IBPS PO-III Question Paper: IBPS PO 19/10/2013 Morning Session Questions

IBPS PO-III Question Paper. IBPS PO 2013 Question Paper. IBPS PO 19/10/2013 Morning Session General Awareness Questions.

IBPS PO-III (19/10/2013) Morning Session General Awareness Questions:

IBPS Logo1. Chairman of US Federal Reserve — Janet Yellen
2. SLR full form — Statutory Liquidity Ratio
3. National Award in “Best Entertaining Movie” Category — Vicky Donor
4. What is the Maximum Home loan limit to a person in metropolitan city?
5. Interest Rate for Export
6. Current bank rate — 9.00 %
7. About SARFAESI act — Secularization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act,2002 related with NPA
8. Micro industry(service) set up cost limit
9. Where is national institute of sports — Patiala
10. Inventor of mouse who died recently — Douglas Engelbert
11.Which among below a microprocessor manufacturing company (Option- Intel, Microsoft etc)
12. Name of tablet made by Microsoft — Surface
13. Term associated with cricket
14.Who keeps all credit information of persons — CIBIL
15. Two question from union budget
16.  Basic Saving Bank Deposit Scheme (BSBDA) For elderly People and Student Living Outside their Native Home- Maximum Limit in the Account Per Month- Answer IS 25000 RS and 10000 can be transacted at once.
17. About “Aam Admi Bima Yojana”
18. MICR full form — Magnetic ink character recognition
19. Author of book “The lowland” — Jhumpa Lahri
20. Australian PM — Tony Abbot
21. Main Focus Of RaghuRam Rajan Comitte- Comes Under Planning Commission and Financial sector Reforms
22. Target fiscal deficit of govt in FY 2013-14 – 4.8%
23. Who among following are major applicant in new banking license. (Option: Tata Sons, Mahindra etc)
24. Which of the following not considered as proof of identity while opening account in bank (options-passport,electricity bill,adhar card,pan card,driving license)
25. Who is not an MP (Option -Amitabh Bachchan , Dharmendra,etc)
26. Pan Card essential for how much money transaction
27. ‘Branch On Wheels’ scheme by which bank — ICICI
28. EU 28th Member — Croatia
29. Britain PM — David Cameron
30. CCTV Full Form – Closed-circuit television
31. NPA Category
32. Tagore Award for cultural harmony — Zubin Mehta
33. About MNREGA — 100 Days
34. INS Sindhurakshak Made by — Russia
35. Hummingbird Alogorithm deveoloped by — Google
36. Corporate Debt Limit- 25bn $
37. Limit of Micro Enterprise as per MSME act 2006- 25 lakh
38. Largest Producer of Gold — China
39. RBI Rajbhasha awards – PNB
40. Roshni Scheme – ‘Roshni’ for Naxalite-affected areas, placement linked skill development scheme.

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37 thoughts on “IBPS PO-III Question Paper: IBPS PO 19/10/2013 Morning Session Questions

  1. chairman of fed reserve – Ben Bernanke(present) next is Janet
    Yellen –the first woman nominated by obama

  2. 4 ans is 25 lakh


  4. BTW,than ks a tonn 4 updating so fast.really appreciable.thnks 1ce again:)

  5. friends work on quant. section.. too confusing .. reasing was easy…

  6. please don’t attempt data sufficiency in reasning …. nd syyligism was easy 4 statemtents question but easy.. 5 question on sylog. 5 on ineqaulities .. 7 on circle siiting arranement. 4 people facing centre. 4 facing outwards..

    • brother kyu 1st round walo ki rank kam karnepe tule ho ,, inke marks jitne zada ayenge utne hi humare rank kam hogi,, dont let thm knw hw to prep and wt to prep if u serously wnt any bank to be alloted

  7. Reasoning-

    1) 5 Question on Inequalities
    2) 10 Question on 2 puzzle
    3) 5 Question on Machine input
    4) 8 Question on syllogism
    5) 5 Question something new topic
    6) 2 Question on alphabet series
    7) 5 Question on Decision making
    8)No non verbal


    1) 15 ques on di
    2) 5 ques on ds
    3) 5 ques on time ,work,speed,distance
    4) 3 ques on inequalities
    5) 5 ques on series
    6) 7 ques on area, volume, surface
    7) 4 ques on ratio, ages, partnerships
    (8) 6 Question Based on miscellaneous
    9) No simplification

    English –

    1) 2 passeages 20 Questions
    2) Santance arrangement 5 Question
    3) Phrase replacement 5 Question
    4) 1 cloze test 10 Question
    5) No errors and fillers


    1) 25 Question from banking approx
    2) 15 Question from current approx


    1) 20 Question

  8. a/n shift ,, i felt tough in maths.

  9. any question on Probability and permutation nd combination

  10. 1. Who is the new president of Pakistan?- Mamnoon Hussain
    2. Geeta Phogat is related to which game?- Wrestling
    3. Full form of IFSC?- Indian Financial System Code
    4. What is the current SLR?- 23%(w.e.f. 11/08/2012)
    5. BTM stands for?- Business Transaction Management
    6. Name the Prime Minister of Bhutan?- Tshering Tobgay
    7. Name the Bengali film Director who died recently?- Rituparno Ghosh
    8. Which program has been changed to new name “swarnajyanti rojgar yojna”?
    9. One questions related to Janpith award
    10. Banking Ombudsman issued by?
    11. Which country will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games?- Japan
    12. RBI is going to issue plastic note of ________ rupees (Options: 10,100,5,20 i think)
    13. Among BSE and NIFTY which has been established first in India?
    14. Film and Television Institute of India is situated at?-Pune
    15. Name the chemical used in Syria attack?-
    16. Where is the head quarters of Bharathiya Mahila Bank, the first all women bank in India?- New Delhi
    17. Prime Minister’s key economic adviser C Rangarajan lowered the growth forecast for the current fiscal to ……… per cent?- 5.3%
    18. One Question related to Medium industry
    19. Current Marginal Standing Facility (MSF)?- 9.5 per cent
    20. Relating to Insight Trading…
    21. BSBDA limit?
    22. RIDF maintained by?-NABARD
    23. what is FACTORING?
    24. Food security bill how much percent people benefited – 67%
    25. Who won Janpith award 2012?- Ravuri Bhardwaj
    26. NOKIA was recently acquired by? – MICROSOFT
    27. PMEAC report india’s growth rate ?

    saare questions ke answer nhi hai . google pe search maarke krlo

  11. “branch on wheels”scheme of sbi,your 27 no.answer is incorrect

  12. national award-best entertaining shared between ustad hotel and vicky donar.

  13. what would be the expected cut-off in all sections…

  14. Ben Bernanke-current chairman of us federal reserve

  15. Bank rate on 20-09-2013 was asked it was 9.50

  16. bharath mudili says:

    ansr for 24 was electricity bill ,this is for proof addres not for identity
    ref: sbi application

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