IBPS CWE Clerk Exam 4 December 2011 (4/12/2011) Question paper

IBPS is ready to conduct the second phase of IBPS CWE Clerical Exam on 4 Dec 2011 (04/11/2011), the 4th December IBPS Clerk Exam will be conducted in two shift (Morning and Evening). The Evening / Afternoon shift exam will start from 1 PM while the Morning Shift will begin at 9 Am.

IBPS CWE Clerical 04/11/2011 General Awareness Questions (Morning and Evening Shift):

  1. Prime Minister of Singapore – Lee Hsien Loong
  2. President of Srilanka – Mahinda Rajapaksa
  3. CRR & SLR – Cash Reserve Ration (6%) and Statutory Liquidity Ratio (24%)
  4. LAF – Liqudity Adjustment Facility
  5. Rajya Sabha membr & renowned politician –
  6. Clean Bowled Associated with – Cricket
  7. Who is the newly Honary lt. of Territorial Army – Abhnav bindra
  8. What is Repo? – 8.5 %
  9. Who can deal in foreign exchanges
  10. Foreign Minister of Pakistan – Hina Rabbani Khar
  11. Who governs International Monetary Fund – Christine Lagarde
  12. Which is not a Bank? -SEBI
  13. Who preside Rajya Sabha – Vice President
  14. Lalkrishna Advani – Member of Loksabha
  15. Foreign minister of China – Yang Jiechi
  16. Leonel Messi related to which famous game?-Football
  17. Which of the following is a internation sport?- Polo
  18. Who is president of italy?- Georgiano nepolitano
  19. Largest producer of Rice?-China
  20. Largest producer of Jute?-Bangladesh
  21. What is L in LCA tejas developed by HAL?-Light combat aircraft
  22. How financial inclusion can be achieved?
  23. India gave financial aid to which of its neighbour?-mozambic as other all option are developed countries
  24. Headquarter of IAEA?-Vienna, Austria
  25. Book not written by chetan bhagat?-
  26. Trophy related to football?- Santosh Trophy
  27. How financial inclusion can be achieved?
  28. Wimbledon related to which game?-Lawn tennis
  29. Bank can borrow overnight from RBI is called?
  30. Who can cancel demand draft? – Issuer Bank
  31. Which is not the function of bank? – Postal money order
  32. Which is not a public sector company?
  33. Which is the scheme launched by government?
  34. Which country was affected badly by economic crisis? – Greece / USA
  35. Where does atlantic ocean damage frequently?
  36. Sodium chloride used daily – table salt
  37. Author of book last man in tower – Arvind adiga
  38. How was prime minister when nationalization of bank toke place – Indira Ghandi
  39. Largest Milk producing country -India
  40. Highest population country -China
  41. New country just formed – South Sudan
  42. Railway Minister – Dinesh trivedi
  43. Currency of Iran – Iranian Rial
  44. NBFC – Non Banking Financial Companies
  45. AQB Average Quarterly Balance
  46. FEMA – Foreign Exchange Management Act
  47. CDSL – Central Depository Services (India) Limited
  48. What does R stands for in MGNREGA? – Rural (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act)
  49. Chief minister of West bengal – Mamata Banerjee
  50. When the banks were nationalised who was the prime minister of india? – Indira Gandhi
  51. What is overdraft? – A deficit in a bank account caused by drawing more money than the account holds.
  52. BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India,China and South Africa
  53. If a loan stops earning income then it is called? – Bad Loan
  54. If a person wants to open an account with his wife who will be able to operate it after his death then which account can be opened?
  55. Who was the president of Nepal prior to Dr. Ram Baran Yadav? – Girija Prasad Koirala
  56. Which element is used to produce nuclear energy?
  57. Vishav khad Divas- 26 oct
  58. Who represented india in general assembly of United Nationa? PM manmohansingh
  59. which is not a country?-London
  60. Who got 2011 Noble for Literature? – Thomas Transtromer
  61. Question related to recurring deposit?
  62. Bank can borrow overnight from rbi is called?-Repo rate
  63. Who cannt open a current account?-all can open (Minor Cann’t)
  64. Who can cancel demand draft?-nobody only cheque can be
  65. Which is not the function of bank- postal money order
  66. What is base rate?-below which bank cant lend
  67. Which is not a public sector company?-Hindalco its Aditya birla group company
  68. Which is the scheme launched by government?
  69. Which country was affected badly by economic crisis?-USA
  70. Where does atlantic ocean damage frequently?-USA all other options were related to pacific and indian ocean.
  71. RRBs controlled by-NABARD
  72. BCCI cricketer of 2011- Sachin Tendulkar
  73. What is current rate on saving acc- none of these as RBI left control on rate fixation 4% minimum which option was not avilable there
  74. Permenent member of SCO-Shanghai Cooperation Organisation- China
  75. Indian bank with Highest no. of foreing branches? SBI (157) and BOB (78 in Aug 2010)
  76. Who is the MP from Amethi Lok Sabha constituency ? – Rahul Gandhi

IBPS CWE Clerk Exam 2011 Results: will be declared on February 29, 2012 after 3 PM. For more information and results please visit IBPS CWE Clerk Exam Result Page.

