IBPS RRB Officers 2013 Questions: General Awareness 22/09/2013 Morning Session

IBPS RRB Officers 2013 Questions Paper. IBPS RRBs Officers Exam Question Paper. IBPS RRB Officers General Awareness Question Paper of 22/09/2013 Morning Session.

Questions asked in IBPS RRBs Officers Exam 22 September, 2013 (Morning Session):

1 ) Treasury bills, Certificate of deposits, commercial papers traded in which market – Money Market
2) About CSR corporate social responsibility
3) GAAR is applicable from – 1st april 2016
4) INDIA is going to trade in South east asian countries it is called – ASEAN
6) Sarajevo is the capital of BOSNIA-
7) HDI Index of Rank of India – 136
8 ) Nishi Vasudeva is the chairman of -HPCL
9) Who purchased the business of Royal bank of Scotland – Ratnakar Bank
10) Some thing about Insurance Broking permission as per the notification given by IRDA
11) PPF Max amount in a financial Year – 100000
12) E-Choupal is from Which Organization – ITC
13) Foreign trade policy annoued by – Ministry of commerce, Industry
14) UNCTAD HQ- Geneva
15) Swadhaar scheme for – A Scheme for Women in Difficult Circumstances
16) Highest award in Sport (India) – Rajiv Khel Ratna
17) FCNR Account – Opend by NRI and IPO’s
18) About Asset Reconstruction Companies
19) Present Reverse Repo Rate – 6.5%
20) Father of Nuclear Programme -Homi J BABA
21) ESCAP HQ – Bangkok
22) Best Feature film in 60th IIFA Awards _ Pan singh Thomar
23) Committee on Below Poverty line – Tendulkar Committee
24) Anoop Sridhar is a Famous for- BADMINTON
25) Sea of Pappies is Written by- AMITAV GHOSH
26) Question on KYC Norms
27) NPA’s limited to by the end of 2013-14 fiscal Year is –
28) FEMA enacted in the year – 2000
29) ED is levied on
30) EFT means Electronic Funds Transfer
31) Banks didn’t allow loans Beyond – BASE RATE
32) Baht is the currency of THAILAND
33) Question on WPI
34) For participating in president election minimum age is 35 Years
35) Not a retail Banking Product
36) Lender of last resort – RBI
37) Fiscal Deficit in 2012-13 is 4.89%
38) SEBI Chairman – U K SINHA
39) PMAEC chairman – Rangarajan
40) Telecom regulator – TRAI

3 thoughts on “IBPS RRB Officers 2013 Questions: General Awareness 22/09/2013 Morning Session

  1. best movie in iifa award : barfi

    • ishika sharma says:

      it is paan singh tomar because question was 60th national film fare awards , and also ques 30 is wrong it was ETF which means electronic traded fund,,, poverty line ans is rangarajan committee

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