SBI Clerk Exam 2012 (03.06.2012) Morning Session – General Awareness Paper

SBI Clerk Exam 2012. General Awareness Question Paper of SBI Clerical Exam 2012 (03/06/2012) Morning session. State Bank of India Clerical Recruitment Exam 2012 Question Paper. State Bank of India Clerical Recruitment Exam 2012. General Awareness (Banking Awareness) Question asked in the SBI Clerk Exam 2012 on (03.06.2012) in Morning shift.
1. Who is the president of Nicaragua?  – Daniel Ortega
2. Victoria Azarenka defeated whom in Australian open 2012? – Maria Sarapova
3. Which film won the Best film award in filmfare awards 2012 – zindagi na mile dobara
4.  What is the currency of Brazil – Real
5. Which team won the Ranji Trophy 2011-12 – Rajasthan
6. What is the P denotes in PAN Card ? – Permanent
7.  Thomas cup related to which sport? – Badminton
8. Which award is given for excellence in science and Technology – Shanti sawarup bhatnagar
9. Recently which country unveiled new nuclear projects including a fourth generation of domestically made uranium enrichment centrifuges? – Iran

10. Which Term not related to botany – Recession
11. Kovvada is famous for? – Kovvada nuclear power project
12. European Union has sanction against which country? – Iran
13. Which of the following is not decided by RBI? –
14. Short term loan repayable in how many years? -3 Years
15. What is the Annual per capita income of india? – 52k
16. Financial terminology
17. Who is Ma Ying Jeou? – Taiwan Presiden
18. Which of the following term Related With Botany – Biennial
19. Mixed economy – India
20. Which of the following is not a Cricket Stadium? – Jantar Mantar
21. Choose the unmatched one from the following combinations – Sania Mirza-Golf
22. On which day we celebrate International Literacy Day? – 8 september
23. Who is Robert Rock ? professional golf player of England
24. SCORES (complains) initiated by which organization– SEBI
25. What is the latest book of Chetan Bhagat? Revolution 2020
26. Jatin Das associated with which field? – Painting
27. Which country has decided to join EU? – Croatia
28. Asian Development Bank (ADB) gives $500 million loan to India for which purpose? EDUCATION TO INDIA.
30. Nirmal Gram puruskar is given for? – Total Sanitation
31. MCX is the stock exchange of? – India
32. Which organization banned Syria? – EU
33. 24th Intentional Atheletic meet wull be held in 2017 ? – London
35. Who is the present UN Secretary – Ban Ki Moon
36. Who among is the Shatiya akdhami award winner of 2011?
37. Which of the following book by Satish Gujral? – A Brush With Life
38. Index by Finance Min – CRIS

12 thoughts on “SBI Clerk Exam 2012 (03.06.2012) Morning Session – General Awareness Paper

  1. how I can see all paper with answers

  2. it is very tough yaar when compared with 27-05-2012

  3. Rupesh Mourya says:

    one question is on rbi account open criteria decides on kyc norms.

  4. mcx sensex belongs to – bombay stock exchange or market for commodity exchange ?? confused

  5. Ramravibankpo says:

    for ques No 15 and 28 answers r wrong correct answer is nearly to 60k and construction for rail routes

  6. 3.6.2012 morning session gk question of sbi clerk exam
    1.minimum period to pay loans
    2.brazil currency-real mahasachiv-baan ki moon
    4.ranji trophy winner-rajasthan
    5.strait of hormuz stopped by-iran
    6.thomas cup-badminton
    7.which game rodeck rock belong to
    8.atheletic championship 2017will held in
    9.not a financial institution-BCCI
    10.missmatch-sania golf
    11.literacy day
    12.EU new member-crocia
    13.2014 tak EU kise 10 million dega-Greece
    14.state ‘kovvada’ why in news
    15 banking word
    16.who made ;SCORED’
    17.which financial institution is recently made
    18.Daniel ortega PM of where written by sunjay gujral
    20.which org conduct NIF
    21.sahitya academy 2011winner
    22.which country not happy with parmanu vartalap
    23.expand NCDX-national commodity and derivative exchange
    24.Nirmal gram award for-full sanitation
    25.what’s P in ‘PANPIN
    26.not a botany word
    27.jatin das related to-painting
    28shanti swaroop batnagar award for-science
    29.which rate not decided by RBI picture Filmfare award
    31book by chetan bhagat
    32.victoria defeated for winning australian open- maria sarapova
    33.whats mixed economy -public &private
    34.blah blah party of which country came with full mandate
    35.expand ‘SME’-small &medium enterprises
    36.current per capita income-60000
    37.ADB gave 10million dollar for -railway  sudhar
    38which is not a cricket ground – jantar manter
    39OPECEU banned which country
    40.sensex belong to -BSe

  7. L.Bhramarambika says:

    can u send key for all questions aptitude,reasoning, english,computer

  8. Ruchilupadhyay says:

    show us ques. of computer and when are results going to be declared

  9. Harishachar50 says:

    plz sir iam a poor boy tell me when are results going to be declred … exam date 03-06-12

  10. when the results going to be declared?   03-06-2012

  11. Kumarinirmala3 says:

    when results will be declared.

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