29 thoughts on “IBPS CWE Clerk Exam 4 December 2011 (4/12/2011) Question paper

  1. i am writing in the evening @ 1:30, waiting for morning session questions


  3. Paper thoda tough tha

  4. Paper thoda kathin tha 2nd shift ka

  5. in noon shift maths was dem tough.. rest of the portion are so easy…

  6. It was tough i attmptd 15 reasoning alas! Bt lots of gk questions are frm practise sets which u provided thank fr ths

  7. It was tough i attmptd 15 reasoning alas! Bt lots of gk questions are frm practise sets which u provided thank fr

  8. reasoning was bit lengthy ,,and rest all were damn easy,i attempted 190 questions,,and have kept my fingers crossed for it,,just keep ur computer fundamentals strong,,gk was cake walk,,english was very easy too.

    some of the g.a questions are as follows:
    1. hina rabbani khan- foreing minister
    2 clean bowled- cricket
    3 ntpc exploration in srilanka- slinex
    4 input output in reasoning
    5 passage related to retail in english
    6 very easy series,approximation,,bit lengthy arithmetic qstns
    7 input output devices ,,,some indirect question
    8 word and excel( 10 questions)
    9 memory related questions in comp
    10 very basic general awareness questions
    11 which of the following is not a bank: SEBI
    11 fd maximum period 10 years

    all th best for ur exams for those who will appear on 11th

    god bless all

  9. Vishav khad divas- 26 oct

  10. question related to cheque
    Crossing prevents–
    1) fraud and wrong payments
    first women loksabha speaker__
    1)meera kumari
    age limit to become senior citizen in banks–
    1)60 yrs

  11. Indian Air Force Day- Oct 8
    T50 stealth fighter- India and Russia
    Preeja shreedaran(athlete) got which award- Arjuna award

  12. hi friends i think english was unexpectedly tough in noon shift but except it all portion was too easy.
    I solved


    i want to over all cut off mark for the examination of 27.11.11 cwe clerical examination (morning shift) reasoing is too hard i can solve only 30 attempt question

  14. assam has been ranked 1st in rice production in 2011-12

  15. iran currency is RIAL not dinar

  16. all the best manish.

  17. current repo rate is:8.5%

    current reverse repo rate is :7.5%

  18. india is the LARGEST PRODUCER OF JUTE not bangladesh.
    india imports raw material from bangladesh to produce jute


  20. SUFIYAN PANWAR says:

    hi frnds my attempts, Reasoning-30,computer-35, GA-46, math-36, English-33,with 90% accuracy plz tell me my chances

  21. some question which is asked in morning section :
    cdr in terms of banking
    literacy percentage of women in cenus2011-65%
    not commercial bank?
    thumba is situated are-
    nilima mishra is awarded as
    mugal garden is famousfor
    biggest buyers of arms
    players get lt>col, award
    sunil gwaskar wrote a book

  22. 1.Durand cup -football

    2.london is not a country

    3.sidbi gives loan for small industries

    4.manmohan singh gives speech in un

    5.jute producer-bangaladesh


    7.Meira kumar-first loksabha speaker


    9.Nirumpa rai-us ambassdor

    10.sanghai cooperation-china

    11.Irda(Insurance development development authority)

    12.headquarte of iaea-vienna,austria

    13.1 question from recurring deposit account

    14.asean summit-indonesia

    15.fci is not a psus

    16.sbi-highest overseas branch

    17.crossed cheque(deposit to the bank account)

    18.reverse repo rate-7.5

    19.1 ques repo rate

    20.saving interest decided by bank itself

    21.anuone can open current account-all of these

    22.wimbeldon cup

    23.dabang-6 award

    24.jeevan jyoti-health scheme

    25.chetan bhaghat

    26.india give loan to may be mozambique

    27.indian institute of science bangalore

    28.one ques from govt scheme

    29.which of the country affected by econmic crisis-us

    30.micr-magnetic ink reader

    31.polo is an international game

    32.credit card loan-unsecured

    33.rbi functionality except non bankins services

    34.nomination facility-all of the bank account

    35.chess -love is not related to chess

    36.postal money order-Not a bank responsibility

    37.who can cancel dd-none

    38.thomas transtomar award-noble award

  23. 11-12-11 paper
    pak currency
    mustard -seed oil
    bank rate
    cruize missile
    santiswarupbhatnager prize
    clean bowled
    rajyasabha member
    iron ore-hemetite
    new branches open- rbi
    proffesional tax
    book written by chetan bhagat
    not a country

  24. wat is expected cut off of reasoning………..in ibps clek

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