IBPS Specialist Officer 2012 Exam Question Paper: IBPS Exam Question Paper

IBPS Specialist Officer 2012 Exam Question Paper Download. IBPS Specialist Officer Previous Question Paper. The Common Written Examinations (CWE) for the recruitment of Specialist Officer in Public Sector Banks was conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) on 13.02.2012 in all over India.

Post of Specialist Officer Exam:

1. I.T. Officer (Scale-I)
2. Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I)
3. Rajbhasha Adhikari (Scale I)
4. Law Officer (Scale I)
5. Technical Officer (Scale I)
6. HR/Personnel Officer (Scale I)
7. Marketing Officer (Scale I)
8. I.T. Officer (Scale-II)
9. Law Officer (Scale II)

Download IBPS CWE Specialist Officer Exam 2012 Question Paper. (Type: PDF, Size: 9.01 MB)

To Download Answer Key of IBPS Specialist Officer Exam 2012 Click Here.


  1. Rupraj says:

    Can you please post the total syllabus for IBPS SO exam for technical officer 1 and IT Officer 1 in detail?thank you…

  2. sainemani says:

    please post syllabus and previous papers for IBPS SO  exam for post of IT OFFICER SCALE-1 .

  3. sainemani says:

    I am B.TECH 2012 pass out in CSE. please suggest me to which post should i apply among IT OFFICER SCALE-1 & TECHNICAL OFFICER SCALE-1. I am eligible for both according to notification.

  4. Jitendra Jaiswal000 says:

    I really appriciate for your great Job.
    Hi I’m Bsc(IT) Graduate from Mumbai University.
    Am I eligible for IT officer Scale -1

  5. Kvidyasingh says:

    is the question paper for the it officer and technical officer is same

  6. Pallavi says:

    sir plz say the sylabud of h.r profetional knowledge……

  7. suvidha says:

    hii i have some doubts .. kindly clarify the same ..
    1) what is the difference between IT OFFICER and TECHNICAL OFFICER? 
    2) also what is the difference in the role and responsibilities of these two above posts
    4)Spleailist officer and Probationary officers are different in what respect
    5)where can we get the cut off score for the CWE  exam of previous years for these banks ?
    6)is there sectional cut off in this exam or overall marks are considered ?
    7) how much should we score minimum for getting selected in interviews ?

    • 3) scale-2 officer is a higher level post, requires 1 year experience (not clear whether they will consider non-banking work experience), and the bond amount that you sign is also much higher (1lac for scale-1, 2lac for scale-2)

      4) Specialist officer work in specialized department. e.g. as IT officer you will be posted in delhi headquarters or zonal headquarters and will work in IT deptt only, no dealing with customers. PO work in local bank branch, interact with customers that we see in everyday life.

      5) I have cutoff offered by PNB for IT officer scale-1: 138 for obc, 141 for gen.

      6) Sectional and overall both are there.

      7) cant say specifically, but follow what banks offer as cutoff (ibps cutoff is much lower than what banks actually require), so I must say atleast 145/200 in gen category as IT offficer scale-1, if we consider PNB’s recent recruitment notification posted in aug 2012.

  8. Kanakamak says:

    In  what all sections the questions of IT officer & technical officer differ?..Do the questions of Techical officer more tougher?..

  9. richasinghal0101 says:

    plz send the syallabus for SO chartered accountants at


  10. This is bullshit. Where are quant and professional knowledge sections?

  11. sainemani says:

    please upload previous papers of professional knowledge section for IT OFFICER SCALE-1 

  12. eshan says:

    previous yr  paper for specialist exam of last year(held on march 2012) IT officer scale-I???if den plzz send it me…

  13. Chinnuv Sri says:

    pls upload professional knowledge section for IT officers

  14. Pravallika Chintakayala14 says:

    please give information regarding professional knowledge for IT officers-Scale I

  15. Grrajan89 says:

    sir,pls send me ibps specialist officer previous yr question paper with answer answer technical (eletrical) e-mail id:grrajan89@gmail.com

  16. Kiran Sudha says:

    sir, please send me ibps IT Officer previous question paper with answer. email:- kiran.sudha12@gmail.com

  17. Vicky Singla says:

    Sir, it will be a great help if can send me a previous year question paper of IT Officer Scale I . my email ID is vickysingla_2009@yahoo.com

  18. Sravanm Srit says:

    sir,i need ibps so previous question papers..
    please send me to my email address…

  19. Kalpana says:

    sir pls send me previous year question paper of technical officer

  20. aks ibps says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please send me previous year question paper for IBPS technical Officer..

