IBPS Clerk III Question Paper: IBPS Clerk 7/12/2013 Question Paper Morning Session

IBPS Clerk 2013 Question Paper. IBPS CWE Clerk-III (IBPS Clerk 2013) 7/12/2013 General Awareness Question Paper Morning Session.

IBPS LogoIBPS CWE Clerk-III 7/12/2013 General Awareness Question Paper (Based On Memory):

1.World Water day – March 22
2. Joseph Antons written by? – Salmam Rushdie
3. Who is the present president of France- François Hollande
4. Unclear, oiled currencies are called- mutilated notes.
5. Fullform of NPA – Non Performing Assets
6. Future, equity deals in – Capital market
7. Person to get grand slam after Rafel Nadel
8.How many Constitution Amendments passed – 98
9.Which country gonna Host of Commonwealth games in 2014 – Glasgow, Scotland.
10.RBI adjust the credit expansion through – Repo rate,
11. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana – Road connectivity scheme
12. Barclays ATP World Tour winner – Novak Djokovic
13. WMO Headquarters – Switzerland (Geneva)
14. CHPGM 2015 will held at Malta
15. Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI)- Nandan Nielkani
16. Kempegowda Airport – Banglore
17. Basel committee on banking supervision
18. A bank is receiving more CASA deposits, what does it mean? – More demand liability on bank
19. Gravity movie directed by – Alfonso Cuarón
20. Question related to money market
21. Questions on Electronic Clearing Service(ECS)
22. Next Commonwealth meeting,

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