IBPS RRB Officers 2013 Questions: General Awareness 22/09/2013 Afternoon Session

IBPS RRB Officers 2013 Questions. IBPS RRB PO Exam Questions, IBPS Regional Rural Banks  Officers Exam 22/09/2013 Afternoon Session General Awareness Question Paper. (Based on memory)

Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Officers 22/09/ 2013- General Awareness  (Afternoon Session)

1.which is fixed income from govt securities- gilt
3. Government sell share of a PSU- Disinvestment
3. Agriculture minister -Sharad pawar
4.EU member-28
5. WHO head office-geneva
6.Uber Cup related with-badminton
7.Emerging India writer-
8. Company’s internal growth called-organic growth
9. General price level rises in country because of the rise
in prices of imported commodities,inflation is termed as-imported inflation
11.what is used in pencil-graphite
12.Sardar Sarovar Project on which river-narmada
13.Shinjo Abe thoughts in economy-abenomics
14.who is the first person to be listed to start a new CENSUS OPERATION every time.-president
15.Credit Rating Agency’s work is called-credit grade
16. OSCAR award winner actor DANIEL DAY LEWIS played role in the film- Lincoln
17. Palm straits divide which two countries-india srilanka
18. Shares remove process from a share market called-delisting
19. Security that an investor buys to get a periodic interest payment from company for a fixed period-
20. In case of foreign bank operating in India,which fails to achieve the priority sector lending target an amount
equilant to shortfall is required to be deposited-RBI
21. JGSY scheme implemented by-
22. Riga is capital of which country-latvia
23.6 industries come under PMI,which one is not-transport & communication
24. STT denotes
25. Bundestog is parliament
of which country-germany
26. Taking leveraged & risky position in financial markets intended to make short term gains on assets is known as-speculating
27. Price of asset ( stock,commodity,land& housing) goes up rapidly in a short time & is not supported by fundamentals
is known as-asset inflation
28. Which state has largest rice productions-wb
29. NSE index,which measures market expectation votality in near term
30. ATM full form-Automated teller machine
31 GHOOMER related to which state.
32.extra budgetary support
33) human rights day-dec 10
34) chatrapati sivaji airport-Mumbai
35) Petroleum products-c rangarajan
36) women president-south korea

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  1. women president south korea

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