Answer: Sarod

Q2. Highest building name?
Answer: Burj Khalifa

Q3. Ajanta cave in
Answer: Maharastra

Q4. Jawaharlal Nehru birthday
Answer: 14 November

Q5. Present Test ranking no 1 team?
Answer: South Africa

Q6. Who among the following is related to shastriya sangeet?
Answer: Pt Bhimsen Joshi

Q7. Which of the following rate not change on daily basis?
Answer: Repo Rate

Q8. What is the maximum member limit in Self help group?
Answer: 20

Q9. Which is diamond city?
Answer: Surat

Q10. Which is elevator company?
Answer: Otis

Q11. Mysore is famous for?
Answer: Silk

Q12. Who is the governor of Goa?
Answer: Bharat Vir Wanchoo

Q13. What is the largest stock exchange of the world?
Answer: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Q14. Indian currency?
Answer: Indian Rupee

Q15. Leo Tolstoy book name?
Answer: war and peace

Q16. Maximum cattle population?

Q17. Head Quarter of International Labour Organization (ILO)?
Answer: Geneva, Switzerland

Q18. Banking ombudsman
Q19. One Question from Yuvi
Q20. One Question on ‘Hindi’ language.

These Questions were sent by one of your reader -Somnath Bhattacharya.

If you want to share your questions please comment below or mail us directly bankingawareness@yahoo.com

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12 thoughts on “IBPS Clerk 2012 Question Paper (29/12/2012) – General Awareness

  1. again wrong questions, 

  2. there was one more question “what is the another name of nifty? ans: S&P CNX”

  3. 29th morning shift question……
    1. Governor of chattishgarh?2. What is the ID called in atm transaction?
    3. Who won the arjun award 2012 in judo?
    4. What is paperless banking?

  4.   2.capital market regulator .3 who got 4th palace in fih champions trophy .4.largest stock market ,
    world youth chess champion ,,1 ques on chinese political party, insurance scheme which does not include the person ?

  5. bollywood movie nominated for OSCAR in 2012
     ans : Barfi

    this was the G.K. question on 29 dec ,2012  ( re – exam) morning shift

  6. Rohini ejanthkar says:

    one question on gk morning shift 29-12-2012
    who is an Indian ambassador to UNAIDS 2012?
    Ans : Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

  7. Sneha Betharia says:

    (morning shift) author of “indian origin”? – Chetan Bhagat

  8. Prabhusmarty22 says:

    qus no 6 there option is euro,peso, coruna. maalta,lira

  9. Prabhusmarty22 says:

    qus no  5th is wrong……….its ask which is tennis player……and option is there given…….liender pase,gangan narang,vvs laxam,

  10. Barak Obama elected from which party?
    a Democratic

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