IBPS RRB Clerk 2013 Question Paper: General Awareness 28/09/2013 Evening Shift Question

IBPS RRB Clerk 2013 Question Paper. IBPS Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) Office Assistant Exam General Awareness 28/09/2013 Evening Shift Questions (Based on memory).

General Awareness Questions Asked in IBPS RRB-II Office Assistant Exam (28/09/2013) – Evening Shift:
1) Dhyan chand award 2013
2) Dronacharya award 2013
3) Boxing Player- Vijender Singh Beniwal
4) Lok Sabha Opposition Leader- Sushma Swaraj
5) ATM- Automated teller machine
6) Number of SAARC Members-8
7) UNEsco full form- United nations educational scientific and cultural organisation
World Trade Union Head Office-Geneva
9) international Labor Organization Head Office- Geneva
10) 5 September organized in rememberance of –
11) who is yelena isinbayeva-Poul volter
12) a tale of two cities written by-Charles dickens
13) 23 dec is what
14) IBL teams except delhi??-Hydrabad, lucknow
15) anpara thermal station in which state- Uttar Pradesh
16) MNREGA no. Of days in year -150
17) BHARAT NIRMAN 6 projects(five were given there)
18) DUN and Badstreet award in ‘saral ruchi varg’ for which private bank. Indusind Bank
19) RBI Governer-Raghuram Rajan
20) Army Chief-Vikram singh
21) CRR defination was there and asked what is this?
22) saina nehwal is player of?- Badminton
23) 2012 best movie in national awards- Paan singh tomar
24) one GDP related question, definition was there
25) Currency of Portugal
26)scientific andcultural organization
27) 60th film festival award- paan singh tomar
28)ext cricket world cupto be held in – australiaand
29) Labour andemployemnet minister – sisram ola
30) Capital of egypt -
31 ) Oscar winning actress -jennifer lawrence
32  SAARC members – 8
33) Oone question relatedto NABARD
34) Work of UID comes under – planning commission
35)best banker award forrural reach – correct J&K (imarked south indian bank)
36 )india’s own aircraft carrier.
37) president of USA -Barack Obama


  1. DEO says:


  2. Raghav says:

    No question from these in morning session

  3. Raj Singh says:

    Dhyan Chand Award is India’s highest award for lifetime achievement in sports and games, given by the Government of India In August 2013, 4 individuals were awarded the Dhyan Chand Award: Syed Ali (Hockey), Mary D’Souza (Sequeira) (Athletics), Anil Maan (Wrestling) and Giriraj Singh (Para-Sports)

  4. GyanGyan says:

    yaar pahle kyu nahi bataya
    aaj bhi repeat hue yeh toh

  5. Raghu Dhoni says:


  6. Raghu Dhoni says:

    yelena isinbayeva is track and field athlentics from russia

  7. Raghu Dhoni says:

    13. nationa kissan day

  8. Raghu Dhoni says:

    capital of egypt -kairo

  9. Hema Saini says:


  10. aswathy says:

    what is expected cut off in rrb office assistant exam?
    last year cutoff ?

  11. Boby Rajput says:

    5sep-farmer day

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