SBI Clerk Exam 2012 (27.05.2012) Afternoon Shift – General Awareness Paper

State Bank of India Clerical Recruitment Exam 2012. General Awareness (Banking Awareness) Question asked in the SBI Clerk Exam 2012 on (27.05.2012) in Afternoon shift. SBI Clerk Exam 2012 (27.05.2012) Afternoon Shift.

Q1) Who has won National award for best actress? Ans:- Vidya balan

Q2) Anoop Jalota is Ans:- Singer

Q3) 3rd BRICS Summit 2011 held at ? Ans:- Sanya (China)

Q4) Loan to SHG group is called ? Ans:- Micro Credit

Q5) RBI is called – Ans:- Bankers Bank

Q6) Victoria Azarenka (Belarous) is related to which of the following sport ? Ans:- Lawn Tennis

Q7) Who has won Australian Open ? Ans:- Novak Djokovik

Q8) What is the current Bank Rate ? Ans:- 9%

Q9) Population Day is observed on which of the following Day? Ans:- 11 July

Q10) Which of the following scheme is related to rural infrastructure? Ans:- Bharat Nirman

11) Members of rajya sabha elected for how many years ? Ans:- 6 years

Q12) Sheikh Hasina is Ans:- Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Q13) Which of the following term is not related to banking ? Ans:- Amplitude

Q14) Which of the following cup is related to Tennis ? Ans:- Wimblendon

Q15) Who is External Foreign affair minister of India ? Ans:- S M Krishna

Q16) Which of the following is Book Of Vikram Seth ? Ans:- The Golden Gate

Q17) In “ECB” what does “C” Denotes? ans:- Commercial

Q18) Mukul Roy is related to which Party ? Ans:- Trinmool Congress

Q19) Which of the following term is not belog to cricket ? Ans:- Jockey

Q20) Who is U.S. foreign secretory of state? Ans:- Hillary Clinton

Q21) G 8 Meeting 2012 held at Ans:- Camp David, USA

Q22) Who headed Indis – Russia Meeting ? Ans:- S M Krishna

Q23) Chief election Commissioner is Ans:- S. Y. Qureshi

Q24) Which of the following is true for railway budget 2011-12 Ans:- AC 3 tier railway fare was not hiked

Q25) Related to CM of states? Ans:- HP CM P K Dhumal

Q26) 17 th SAARC Summit attended Ans:- P M Manmohan Singh

Q27) Which of the following is not OPEC Country? Ans:- Bangladesh

Q28) Wat is the works Unit ? Ans:- Joule

Q29) What is the literacy rate ? Ans:- 74.4%

Q30) 16 KM border Pact is with which country ? Ans:- Bangladesh/MYANMAR(DOUBT)

Q31) India Sell nuclear Reactor to? Ans:- Kazakhstan

Q32) Pulitzer Prize 2011 won by Ans:- Siddharth Mukherjee

Q33) CRIS for which country ? Ans:- India

Q34) Micro Finance Regulating Authority is ? Ans:-RBI

Q35) Which Of the following award is related to literature ? Ans:- Saraswati

Q36) Why EU constructed? Q37) Next army chief is ? Ans:- Bikram Singh

Q38) India hockey Defeated which country in Olympic qualifier 2012? Ans:- France

Q39) If expenditure is greater than income than difference is called? Ans:- Budget Deficit

5 thoughts on “SBI Clerk Exam 2012 (27.05.2012) Afternoon Shift – General Awareness Paper

  1. this general awareness paper is easy among all other  papers of exams held on 27th and 3rd both morning and evening

  2. Anand2475saxena says:

    these were not the questions as per my consideration..
    Qns- which award was given by the madhya pradesh government in terms of singing?
    Qns-what is the current slr?
    and many more…

  3. Sumanclean says:

    awesome bhai


  5. Susheel Kayath says:

    i got 169 marks in cwe clerk from haryana sc catagory bt i m undergraduate do i hv any chance ?

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