    Thanks in Advance…

    my email id is aks.4ibps@gmail.com

  21. Archana kumari says:

    please sir send me ibps finance executive officer question

  22. Manoj says:

    Can you please sent me the last year law officer – Scale _ I & II 

    awaiting in

  23. Dhingra Shweta22 says:

    Sir pls send me Lst year questn papers for marketing officer
    On my email address ie dhingra.shweta22 @gmail

  24. Maheshhdp says:

    please send it officer specilist officer 2012 paper to       maheshhdp@gmail.com

  25. A Fathima2 says:

    Please send me IBPS CWE 2012 IT officer question paper alone to a.fathima2@gmail.com

  26. suvidha says:

    plz kindly send IT officer previous years papers to 3teju1991@gmail.com..plzzz

  27. Neha Khanna says:

     sir I hv urgent need of HR section question paper of 2012……Plz post it as soon as possible……..I really need it or send it to khannaneha04@yahoo.co.in

  28. Priyanka Gulati07 says:

    hii everyone…
    plz send me some papers for IT officer IBPS exam on my email id…

  29. Hari says:

    Kindly send some papers for IT officer scale I for professional knowledge questions. mail id is hariaut17@gmail.com

  30. Koppuraju15 says:

    kindly send some papers of IT officers Scale-I Professional Knowledge to my mail ID is–koppuraju15@gmail.com

  31. Pijushdazz says:

    kindly send me the IT officer scale 1 professional questions papers

  32. Ayri Khan says:

    kindly send me IT officier scale -1 last year question paper to my mail id ayri.khan@gmail.com

  33. narender singh says:

    kindly send me ibps specialist officer 2012 exam paper  at nsingh2486@yahoo.com

  34. Srinarayan Singh says:

    Please send me IBPS IT officer Previous year(2011) scale I paper at maid id :

  35. Mnksharma91 says:

    kindly send me ibps it officer scale 1 at mail id mnksharma91@gmail.com

  36. pjr says:

    is general awareness is in syllabus in it officer test of ibps cwe

  37. Kribhas says:

    pls send ibps question papers and HR Syllabus to kribhas@yahoo.co.in

  38. Pooja joshi says:

    pls send me ibps specialist officer IT officer scale 1 question paper and professional knowledge  syllabus nq question paper study material o my email poojajoshi.151@rediffmail.com

  39. 86manni says:

    plz send me ibps specialist officer hr/personnel officer question paper nd model test papers wid sol. nd syllabus of professional knowledge section on my email id 86manni@gmail.com

  40. Amit says:

    pls send me previous ibps it officer paper at jac_amit@yahoo.co.in

  41. shanu says:

    hi pls send me ibps 2012 so paper hr/personnel officer.

  42. shanu says:

    hi pls send me ibps so paper of hr at jacamit@gmail.com

  43. Shobha says:

    please send me ibps spcl officer pervious papers to shobha89g@gmail.com 

  44. Fatma Tanweer says:

    plz plz plz send me ibps so(IT officer)paper at fatma.tanweer@gmail.com

  45. Deepika says:


  46. Hitesh says:

     can i have the 2012 it officer scale 1 exam papers .if any one know about the link then send me on hiteshtiw@gmail.com

  47. Abhishek says:

    Please send me IBPS specialist officer marketing 2012 paper on abhi.ihm@gmail.com

  48. Saroj Konhar21 says:

    please send me IBPS specialist officer (technical officer scale 1 paper) at saroj.konhar21@gmail.com

  49. Yaman8200 says:

    can anyone help in providing question bank for marketing officer/ last yr papers.
    yaman chawhan

  50. abhijit mandal says:

    please send meIBPS specialist officer(technical officer scale 1 paper) at         amnontai960@gmail.com

  51. Athirson says:

    Does the questions for IT officer Scale I and II be same or Scale II questions will be tougher than Scale I questions?

  52. manju says:

    hi I have completed BE in Electrical and electronics engineering.Can I apply for ibps specialist office ? please reply me

  53. balaji says:

    I want previous IT officer scale 1 & scale 2 papers plz do send….

  54. shrikant kemkar says:

    i want all agriculter officer paper for bank exam plz send me if u hv urgent.

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