IBPS Clerk III Question Paper: IBPS Clerk 14/12/2013 Question Paper Morning Session

IBPS Clerk III Question Paper. IBPS CWE Clerk-III (IBPS Clerk 2013) 14/12/2013 General Awareness Question Paper Morning Session. IBPS Clerk 2013 Question Paper.

IBPS LogoIBPS CWE Clerk-III 14/12/2013 General Awareness Question Paper (Based On Memory):

1) Who won the Yash Chopra memorial award recently?- Lata Mangeshkar
2) Cheraw dance is a folk dance of which state?- Mizoram
3) World Food Day?- October 16
4) Who is the chief election commissioner?- V S Sampath
5) What is the age criterion for Very senior citizen?- above 80 years
6) What is the minimum age for a person to become a member of Rajya Sabha?- 30 Years
7) Which state in India has lowest population density?- Arunachal Pradesh
8)No frill account is also known as ?- Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
9) Who is the author of the book ‘The Lowland’?- Jhumpa Lahiri
10)Which Indian bollywood actress was honored in Engalnd House of Commons recently?- Kareena Kapoor
11) Where is the headquarters of World Health Organization?- Geneva, Switzerland
12) EMI stands for?- Equated Monthly Instalment
13) Which is the least populous state in India?- Sikkim
14)Question related to CASA account?
15) Question related to priority sector?
16) Question related to fixed assets.
17) Question related to UIDAI
18)Question related to NABARD
19)Question related to retail banking
20)Question on debenture.

8 thoughts on “IBPS Clerk III Question Paper: IBPS Clerk 14/12/2013 Question Paper Morning Session

  1. please post the previous papers of punjab cooperative bank of clerck

  2. IBPS Done Great Job……..Last Week they ask Gk section very hard…But This week Exam can attend min 30ques without study…Same cutoff for alll…………..

  3. IBPS CWE Clerk-III g.k ques for 14/12/2013- Evening shift

    1. Film directed by Ayaan Mukherji
    options were: Dil chahta hai, Wake up sid, Singham, Kabhi alvida na kehna and one more
    Answer- Wake up sid

    2. Football team also known as Red devils- Manchester United. ( options included Liverpool)

    3. Author of “God of small things”- Arundhati roy ( options were- Jhuma lehri, Amitav Ghosh)

    4. C.N. Rao is associated with which field- Chemistry ( options- Physics, Statistics, Medicine)

    5. Sachin tendulkar has been awarded Order of Honur by which country- Australia ( Options- Britain etc)

    6. Money fixed for a particular time- Time deposit

    7. Head of SBI- Arundhati Bhattacharya

    8. Min transaction through RTGS

  4. M-Pesa is associated with- ICICI (options – vodafone, HSBC)

  5. Hindi diwas is celebrated on- 14 Sept

  6. Please update the general awareness paper of IBPS Clerk exam that was held on 08.12.13 afternoon session


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