IBPS Clerk III Question Paper: IBPS Clerk 30/11/2013 Question Paper Morning Session

IBPS Clerk 2013 (CWE Clerk-III) Question Paper. IBPS Clerk Question Paper. IBPS Clerk 30/11/2013 General Awareness Question Paper.

IBPS Clerk 30/11/2013 General Awareness Question Paper (Morning Session)- Based on Memory

IBPS LogoWho founded Cobra Post and co-founded Tehelka? – Aniruddha Bahal
Tessy Thomas is related to which field? – Project Director for Agni-IV missile in DRDO. (Scientist,missile project)
Where Sachin Tendulkar played his last One day International? – In Dhaka against Pakistan.
Full Form of EFT? – Electronic Fund Transfer.
Yerevan Capital of which country? – Armenia
The Satanic Verses book written by – Salman Rushdie
Bancassurance service provided by? – Banks
Name of the wife of Prime Minister of India? – Gursharan Kaur
Which of the following software use in Net Banking?
Which of the following facility provided to farmers? – Kishan Credit Card
Which of the following code contain 11 character? IFSC Code
One question related with KYC? – Know Your Customer
Which of the following bank is Public Sector Bank?
One Question related to NEFT –  National Electronic Funds Transfer, No lower and upper limit in NEFT.
One question related with ECB- External Commercial Borrowings
One Question related with Savings Account
How many medals won by India in London Olympics 2012? Total Six (Two Silver, Four Bronze)
One Question related with BSBDA? – Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
What is the present base rate? – Between 9.80% to 10.25%
Recently a statue in Gujrat was in News. What is the name of that Statue? – Statue of Unity
PLR is replaced by – Base Rate
Swarna Jayanti Yojana related with –  providing sustainable income to poor people living in Rural and Urban area.
What is CTS? – Cheque Truncation System
One Question related with MICR? – Magnetic ink character recognition
Financial Inclusion – Financial inclusion or inclusive financing is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society (Ex. BSBDA-Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account).
Who deals with the complaints of customers – The Banking Ombudsman
Which of these does not include retail banking-Options were Home Loan, Personal Loan, Investment Consultancy etc
If RBI reduces CRR than what happens—Credit Supply increases
Swarozgar Yojana comes under which department – Ministry of Rural Development
Martha Dodrey work for-Polio
Largest tea exports is- Assam and West Bengal
IIFA 2013 best film -Barfi
Banking Organisation with the capital of 10 lakh is called –
One question related with credit pulling
One question related with MSME
One question related with Bharat Nirman
One question related with DICGC
One question related with NPS
One Question related with Clearing System.

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