IBPS PO 2012 Question Paper: IBPS Exam Question Paper

IBPS PO 2012 Question Paper. IBPS Exam (CWE 2nd PO/MT Exam) Question Paper. IBPS CWE PO/MT 2012 Morning, Afternoon session Question Paper.

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General Awareness – Question:

  • The Guest of Honor in Pravasi bharat diwas 2012 which held from 7 January – 9 January 2012 in Jaipur? Kamala prasad biseesar.
  • 2012 National Youth Badminton Championship held in? – Hyderabad
  • The famous book ‘Nirbasan’ Written by which author? – Taslima Nasrin (Released at Dhaka book fair)
  • Which of the following bank has a female CMD? – ICICI Bank (Chanda kochhar)
  • Italian ship ‘Enrica Lexie’ was in news for? – Killing Two Fisherman in Kerala Coast
  • Ranbir Kapoor Best Actor award for which film? – Rockstar
  • Late Shri Mario De Miranda? – Padma Vibhushan Award winners
  • Planning Commission along with which dept. announced  packaged for the tribal naxlite area? Tribal dept/Home Ministry/finance dept./rural development dept.
  • You logged into Linkdin to find? – Connection
  • If not satisfied with Banking Ombudsman, a person can appeal to? – Deputy Gov of RBI
  • What do you mean by smart money? –  Credit Card
  • For opening bank account which of the following is not required? Domicile is not required
  • NERPA recently included in Indian Navy is a ? -Submarine
  • Why India voted against Sri Lanka? – Human Right Violation in Sri Lanka.
  • Banking Ombudsman scheme is applicable to? – All PSU, RRB, Co-operatives banks
  • Which of the following won the men’s double in Australian Open? -Leander Paes
  • Who was the captain of Australian Test Team against India for Australia’s tour in India earlier this year?  – Michael Clarke
  • DICGC limit- Each depositor in a bank is insured upto a maximum of Rs.1,00,000
  • Golden jubilee of Afro-Asian Rural Development held in ? – New Delhi
  • If income and expenditure difference is Zero (0) then budget is called? – Zero budget
  • White lable ATM – ATM which is owned by other and used by other bank
  • Which one transfer money from one bank to another internationally? – SWIFT (is a international communication system among banks.)
  • Swabhalam is a –  pension scheme (YOJANA FOR SENIOR  CITIZEN)
  • Which of the following is not money market instrument? Equity shares
  • ECS Complaint solved by – Payment and Settlement act
  • Which of the following is Not a function of RBI? –  Fiscal policy
  • Parmeswar Yojna by which state? – Madhya Pradesh
  • What is The full form of SEU? – Safely Enriched Uranium
  • Axis Bank is a – Private limited bank
  • Rajiv Gandhi Electrification Scheme
  • What is Debit Card?
  • Base rate was decided by individual banks
  • Which of the following is comes under Retail loan?
  • Speed transfer of funds between bank/branch can be done through? -RTGS
  • Question on revenue deficit
  • In Food Security Bill, 2011 What is the quota for each family? Rice quota 7 kg
  • 2012 Asian Indoor Athletics Championships held in ? – China
  • Doubtful asset percentage
  • Recently a organization/ group of nation enforce budget discipline to it’s members? – European Union
  • When the present foreign trade policy will end? – 2014

IBPS PO/MT 2012 – Computer Knowledge Question Paper with Answer

IBPS PO/MT 2012  – Descriptive Question Paper


IBPS CWE PO/MT 2012 Question Paper with Answer Key (Morning Shift)

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  1. Abhimitra1987 says:

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  2. In Morning Session there was 1 question in Computer Awareness whose answer is confusing.

    Test Series is 333 and Question No. is 179
    Well I am not remember the full part of question but I hope other will complete that Question.

    “Which Format is used by public and Business company to give access about there Information data to people” (Please correct the Sentence)Answer given by them is (a) Extensible Markup Language (EML).
    (e) None of TheseSo correct Answer is Extensible Markup Language (XML) Not EMLplease comment………… 

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    hatsoff to banking awareness…now i can find out what will be my score..thanks a lot…but one thing i want to share that most of the questions in computter sections were tricky and confusing…

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  5. mario de miranda got padma vibhushan n nt padma bhushan…

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    Mines was afternoon session,it was different and much difficult than this.Please try to upload it.


  8. one ques was on…
    bad advances of bank are………..

  9. morning GA contained a question regarding penal code. I dont remember full question. Someone pls complete.

  10. IBPS PO 2012 Afternoon session questions

    2.where G20 Summit is held in 2011?

  11. What is the memory of a computer?
    WHAT is the name of Apple os?

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    please upload general awareness and computer questions of afternoon shift

  13. please provide evening shift paper

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