SBI PO 2013 Question Paper: SBI PO Question Paper

SBI PO 2013 Question Paper. State Bank of India (SBI) PO Question Paper. Question paper of SBI PO 2013 Morning/Afternoon session exam.

SBI PO 2013 Question Paper (28/04/2013) 2nd Shift PDF Download Link Given Below.

SBI PO 2013 Question PaperGK/Computer/Marketing Questions Asked in Morning Session:

  • Full form of CTS- Cheque Truncation System
  • Who won the Best Actress award in 85th Academy Awards – Jennifer Lawrence
  • Pandit Ravi Shankar Received which award after his death- Grammy
  • What are memory of computer -RAM and ROM
  • What do you mean by ‘ To close a call’ –
  • In Mid Quarter Policy Review Reserve Bank of India changed which rate? Repo and Reserve Repo
  • EMV stands for – EuroPay, Master, Visa
  • What is the feature which often prompt in ms office to offer help – office assistant
  • What is the Tenure of 12th five year plan in India? – 2012-2017
  • Australia won the Women’s cricket world cup by defeating which country? – West Indies
  • Former governor of Reserve Bank of India Y V Reddy recently appointed as the chairman of ? – 14th Finance commission.
  • Vargheese Kurien is associated with – White Revolution.
  • On February 28, 2013 Finance Minister P. Chidambaram presented Union Budget in Parliament where he allotted what amount to set up India’s first all woman bank? – 1000Cr
  • Who is present China premier – Xi Jinping
  • What is the full of AA in GAAR – General Anti Avoidance Rules
  • Speaker in a computer is used to – Output Sound and Music.
  • What is the mission of JNNURM
  • Who is the present Managing Director (MD) of International Monetary Fund (IMF) ?
  • TATA is now associated with which airlines? – Air Asia
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP) consist of how many partners.?
  • Income deduction limit under article 80c of IT act on investment
  • KYC Forms used for – Know Your Customer
  • Two types of budget plans, one given planned budget and asking for other plan – Non-Plan expenditure budget
  • What is market penetration?
  • What is the meaning of Lead?
  • In Union Budget 2013, tax credit of Rs 2000 given to an individual who has an income up to – 5 lakh
  • What is the cross selling means? – Selling additional products and services to an existing customer
  • Target group for savings account – Any Individual
  • What is file in Computer – A Computer File is a resource for storing information
  • What is used in optical mouse – Light
  • According to the guideline issued by RBI for new banks, the new private sector banks to get banking licence shall open how much of it’s branch in un-banked rural areas? – 25%
  • What is Reverse Repo Rate?
  • According to the guideline issued by RBI for new banks, the new private sector banks to get banking licence shall maintain minimum capital adequacy ratio?
  • What is Captive Marketing
  • Target Group for Personal Loan

GK/Computer/Marketing Questions Asked in Afternoon Session:

  • Playing to win book written by
  • Saving account rates decided by
  • IT company that recently spread in other countries
  • The amount a bank have to keep at RBI is
  • Joystick is used in
  • Work after sale is
  • Memory, control unit n …………… An integral part of cpu
  • Person awarded in Bangladesh Md. Yunus due to
  • The rate below that no bank can provide loan is called
  • Central govt provided SBI
  • Bombay stock exchange is now known as
  • Small and medium savings concerned with
  • One of the condition of opening branch for licensing how much in rural areas?
  • The currency of European union is
  • Word related with cricket
  • A time period for which not interest is charged called
  • In term CPU, C means for
  • Which of the following is not related to memory?
  • USP Means
  • DSA work’s quality depends on
  • Target market of debit card is
  • The character of a good sales person is
  • Mulya yojit seva means
  • Data backup helps in
  • Captain of Australia team played in march

Descriptive Paper Asked in SBI PO 2013 (Based on Memory):

Letter Writing :

  • Write a letter to your Siblings mentioning how to prepare for Competitive Exams.
  • Write a letter to the company for accepting the job offer of an assistant manager in the company
  • Write a letter on behalf of your department to the CEO of your company for working in late hours and not appreciated by management members.

Essay Writing:

  • Women entrepreneurs in India.
  • Role of bank in daily life.

Write a paragraph for following topic :

  • Importance of investment
  • Importance of saving energy
  • The role of small scale industries in economy.

Precise Writing :

  • Electronic payment system
  • Comprehension on inflation

SBI PO (28/04/2013) 2nd Shift Question Paper:

  • To Download SBI PO 2013 Question Paper (28/04/2013, 2nd Shift) Click Here.
  • To Download SBI PO 2013 Question Paper (28/04/2013, 2nd Shift) Answer Key Click Here.

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  1. Best actress winner in oscars2013 : Jennifer lawrence

  2. general awarness questions are easy
    they concentratedon current issues only abot repo CAD……….
    computer and marketing are very basic questions………..

  3. vargese kuriyan- white revolution

  4. share all the questions that u can remember….

  5. Valji Gadhavi says:

    runners up of womens cricket world cup 2013 was West Indies.

  6. Women bank got initial fund of– Rs. 1000 Cr
    In GAAR- AA stand for- Anti Avoidance

  7. what s d time period of 14th finance commission ?

  8. Morning Session: there few mistakes in questions quoted above.


    1. who is present china premier (not president)?

    2. Income deduction limit under article 80c of IT act on investment (not income tax exemption amount)?

    3. New private banks require to maintain minimum capital adequacy ratio (nor number of branches in unbanked rural area)

  9. lesseiz faire

  10. dinesh paliwal says:

    guys gk was tuff in both mrng and eving paper
    math was so easy in both mrng and eving paper
    gk was easy in mrng than eveining
    english was average in becz but 2 passage was time consuming..
    i attempted reasoning -26,math-35,gk-40,eng-26
    i think cuttoff will be 120-130 .
    lets hope for the best………
    all the best to all ……….

  11. is there scaling in sbi po exam just as in ibps po????

  12. reasoning-27,g.k-42, eng-39 and 130…..

  13. reasoning 45 english 38 gk 28 di 42

  14. SBI attemptee says:

    China premier – Li Keqiang
    instead of Xi Jinping (he is the president)

  15. playing to win written by shine newal

  16. md of imf christine legard

  17. USP stands for unique selling proposition

    saving a/c rate decided by related bank

    amount keep at rbi is crr

    joystic is used in gaming purpose

    moh. yunus awarded due to micro credit concept

    base rate

    25% in rural areas

    target customer of debit card is existing a/c holder
    capital adequacy ratio should be 13%

  18. when sbi po 2013 results will be declared?

  19. I think i have answer 70 % questions correctly & Descriptive exam is excellent what are the chances…Waiting for result

  20. Will you please provide us first shift question paper with answer key?

  21. posa sreenivasulu says:

    IMF MD
    Christine Lagarde

  22. thank you

  23. thank u

  24. pls upload 1st shift question& answer sbi po 2013

  25. mustafa hussain says:

    I’m grateful to this Website… it help me alot… keep up the good work.

  26. Sir, please give some tips to solve data intrepetation question base on spider wave type data .

  27. Data Interpretation contains
    tables (Known as data tables)
    Charts (Pie, Bar, Pert, etc.)
    Graphs (2D and 3D)
    Diagrams (Geometric or Venn diagram)

  28. himani singla says:

    Newly appointed navy chief
    Vice admiral robin k.dhowan

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