IBPS Clerk Question Paper 04-12-2011- General Awareness

IBPS CWE Clerical Exam 04/12/2011 Question Paper. IBPS Clerk Question paper 2011 (04/12/2011 ).  Probable questions from General Awareness.

IBPS Clerk 2011 General Awareness Questions: (Probable)

  1. Prime Minister of Nepal -Baburam Bhattarai
  2. Prime Minister of Libya -Abdel Rahim al-Kib
  3. President of the Maldives – Mohamed Nasheed Banking Awareness.com
  4. 17th SAARC Summit held at – Maldives
  5. Name the government of Egypt- Military junta
  6. Prime Minister of Egypt – Essam Sharaf
  7. G-8 Summit held at – France
  8. Rs. 1000 rupee currency note bears the signature of – Governor of RBI
  9. Which foreign banks in India has the highest no of employee working in India? – Standard Charterd Bank
  10. Mascott of London 2012 OlympicsWenlock
  11. Mascott of London 2012 ParaolympicsMandiville Banking Awareness.com
  12. Which country hosts 2011 Rugby World Cup- New Zealand
  13. Which country won 2011 Rugby World Cup-  New Zealand (Defeated France 8-7)
  14. 2015 Cricket World Cup will be held at –  Australia and New Zealand
  15. 2015 Rugby World Cup will be held at – England and Wales
  16. 2012 UEFA European Football Championship will be held at Poland and  Ukraine.
  17. Capital of South Sudan – Juba Banking Awareness.com
  18. Currency of South Sudan – South Sudanese Pound
  19. At present number of public sector banks in India – 26
  20. The largest commercial bank in India – SBI
  21. Which bank is the largest issuer of credit cards inIndia? – ICICI
  22. The Chairman of Indian Banks Association(IBA) (For 2011-12) – M.D. Mallya
  23. Which of the following banks was merged with SBI in 2010? – State Bank of Indore Banking Awareness.com
  24. Which of the following is the Apex level institution for housing? National Housing Bank
  25. Which of the following banks was merged with ICICI Bank in 2010? – Bank of Rajasthan
  26. Which of the following is not a nationalized bank? – Karnataka Bank
  27. Bad loans in banking terminology are generally known as – Non Performing Assets (NPA)
  28. Who is the newly appointed depty. governor of RBI – Mr. H.R. khan
  29. The largest bank in China – Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  30. The Largest foreign bank operating in India – a) Citi Bank b) HSBC c) Barclays Bank d) ABN Amro Bank e) Standard Chartered Bank
  31. In ATM – What does T means – a) Time b) Teller c) Transfer d) Type e) None
  32. In EFT, What E stands for? a) Easy b) Electronic c) Efficient d) Extra e) None
  33. The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRa) 2010 came into effect from _________ – a) May 1, 2011 b) April 1, 2011 c) 31st March, 2011

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